Poll : What is Your Reaction to the Presidential Debate?

    I analysed the presidential debate as it was an excellent example of When Narcissists Collide, however, what is your reaction to this debate? How do you feel about the two candidates with regard to that performance? Entertained? Unsurprised? Disgusted? Helpless? Take this poll and share your reaction. You may choose as many of […]

A Very Narcissist Update – Trump or Markle?

    Who do you want to be put under The Tudorscope for an updated “A Very Narcissist” treatment? President Trump or Meghan Markle Vote below and the winner gets further scrutiny whilst the loser calls “Fake News” or blames Prince Harry. Poll ends 20th September at 23:00 BST

Poll : Which Sexual Manipulations Has The Narcissist Used?

Which sexual manipulations has the narcissist (or narcissists) used with regard to you during your entanglement with the narcissist? You should know by now that narcissists use sex as a weapon of mass seduction, primarily this is the preserve of Somatic or Elite Narcissists, but sex will also be used by Cerebral and Victim narcissists […]

Poll : Which Red Flags Did You Fail to Heed?

Red Flags. With the benefit of hindsight those flags were flying high but you failed to heed them. Did you think the now-known-narcissist was coming on strong by wanting to be with you all of the time, but you dismissed it as it felt good and exciting? Maybe the narcissist was already in a relationship […]

How Will the Covid-19 Pandemic Impact On The Dynamic With the Narcissist?

There is a pandemic. Narcissists are more widespread than Covid-19 and more dangerous so let us combine the two with a poll to ask you how the pandemic is or might impact on your dynamic with the narcissist or narcissists in your life. You may choose as many options as are applicable before casting your vote. […]