The Cult of Me

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I am akin to a god. I am omnipotent and omniscient. I regard people as chess pieces that I move hither and thither in pursuit of my endless games. I am angry and capricious, raining down my erratic and arbitrary judgement on those who I find offensive. Like any god, I must be appeased at that is your role. I have recruited you to provide repeated sacrifices. At first it will be your time, then your money. After that I demand the sacrifice of your outside interests and your friendships. Ever eager and indeed brainwashed to my ways, you will repeatedly comply in the hope that I shall shine my benevolent smile and make the world into which I have dragged you, well again. Like any addiction however, the cost becomes increasing greater and as you seek to halt the chaotic fury that I choose to unleash against you, you sacrifice ever more, oblivious to the fact that this god can never be appeased. Next comes your confidence, your self-esteem and your happiness. All are cast onto the altar and given up. You are encouraged in this awful pursuit by my disciples, those chosen few who wear the cloak of righteousness that I have given them. They act as I would act, carrying out my machinations and ensuring that you have nowhere to turn. Should you ever question my power and my actions, they will calmly explain to you why you are wrong and what you must do, their glassy eyes caused by their indoctrination to my way. My followers always do my bidding. They chant my mantras and undertake my works with a slavish devotion to my doctrines. They will cajole, coax and coerce until you provide the ultimate sacrifice to the cult of me. Your identity.

12 thoughts on “The Cult of Me

  1. Juliette says:

    It’s gut wrenching to read some of your blogs, as if they were bits and pieces taken from my life. This one hit a home run.
    My ex has a sister who does, I guess you would say, his “bidding”. Whenever him & I argued (which has been constantly foe the past 2 years) there she would be, ready to push me back to him. Explaining what I was doing wrong, how I needed to change my words or tone so that he wouldn’t be offended or get angry. Even if he’d call me names or insult my family, it was somehow my fault & I should forgive him because he doesn’t mean it.
    When I called him on being verbally, mentally, and emotionally abusive he shut down and his sister came knocking. Accusing me of being abusive as well because I choose to distance myself from him whenever he gets under my skin to the point it’s driven me insane. I started to think that maybe I am abusive as well. Maybe I neglect him when all he wants is my time & attention. Even when I am able to push him away, she’s the one who usually pulls me back in with her twisted reasoning.
    This insight from the other side is amazing, Thank you.

  2. Angered says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me!?!? You need to read the ten commandments again.

    1. Malaika says:

      Not all people subscribe to Christian drivel.

  3. Helena says:

    Do you believe in God? If you do, what is your relationship with God? Are you afraid of retribution from your God for behaving like you do?

    1. malignnarc says:

      I do. I am his instrument. I fear no retribution for I do His work.

      1. Nia says:

        Perhaps you have been deceived, as unlikely as that would be. Are you sure this God who you work for is not Satan wearing a mask?

      2. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        Do you believe in God? I read in one of your later posts you don’t (as if that should surprise me).

        1. HG Tudor says:

          If I deem it necessary I will do.

      3. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        Thank you for responding and for being honest.
        That was a good exercise for me to believe what I’m seeing and not questioning myself (I was already thinking I wrongly understood it before). Pfff…gaslight, one can’t get prepared enough for dealing with it (when she’s unable to lie).

        I’m not saying you did the gaslight on purpose on the blog (you have nothing to gain out of it), only that it comes natural to you…

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I agree that it comes naturally to me. You are correct in that there needs to be a gain for me and you also need to look at the evidence at the time and further understand the dynamic with reference to what I have written about in Fuel and you will then readily conclude that it did not happen.

          I have more to gain from a constructive relationship with my readers than engaging in manipulating them, thus it does not occur. I am a narcissist, but I am not a stupid narcissist.

      4. Somewhere over the rainbow says:

        You can be called many “names”, but never a stupid. No fuel for you, just reality. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here reading/following your work on this site. And as I can see it from reading the blog, your work is improving in time.

  4. Angered says:

    I only have two words. VERY DISTURBING

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