Hack the Quack

It is an acknowledged fact that you never see us coming. We are creatures that are insidious and pervasive. It is astonishing that we are not seen because we hardly arrive quietly. We appear with great fanfare, fireworks, flashing lights and symphonic sounds. You cannot miss us but of course all of that obscures what we really are. Even when our true intentions begin to manifest you still do not recognise what we are. There are those of you who meet us once and then fall prey a second or even a third time, such is the manner in which we inveigle our way into your lives. You never ever know who we are when we first enter your life and often you do not realise until years afterwards what has happened to you. Some never even achieve enlightenment. Everything we do is designed to deceive. We are shrouded in deceit, it oozes from us and taints everything around us but you rarely see all of that. We are masters of deception, masked and cloaked, our true intentions hidden behind a sheen of flattery and a wall of manipulation. We know you blame yourselves when you finally realise who you have danced with. We are aware that you see it all too clearly after the event and you blame yourself repeatedly. You really ought not to be so harsh on yourselves, you never stood a chance. It is not just you who cannot penetrate our veil of secrecy, the so-called professionals often fail as well. If they cannot see us then you can be forgiven for doing so can’t you?

There is an army of therapists, doctors, counsellors, life-coaches and so on. Call them what you will and for all their academic brilliance, their soothing words and supposed insight there are many (although not all admittedly) who are unable to detect us either. They have not experienced what you have and therefore they can only speak from a position of learned, rather than experienced, knowledge. Many of our kind never have any interaction with these people since we refuse to acknowledge there is anything wrong with us much less see any need to be subjected to this scrutiny. This diminishes the prospects of these professionals from gaining a proper understanding. Moreover on the occasions when they might just happen to have one of our kind inside their consulting rooms we do everything in our expansive charismatic power to persuade them that not only is there nothing wrong with us but we are the victims of vile behaviour from the very person who forced us to attend on this shrink. Accordingly, their opportunities to understand us and learn from us are limited and this in turn allows us to continue unhindered in our machinations.

Prior to the good doctors who at least appear to know what they are doing, I merrily attended sessions with therapists and their ilk on five occasions. How could I pass up such a succulent opportunity to gather more fuel from this new arrival and also from you. I would resist any attempt to move into this arena of psychoanalysis at first, purely in order to heighten your woe, hurt and frustration. Eventually and often when perceiving a risk that you would voluntarily threaten my supply of fuel I would agree to attend. I prepared in advance as I selected all of the instruments of charm and flattery from my Devil’s Toolkit. Oh how I enjoyed those sessions. My other half would always pay for them so there was a blast of fuel from the off and I relished the opportunity to demonstrate my amenable and charming nature to them. In these sessions with therapists and the like I always adopted a twin strategy. Charm on the one hand and plausible deniability on the other.

I would present at the appropriate place, early, relaxed and looking forward to the chance to tell someone all about me for an hour and paid for by you. I would be pleasant, engaging and treat the time as a fireside chat as I spoke well of my other half,my friends, my job and my achievements. I talked about some of my interests, film in particular and would always ask the other person about their favourite films. They never refused me an answer. The first session was always a breeze as I fillybusted until the time had elapsed. I would continue to do this in each session and often they would allow me to talk and talk. They might try and steer the conversation onto something relevant to my behaviour and I would steer it back on to something else. The first counsellor I saw admitted after five sessions that there was nothing to discuss much to my delight and the girlfriend at the time’s dismay.

It became a challenge whenever the issue of help, therapy or treatment arose. I would go along and draw the positive fuel from the therapist and then draw negative fuel from whoever had insisted on me attending.

“Yes it is going well, we just have a chat really. It is all very amicable.”

“She clearly likes me as she always laughs at my jokes.”

“Did you know he supports the same football team as me? He even sits in the same stand.”

“I am not allowed to tell you about it.”

The last one is a favourite as the pseudo-confidentiality that I apply to the scenario frustrates and irritates you because after all, you need to know because you want to help and by not telling you anything on the basis of instruction from the therapist your bewilderment and frustration increases.

Where my opponent has pressed the issue and asked me and kept on asking me about the alleged behaviours that you have detailed to them beforehand I am always able to drive such doubt into the conversation that it dilutes any attempt to identify what I truly am. It is laughable. When I first ensnare you I do not show you my true colours so do you think that I would behave any different with someone who is trying to trap me and pin me down? Of course not. The catalogue of behaviour outside of normative engagements is fed back to me and I am able to deal with it all. I am an astute enough person to realise that a bare-faced denial will seem evasive and may alert my examiner. Instead, I explain away the perceived problem.

“Yes I admit I do sometimes lose my temper but who doesn’t? I work long hours and I do get a little irritable at times, I know I shouldn’t but I am only human aren’t I?”

“She is rather sensitive so she does tend to exaggerate. She had a bad time of it with her last boyfriend you see. I try and be supportive but it can be difficult because she sees so much in the same way as when she was with him. I don’t blame her it just becomes hard to deal with at times, I am sure you know what I mean, for example there was this one time…..”

“We have a passionate relationship so there are break-ups and make-ups. There is a lot of passionate energy between us and sometimes it does get a little out of hand, on both sides, but that’s the way we are. I recognise my part in this, that after all is why I am here and I would really appreciate it if you could help me to help her. What do you suggest?”

Events are watered down, instances diluted and happenings blurred. Plausible deniability is rolled out and allied with charm results in me walking away with another admirer to my collection and you bemused as to how I have seemingly got away with it again. You really ought not to (although I am pleased you do) get so upset by it since they really do have little chance to uncover what we truly are. What of Dr E and Dr O I hear you ask? Yes well it took two of them in a pincer movement and only because I had to yield to them but that war is still ongoing and there is much fuel to obtain yet.

