Lucy Letby : Serial Killer: Why Did She Kill ? Part 3

3 thoughts on “Lucy Letby : Serial Killer: Why Did She Kill ? Part 3

  1. Contagious says:

    HG: your insight is unwavering. Tough case! If she wasn’t having an emotional affair, then what? Would she have never KILLED? I think not. People have affairs all of the time but your dissection shows a plausible deviance from her obvious facade. She did kill Gods angels. I believe babies are God’s proof He hasn’t given up on the world. She is evil no matter what her motive as she is educated and knew what she was doing and RECKLESS. Her driven focus to her goals despite norms, values or laws suggests a psychopath. I think she was born one and her parents knew it and monitored her closely. Your portrayal so far has one believing a narcissist but I see BOTH. Her parents seem “ to cover up” ie “take me instead.” So we won’t know the truth of this overprotected only child. Maybe that’s why they were suffocating or over controlling… they knew. They had seen signs of psychopathy earlier and tried to keep her close to protect her from “her monster. “The affair and her reaction is a small dose of fatal attraction but she doesn’t hurt herself it appears for attention. She kills to get his attention but what if she killed before this doctor? What if she likes the power of killing. The control. Maybe she is a narcissistic psychopath that liked killing as it gave her power but also liked the attention from the doctor. That’s my gut instinct. I find her life too scrubbed clean like a murder scene with no evidence at all … before the next one. There is a nurse in the book The Sociopath Nextdoor that is similar. She kills for the sake of killing. If the doctor left the country with his wife would she stop? My instinct says “no.” She got a taste of it. Like an addict. To me, this is psychopathy. Some kill to kill. It relieves boredom, emptiness, gives a feel of power. Best they can feel. I have read interviews of serial killers where killing feels like a weight lifted from the shoulder. A feeling. Maybe like some like to cut to feel. But I can see narcissist too from your posts. My first guess was psychopath but I am now seeing how narcissism enters too. I can’t wait for HG to continue on in this series. I have no words for the victims and I trust God will take care of them and Lucy too by banishing her to the dark matter, to nothingness. In all of the serial killer cases, the mental health defense tends to fail as the killer know right from wrong cognitively, they know what they are doing, They carefully plan. They function in life. My question is can they STOP themselves? This compulsion to kill. HG? This I have no answer. None.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      Contagious, really enjoyed reading your comment and the passion it contains. Interesting perspective on the parent’s ‘guarding’ her, as opposed to protecting her. At the same time, they seem to be in complete denial their daughter could have done this. It must be a real dilemma for parents when they have a child that displays these behaviours, but to the outside world her behaviours were not obvious. Is it possible her parent’s knew they created a monster, but determined to hide that aspect of her nature from others, or believed somehow with care and nurture they had overcome it? Maybe their hovering was more about keeping an eye on her and her sense of being suffocated by them was because of this, and not a lack of boundary recognition causing a LOCE for Letby.

      I think “compulsion” is a good word to use in this context, too. Where there is no rhyme or reason, the only motivation must be an overwhelming urge to commit the crime and keep committing it until they are caught. They can’t stop themselves, and need someone else to intervene to bring their killing spree to an end.

      I’d say a lot of serial killers suffer from this kind of compulsion and believe there is a darkness that exists in this world which lies at the bottom of all such evil acts.

  2. Asp Emp says:

    “We are like books. Most people only see our cover, the minority read only the introduction, many people believe the critics. Few will know our content.” Emile Zola

    Now. Apply the above quotation towards Lucy Letby.
    As an example of lateral thinking…..
    On the ‘outside’, she was originally viewed by many as a kind person (the ‘cover’ of a book).
    Many people now know what her job was (in the vulnerable baby care unit), they also know what she has done, RE: the murders, the harming (the ‘introduction’ of the book).
    Regarding the ‘critics’, too early to state at this stage – it is all over the press, social media……
    “Few will know our content” – while HG is producing his analysis on Lucy’s past and present, HG has already established what Lucy is and he will also provide his conclusions on as to why she did what she did. At this time of my typing, people may not know what actually ‘drove’ her to do what she did, what was her ‘thinking’? Regardless of what she was “feeling” (if any).

    In my view, there is a measure of the ‘Dark Tetrad’ behaviours that is not necessarily ‘active’ 24 / 7.

    Was it calculated on her part? It could be more instinctive? Did she “view” those vulnerable babies as teddy bears that “responded”, even, ‘fascinated’ her while she was doing it? She may have viewed those teddy bears as perfect ‘creations’ (unless one lost an ear, or, an eye, did she rip it apart?).

    When HG explained what injuries she did to those babies, I did feel sick, it made me feel sad. I’m glad she got caught and will do her time, she won’t find it easy.

    I appreciate your time in this series, thank you, HG.

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