A Devillish Toolkit

You may not realise this but my kind and me are always prepared. We carry with us at all times a toolkit which is stocked with many useful tools and instruments to assist us in our day-to-day machinations. These tools enable us to carry out our quest to obtain fuel. Sometimes you may not realise that we are actually using these tools and on other occasions you cannot help but notice. Every one of our kind comes equipped with this toolkit. Not all of the tools are used by every member of our brethren and we are always on the lookout for additions that can be made to it. It can be tiring lugging it around with us but it is a necessary burden if we are to achieve our aims. Luckily for you,I am going to provide you with an insight into what lies inside the Devil’s Toolkit.

Saw of Interruption – this is regularly used to cut you off when you are speaking.

Chisel of Misery – a very handy instrument which is used on a frequent basis to chip away at your self-esteem

Hammer of Intimidation – a blunt instrument that is used to bludgeon you into submission

Screwdrivers of Diversion – this flexible tool comes with two adjustable ends. The Denial and the Blame-Shift. Either of these ends can be fitted to twist the truth

Pliers of Manipulation – these are used to push and pull, turn and wrench until we get what we want.

Unlimited Tape Measure – this is used to see if you come up to standard but unsurprisingly you never measure up

Stanley Knife – a diverse blade which is used for figuratively making small yet painful cuts or if need be slicing you open

Spanner of Disruption – I have plenty of these in the toolkit and use them to throw into the works on a repeated basis to mess things up for you and others

Fuse Wire – I know you keep blowing yours so this is often used

Insulation Tape – for keeping you insulated from everyone else. It is a large roll and never runs out

Torch of Illumination – this does not work as there are never any batteries in them. Well they are fuel aren’t they?

Power Drill of Inferiority – this is used to drill into you over and over again how useless and pathetic you are

Charming Sander – very handy for smoothing everything over in an instant

Snare – always handy for trapping the unwary empath

Immobility Clamps– used for keeping you right where I want you

Blowtorch of Rage – I may need to take this back to Lucifer since it seems to blow hot and cold

Goggles of Reflection – I don’t want to get anyone,I mean anything, in my eyes do I?

Sugarcoated Knuckleduster of Attrition – wears you down but you don’t realise it

Laser Tape Measure – projects brilliantly

Ear Defenders – always necessary when doling out the silent treatment

Scissors of Snipping – all purpose tool for cutting through any barriers or boundaries

Gas Lamp – prone to going on and off without rhyme or reason

Circular Conversation Saw – I think this one is faulty as well as it goes round and round but never actually does anything

Pot of Fairy Dust – we sprinkle this liberally and everything sparkles and shines. Shame they could not make some that lasted longer though.

Quite the collection isn’t it and I am sure you will recognise some personal favourites of the narcissist in your life.

To understand more about these methods of manipulation and further tools read the Devil’s Toolkit,available on Amazon.

19 thoughts on “A Devillish Toolkit

  1. Excellence says:

    Hmmmm I just learnt of this book recently and I tell you the truth I am a victim of almost all the tools. I had always supplied fuel to my hurt without knowing. Just learning to adapt to the reality I just discovered about my life and how not to respond to every dirt thrown at me.

  2. Yo says:

    I have a Q, dear defective person. What do u think, could ot be a sign of Narcissistic PD?
    The guy i like currently when communicate with me often tells me “i like ur energy”, “ohh such a positive energy, of course we should meet” bla bla.
    =》 my “alert” works here because of this energy things. I am afraid he wants to consume me as his fuel…)) hahha but seriously? Is it a red flag? Or i am over alerted?

    And the 2nd thing is when he leaves me messages or speak with me by phone, i think he does that intentionally with his voice to the purpose to sefuce me: his voice is thaaaaaaat sweet and sexy that it makes me melt as an ice cream in a hot weather.
    Is it a sign of MNc?

    Appreciate ur answer
    P.s. and the 3d thing which makes my “alert” ring very loudly: is that i feel too good near him/with him. Just good.
    I am afraid that it is because he is Narcissist as well… and he makes me feel so good because of that.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It may be a red flag Yo, especially if it is said repeatedly. It may well be code for “I like your fuel.”
      The nature of his voice, well if that is his natural voice then it is not a red flag but if he is putting it on, then yes it is.

      1. Yo says:

        Thank u. Another Q about another guy: this one on the 1st evening told me i will be his girlfriend “he knows it”.
        On the 2nd date he asked me where we (WE) will go for vacations.
        On the 3d date he presented me to everbody as his girlfriend. And during the whole week he called me, messaged me and asked me out every day.
        When we were together he spoke all the time how he is happy to be with me.
        Every second (and how good/beautiful/amazing i am) and give him happiness (all this during the 1st week).

        I discarted him coz it looked like MN.
        now i think that this type of behavior IS NOT NORMAL. (Even my ex MN didnt do like this hahha).
        Do u agree it looks like cannot be the true and healthy from a guy’s side? Thanks

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I agree.

      2. Yo says:

        The strange thing that this another guy (who said on the 1st date i will be his gf) does not give up.
        And it was funny how he adjusted for whatever i suggest: i say “looking for bf: he immediately converted himself in a “bf”.
        Another day i said “no bf, only f*cker” he immediately started bahaviour like friends with benefits.
        Another day i said “friends only” nothing else. He is OK with that as well. Whatever i say he adjust to meet the expectation for that role BUT without stopping following me and asking me out and bla bla (even now i dont accept)

        And he wants to know everything: wheere i am , who r my new candidate to be my bf etc etc

        It looks like

  3. Lucky spoon and lucky office mate who is busy trying not to be distracted by my doing so.

    It just feels so good to be bad.

  4. I don`t mind the sharp teeth. They can come in very handy when it comes to inflicting maximum damage, pleasurable pain or simply leaving one`s mark as a warning to others.

    Says the girl who is currently sitting here, reading your posts whilst licking peanut butter off a spoon…..

    Not very ladylike. 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Lucky spoon.

  5. I absolutely love what you did there! Brilliant, but I expect nothing less.

    One must always remember about fairies that while they are magical and beautiful and incredibly seductive, they have sharp teeth designed to rip your throat out and spit the pieces right back in your face.


    1. HG Tudor says:

      Very much the case.

  6. Excellent. Absolutely excellent.

  7. Bombshel20 says:

    Ah the fairy dust, such a beautiful distraction, until it settles.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well put Bombshel20

  8. Denise Rock says:

    Very very nice HG. I Iove it. So true. So validating. Thank you !

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Denise.

  9. nikitalondon says:

    This book was very useful to see what the relationship was all about. Its also one of my favorite books.

  10. Cara says:

    It’s actually the torch of SELECTIVE illumination, though, isn’t it? You hold up the torch to show me whatever it is you want me to see, but if I dare to ask for the full tour, the light flickers & disappears instantly.

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