16 thoughts on “Hack the Quack

  1. Maddie says:

    “when I first ensnare you I do not show you my true colours so do you think that I would behave any different with someone who is trying to trap me and pin me down? Of course not.” I have no intentions of trapping You. But to pin You down? only on the bed 😉

  2. Jax55 says:

    HG you use the moniker malignnarc, I wonder, do you wear it as a badge of honour?

  3. “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism” (mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions)

    Do you remember when you first came to the realization that you indeed are a narcissist? Was there someone who started the ball rolling (ex-girlfriend), or did you seek out the answer yourself? If yourself, why? What precipitated it?


    1. malignnarc says:

      During treatment. The good doctors.

      1. Perhaps there is hope ❤

      2. Cara says:

        Why would they tell you that?! That is mean

  4. alexis2015s says:

    A really interesting article HG and so so true how most therapists are unable to detect Ns even though they may have read some textbooks about it.

    Although I’m no therapist I’ve always been interested in people and psychology.

    Many years ago I had, let’s call it a ‘brushing’ with a psychopath / narc.
    He openly admitted to me what he was and told me that his brain was wired differently to other people as well as some rather weird and horrid things. It prompted an interest in me to read as many books as I could on Ps.

    I thought I knew everything about them and how to spot them. But I was completely Ill prepared.

    When j met the MN a couple of years ago. He knowledge I had gained meant I always assessed people on this basis, did they tick any of these boxes etc. He seemed not to as he appeared to have a stable marriage, long term hobby amongst other things.

    It was only after the event and reading some further books that th reality of what had just happened to me sunk in. And I, someone who thought I knew what a P / N was had been completely duped !!

    It is only having lived though it, come out the other side with the knowledge and understanding through the experience accompanied by information such as that by your good self that I can now spot them with ease.

    Problem is, there are actually so god damn many of you guys haha

    Thanks for sharing HG. I did beat myself up for a little while at Gavin been duped. But no more since I see people far more intelligent than me being duped by these people and even by lesser Ns.

    We just don’t think in the same way as you, and make a very grave error in assuming that your thought processes are essentially fairly similar to ours.

    It is our good compassion and innocence and wanting to beleive that there is some good in everyone. And who doesn’t want to beleive this.

    But I now know that not every bad has a bit of good in it after all.

  5. Truth. The only reason I never bothered to attend therapy with anyone else. Seems like I actually listened to my intuition correctly and saw no point. I never thought anyone that had not experienced such crazy making could or would possibly ever “get it”. I, myself, barely believe some of my tales of daily life and as I get older feel like my memories are but fairytales.

    1. karaa34 says:

      Yes, Crystal, we should always trust our Intuition, especially when those in our lives present it as we are paranoid or jealous or psychotic for questioning or suggesting something is amiss. I have learned since that if I feel uneasy and unsettled on someone’s behaviour, there is a valid reason.
      Yes, a Brothers Grimm type fairytale, unfortunately.

      1. Unfortunate, but truth indeed ❤

  6. GG says:

    Has there ever been anyone you’ve not been able to ‘get to’ ? Extract fuel from?
    What if it was someone like those of us who have been through this experience and are now well armed to deal with your kind?
    Would you not even try rather than admit defeat?

    1. malignnarc says:

      Nobody has ever resisted my extractions successfully. If I targeted someone who had seized the power and knew how to resist although it is unlikely to happen, I would select a new target.

  7. Nikita says:

    i can imagine that only a very specialized doctor can detect such characteristics, but I would say also a ver specialized narc to hide it 😇😇 like you for example.
    I love reading you!!! Just love it how you write.

    1. malignnarc says:

      Thank you

  8. karaa34 says:

    You had me at, inveigle. I wonder, how often you actually are seem coming. But the “victim” is simply assuming a denial stance to regal in said fanfare. If one laps it up readily, then the bowl will always be refilled.
    If you give someone what you think they want, by assessing what you determine their needs to be. Then you are meeting their needs, so of course they will maintain the illusion. It is once their needs are no longer being met, similar to your needs not being met by sustainable fuel. Then, your mask falls away for them. Perhaps, even before you reveal your true self. Because their denial of the true you or trance they were in has been dispelled.
    Just because someone doesn’t present as knowing, does not mean they are not aware. It is all about meeting needs. We all have needs. We all have desires. We all have ways to have them met. You utilize strategic logic, whereas I would follow my emotional response, tempered by logic, rational or otherwise.
    I would suggest that therapy has no treatable value for you. But, it does meet your needs. So, value is achieved vicariously.
    I have a question HG? If fuel feeds you, then what can starve the “creature” within you? You must address such a concept in therapy. And in the name of value, that Would be mine. If provoking is so easy, then staving must be possible in some respect. Insincere pacifying surely can’t muster that need, what if a self aware Narcisist didn’t hide behind a false image, but outright presented himself as he truly is. This is me, this is how I operate, this is what I need from you. This is what will happen after I get what I need and become bored with you. But , instead of entering the devaluing stage and the personal decimination of the other person. They leave, with the other person fully aware of what will and has happened. A mutual agreement or arrangement. There would be no negative fuel provided In Such an arrangement. Only positive fuel flowing in both directions. Can a narcissist sustain on only positive fuel? Or abandon their facade in any circumstance?
    I wonder, based on my experience with one, that if one Is truly self assured and in control, do they need to destroy another to get what they want. Why not be up front, express your needs and thusly get them met. Perhaps a Pollyanna viewpoint. But, the carnage is minimized. But, then the carnage is attractive, isn’t it? Reminds me of this quote by Rumi…” The lion is most handsome while looking for food .”
    Just thinking outloud, thank you for affording me the oppurtunity to query on my quandary.

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