Knowing the Narcissist : Revenge

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You will never secure revenge over a narcissist unless you understand how the narcissist thinks and behaves.

You will never secure revenge over a narcissist when you are blinded by emotional thinking.

When victims believe they have obtained revenge, they will invariably have fallen onto The Devil´s Pitchfork and failed. Avoid that fate, by reading the work of the expert.

Revenge is a dish best served by HG Tudor.

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One thought on “Knowing the Narcissist : Revenge

  1. Enthralled says:

    Revenge can indeed be sought and carried out. I am a testament to this. It may be easier for those who are contagious or super empath. I have little knowledge of the super – but for the contagion, I am fully aware.

    While those greaters are busy working us out due to a deficit of empathy – we contagions are forced to do the same – but with a different goal. For us, it is the need to understand the discrepancy between a person’s emotions and what they say – the need to lay to rest the confusion this brings in early life. Filling in the gaps between words and emotion becomes almost second nature and we become fairly accurate at doing so. Linking the fine threads of connections and determining outcomes.

    Example = some have asked how I could not believe the woman accusing RB… That one does not add up. I detect lies in the story which means I cannot take it at face value. That does not mean I think condemnation of RB is wrong – the one thing a contagion learns = everyone lies.

    Telling your elderly gran you loved her Christmas present so as not to hurt her feelings. Telling your child there is nothing to worry about – despite being afraid. Telling your friend all is fine when inside your world is falling apart.

    So a word of caution in exacting revenge = Every sword cuts two ways and do not think you can emerge unscathed. We do feel guilt and regret. Just walk away. I am thankful I had not yet come across HG’s work before I took mine. Lord knows what I might have done given the knowledge I now have…

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