Power Drain

Power. Everywhere you look you will see power at work. One company takes over another because of the former’s greater financial power. A boxer knocks out his opponent since he has a more powerful punch. A car accelerates faster than a competing model owing to it having a more powerful. Power is all around us and dictate and governs all our interactions. In the home so much of what we rely on, cookers, fridges, television sets, hair dryers, blenders and heating rely on power. Power is central to a happier existence. By contrast, when power is absent so much goes wrong. If there is a storm and the electricity supply has been interrupted there is massive inconvenience. There is no heating with the risk to the health of the elderly, young and infirm. Lighting reverts to primitive methods such as illumination by candle. The younger generation experiences frustration as the wifi network fails and the multiplicity of devices which they have connected to the internet are useless. Witness the agitation of a teenage who has forgotten to charge his or her ‘phone and they realise they only have 8% power showing on the batter icon. The necessity of power is absolute and the absence of power is abhorred. We are no different.

You are far more powerful than you may actually realise. You are our walking battery or cell. You yield fuel which powers us. We want you providing us with high quality fuel repeatedly as we rely on this for the preservation of ourselves. Your fuel grants us power to allow us to do what we need to. Look around your home and consider that if every heating element was switched on, every light shone and every household appliance was operating, the amount of power used is considerable. In the same way, when we enter your world we appear in a blaze of light, loud and unmissable. We give our warmth, we shine brightly and we are a spinning, whirling dervish of activity. All of this uses up power in the same way that your household appliances do. The drain to the energy network is substantial. If you want something as brilliant as us then there is a power cost associated with us and that is where you come in. In order to enable us to charm and seduce multiple targets, to allow us to roll out or campaign of love bombing with our arsenal of desire takes a tremendous amount of power. Thereafter, the denigration and devaluation all takes up energy and power. We like to conserve out power as you well know. Instead we want to take your power.

Consider how you once were at the outset of our relationship. You were confident, independent, happy and bright. Yes, you may have experienced some problems and they lurked beneath a fragile surface but you had survived what had happened in the past. You got on with things, supported by your own power networks of friends and family. We come along and sever some of those networks or if we can, we uncouple them from you and attach them to us instead in order to seize their power for our own use. At this time you felt stronger, more vibrant and energetic as you motored through life, taking care of yourself and others. Then we come along. The dazzling sound and light show which sweeps you off your feet is impressive but it has to be powered somehow. We providethat power at first, regarding it as an investment in order to ensnare you. We cannot however deplete our power reserves and that is why once we have you connected to us that we begin to leech your power, your fuel, for ourselves. Not only does this sequestration of your energy bolster us,making us powerful and more able to carry out our wicked machinations against you and others, it drains you.

Each day, our demands for your fuel to power us, means that there is less and less for you. You find that your power source becomes depleted. Your defences become weakened, just like the loss of shields on the Enterprise in Star Trek when they suffer a power failure. You have no energy,you feel listless and weak. You have little interest in anything any more. Your bright and vivacious personality has become muted and dulled. We keep draining you of your power, feeding on your fuel as you become systematically weaker and weaker. Soon your loss of power results in your doing less and less. You have not the energy or functionality to do those things you once did. You forgo friends, you forget about family and you let your interests fray. This reduces your power further as you attempt, in vain, to conserve enough power to enable you to function at the most basic level. Yet we are not content. We continue to suck the life, the energy and the power from you, in order to sustain ourselves with no concern at all for the impact it has on you. You become a shell, a dud battery, a drained cell as all that power is taken for us. You have no interest in your appearance, you do very little, you no longer speak up for yourself or indeed have anything much to say. You switch to auto-pilot as the last traces of power continue to be sucked from you. You carry out only the most rudimentary of tasks until even they begin to be too much. You stop washing, you stop eating and you stop taking medication. On we go leeching this power from you until the warning lights that had been shining for some time about your low levels of power eventually flicker and go out. It is then you stop, broken and unable to function any longer. It is now that when you are utterly drained that we will uncouple from you and push you to one side, allowing you to crash into the dust. Our power lines are now attached to someone else as you lie there a malfunctioned, powerless appliance. You have been drained and ended up going down the drain, no longer of any use to us, that is until you start to recover and regain your power. Then we will be back. You can guarantee that.

24 thoughts on “Power Drain

  1. Maddie says:

    as usually brilliant. .. but You can’t drain mine as I’ll keep endless amout of extra batteries and they constantly plugged into mains

  2. Did you delete my comment ….

  3. There is profound difference between one that is sensitive to others, { and there for can empathize, even to a high degree} and one that is an Empath. The conversation had and created by the N and the E, although appearing to be completely polarized, is a powerful one.

  4. Sheila says:

    HG you’re a jinx… read this post on my lunch break and when I came back out to start my vehicle.. the battery was dead!
    Very good post! I came out of the last relationship saying that I felt like I’d just been sucked dry by a psychic vampire. Totally drained at the end of it!

  5. Freedom says:

    Mmm interesting post HG, my ex narc seemed to discard not when I’d run out of energy but when I started questioning discrepancies in stories and events. I’m confused if he wanted to Hoover there was still fuel to be harvested. Now this supply has blacklisted him and service will never resume. He was a bad payer and his bill was way over due.

    His new supplier obviously didn’t do any credibility checks 😔

  6. Myworld says:

    I loved this! I find it interesting to see things from someone else’s views, understanding and so on….I suppose I would be labeled an empath…Although only recently have I had this pointed out…maybe I have been lucky to not have dated any of your type.. But…there is just no part of me that understands how someone can suck the life out someone…not that I have not witnessed it..because I have. I just don’t understand how the person being inflicted this behavior can’t recognize it and walk away. I understand the need to help or want to change someone for the better as I am way too guilty of this. I believe that even the coldest, cruelest human being has something good to offer…and I usually exhaust myself to find it….but, never loosing myself to a point of unrecognizable. The mind, behaviours, emotions ( or lack of ) are all powerful. I have enjoyed reading yours. :)…….This post most of all…(so far).

