Cathode Beast

th8P70LDP5You are my television. At first you broadcast all my favourite shows which I binge watch one after the other. I stare at the screen with avid enthusiasm relishing what is being provided for me to watch. I follow every development in the plot and I eagerly anticipate the next episode. I discuss what is being shown with all and sundry, delighted with the standard of output. I am so fortunate to have happened on your channel. It is as if everything you show has been written specifically for me. I cannot believe how much I happen to love everything you show. After a while however the shows start to lose their allure and become stale. This does not take long. I flick onto other channels and find shows there which are much more my kind of thing. I delve deep into these new shows finding them fascinating. I rarely return to your channel and when I do it is just to deride your output and take pleasure in pouring scorn on what you are broadcasting. In fact, I derive more enjoyment from criticising your shows than appreciating them. Eventually I stop watching your channel altogether as I am enveloped by what is being shown on several other channels (I have worked out that I am best served by having several channels on the go at once, jumping between them to heighten my enjoyment). A little while later I will decide that I don’t need your show and I don’t want the television on which I watched it. To distance myself completely from you I will go and by a new television. After all I can always get a better television can’t I?


7 thoughts on “Cathode Beast”

  1. My ex just bought a new tv after he moved out, after he did his relationship bulletin on Facebook; I wonder if she knows yet that he is already out with other sources of supply?

    Not my circus, not my monkeys 🙂

    Enjoy the tv (that’s 3 in his home) lol

      1. That was exactly what I thought I know there was me, three regular places residential that i found on his Google timeline that had patterns I found probably 3 different women, that’s 4 , deacon, roles , coach , counselor, 2yr old daughter thats 8 easy …man ..I also say its probably also a red flag that he bought a really big expensive TV before I left….I take that as something big was secured for supply… When I left I took my BIG TV I brought into marriage and a little one lol…the newer model…ugh I feel really sick now…but thank you for explaining.. In just thought it was a bragging or status thing was more

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