Be a Narc Hunter

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The weekend looms and after what may have been an arduous week why don’t you engage in some narc hunting? I know many of you are now accomplished in experiencing our malign ways and are quite the experts at identifying our behaviours. Don’t let us have it all our own way. So why not put those skills to the test and dive into these two books and see how much narcissistic material you can spot in this tantalising tale. It is sensual and chilling and you will enjoy nodding to yourself as you recognise the tendrils coiling around an unsuspecting victim. But is all as it really seems?  Go spot the narcissist and hunt them down !





One thought on “Be a Narc Hunter

  1. anasylvie says:

    I read the Seduction book, it wasn’t a good read for me. Won’t read any like that again. Your other books are much better.

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