The Breaking of Your No Contact

“I have gone no contact but the narcissist keeps on texting me.” That is not no contact. “I have gone no contact but I keep seeing him driving past where I live” That is not no contact. ” I have gone no contact but he keeps turning up at my house and we end up […]

The Wrong No Contact

No Contact. This is what anybody who has been a victim of our kind must achieve. Whether that status of victim stems from being a friend to a narcissist where you are taken for granted, used when the narcissist needs a lift or someone to moan to or whether it is the beaten down and […]

This is NOT No Contact No. 3 – Checking Social Media

  The temptation to check the narcissists social media is strong, often irresistible. After all, you need to know what he is doing, who is he with after he disengaged from you, is he writing about you? Does that cryptic post have something to do with you or is it aimed at someone new? He […]

No Contact

No contact is the key aim.You achieve freedom by not entering onto our battlefield. It is OUR battlefield where we make (up) the rules and you think you know what they are, but they change and shift moment to moment. Get off the battlefield. Go no contact by getting No Contact. Available Now US E-Book UK E-Book […]

No Contact Mistakes : The Need to Sign Off

The most common conclusion to the romantic entanglement with our kind is for you to be discarded. Certainly this is what happens the first time around for most people. Later on, the likelihood of it ending because you escape increases as a consequence of either increased knowledge or awareness and/or being unwilling or unable to […]