Tell Me What You Are Thinking

  You may remember Sophie who was one of my ex-girlfriends. She was a happy-go-lucky kind of person and loved dashing from person to person wishing them well. She was like a machine spewing out good wishes, pleasantries and compliments. “You look really well,you have lost weight.” “That skirt really suits you.” “I heard you […]

Constant Companion

  The narcissist in your life may have turned to you and said, “You are the one true constant in my life,” or words to that effect. Of course, when this sentence was said to you with faux sincerity shining in our eyes it was intended as another love bomb that rained down on you […]

The Veiled Primary Source

You were crowned as the Intimate Partner Primary Source (“IPPS”) and you enjoyed that magnificent golden period. Those mesmerising days with the narcissist have gone, but the memory remains bittersweet. Blackened devaluation followed and now disengagement as you find yourself cast aside. During the downward spiral you had concerns that the person you loved and […]

Asylum of the Grotesque : Meet 3 Denizens

  The Asylum of the Grotesque is where the secrets lie. It is a work that will have you hooked, amazed, repulsed and engaged. Most of all it will reveal. Gain an early glimpse of 3 of the Asylum´s denizens below. Here are the reactions of those who have read so far “Wow. Wow. Wow. And wow! I’m […]