Lucy Letby : Serial Killer : Why Did She Kill? Part 10

One thought on “Lucy Letby : Serial Killer : Why Did She Kill? Part 10

  1. WiserNow says:

    The sense that I get from Lucy Letby’s eyes is a very deep sadness that is more like depression. I think she looks very emotionally repressed in the photo. She looks browbeaten, defeated, wretched.

    This impression is not – in any way whatsoever – meant to show sympathy towards her. I think what she did was absolutely abhorrent. I’m saying this only in an attempt to understand her actions. I want to stress this.

    I think that her being an only child and emotionally smothered by her parents distorted her sense of self and her true emotional inner-life.

    Her mother made two comments I know of that I think are interesting.

    One was at the time of one of Letby’s arrests. Her mother said something to the effect of, “I did it. Take me instead.” The second was in the courtroom when Letby was found guilty. At that time, her mother collapsed in tears and said something to the effect of, “You can’t be serious. This cannot be right.”

    In both instances, her mother came across and looked to the outside world as a deeply loving and protective mother who wanted to shield her daughter. It looked like her mother was emotionally devastated and cared so much that she would have done anything to help her child.

    It can also be interpreted that – instead of being a supportive, stable influence in her daughter’s life at a critical moment – her mother was placing herself in the spotlight and taking the attention off her daughter.

    Her mother became the ‘victim’ and the centre of attention even though her daughter was the so-called ‘victim’.

    I want to stress that I’m using the word ‘victim’ here only to illustrate my point. I do not – for one second – think of Letby as a ‘victim’ in this case.

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