    1. Hi thereMyworld ,
      May I suggest that you research the term co dependency. It may give you some idea of the reasons behind many certain empaths losing “themselves” with such individuals.
      Ross rosenberg (he is on youtube and fb) explains the predicament well and counsels others. He himself is recovering from co dependency.
      Lisa A romano and spartan life coach on youtube are helpful with understanding why so many empaths even have trouble understanding co dependency, let alone others who are less giving, yet are emotionally and intellectually healthy.

      I hope this helps you to help understand others. I know empaths have a need to do so. It helps in order to help others where and how you can and avoid frustration when dealing with others that seem like they cannot be helped. Co dependency can be healed. They just need to be guided to the tools to do so 😊

      1. Myworld says:

        Thank you for guiding me on where I can learn about how the mind of an empath can get them to losing themselves. I will definitely look into each one of your suggestions.
        Co dependency is a term I have heard, I just have not researched much on. I am sure I will find it helpful and enlightening to learn more on it.
        Furthermore, my intentions were not to offend any empath on their struggles with a narcissist. My comment was purely on the fact that I don’t understand it. So, I do appreciate the time you have taken to guide me in a direction to understanding more.
        Again, thanks! 🙂

        1. You’re most welcome.
          I never thought you meant anything bad by your comments at all. I just sought to help 🙂

  7. Fool me 1 time says:

    Don’t think I have to worry about him ever trying to come back! I realized that this weekend after seeing him flash there pictures all over face book. I am the only one of his exs that he never friended. And of course being a good little empath I never questioned it. Even one of his ex wives are still friends with him. ( only I’m sure to flash her new husband in his face) I realized by doing that he made the other ones angry ( no like this time) and the new one so happy thinking he put her up there because she’s special and he loves her !! Ha ha. It was just Two different types of fuel for him! When he’s finished with her he will get even more fuel reeling the other ones back in!! You see HG I am learning!! Your the best ! But then you knew that didn’t you!! 😘❤️

    1. malignnarc says:

      Of course I did but always important to be acknowledged. Glad you are learning.

  8. PorterGirl says:

    I have been reading your blog and very much enjoying it. I sort of feel like I would like to date one of your kind for a short while to get all the overwhelming fabulousness of the early days, but then get out after a month or two. Your writing has been very enlightening indeed.

    1. malignnarc says:

      That would be an interesting tactic but how would you know when to get out? Wouldn’t the promise of the return to the golden period keep you hanging in there?

      1. PorterGirl says:

        No, I get bored easily and knowing the signs to look for I would bail at the first hint of it.

      2. PorterGirl says:

        No, I get bored easily and knowing the signs to look for I would bail at the first sign of trouble.

  9. Nikita says:

    OMG … Good article for anyone in risk of hoover or currently with an N…
    But makes me sad… Very sad… For all the people involved..

    1. alexis2015s says:

      Hoover, no problem nikita. Just unplug it 😉

      1. malignnarc says:

        I’m cordless

  10. karaa34 says:

    Brilliant analogy, per usual. I always knew my N was a power drain, emotional vampire and such. I felt it, my friend who is a Clair sensient would tell me when with him online or phone to ground myself my running my hands through earth. It is his job to drain me emotionally to supply himself emotionally. It is in his mind, my job to supply him. It is in My mind, to supply myself. In Supplying him, I temporarily depleted myself.
    This now makes me laugh, but over the holidays he told me he needed to replace one of his appliances that stopped working, stating it would, be a costly venture. Laughable, in that I am certain now I am said appliance he referred to.

    At the time, I assumed it was his stove. Btw, I work just as effectively for all other factions of self and life. Just that he had drained the maximum level of adoration and trust from this appliance, making it faulty In usage to only him. I work just as efficiently for all others in my home, work and social life. Maybe if he turned me off when not in use, I would have yielded more effectiveness…😏 ie, Implemented his silent treatments, with a short message once in awhile as suggested. If you leave an appliance turned on, but not In use. You always run the risk of a fire, leading to destruction or it being incapable of functioning In the Same manner when used appropriately according to instruction. Check warranty please. Perhaps, as well usuage was deemed InSufficient, because while said appliance was left on in your absence it was being used by other consumers who appreciated its ability to provide.

    Never assume what occurs when you intentionally neglect something or someone. Everyone has a means and a way to recharge and refuel.
    He never crippled my power, I never waned enough to be truly depleted by him. I missed him, that was all. I loved him, that was all. I gave him what I could, it wasn’t enough to maintain or sustain him. Not my fault.

    Fact is, NO ONE can really sustain him, no one is good enough to last.
    That fact will resonate in time. My power is no less charged , I am refuelled in the love I retain inside myself. It never came from someone else. Whereas his came from myself and others.
    I am the source of power…mine and yours.
    The manufacturer of said appliance does not regret To Inform you that You can no longer use this appliance, as the cord has been removed.
    Food for thought, and or fuel for thought.

    1. Alice says:

      Excellent comment, I feel exactly the same way about me. Affected, but not depleted or destroyed. Re-charged by my own will and means:-)

  11. alexis2015s says:

    This is exactly it HG !! Thank you

    I’m so glad I’ve invested in some rechargeable batteries and a plug socket cover !

    1. malignnarc says:

      Ha ha like it.

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