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thQ7ZMRLQROne of my early girlfriends, Olivia (amazing legs by the way) said that one of the things she really liked about me when we first got together was the pride I showed in broadcasting to the world that I was in a relationship with her. She expressed surprise and delight at how widespread my announcement that we were together was. I posted repeated and regular updates on Facebook of us together, at different restaurants, on the beach, at dinner parties, holding one another and smiling for all to see. I would tweet about how happy I was as a consequence of being with her and also what a breath of fresh air she was compared to the stale, possessive relationship I had been in previously. I would take her to a dizzying array of drinks receptions (both with friends and with work) and introduce you to all and sundry, positively bursting with pride. I ensured we attended plenty of dinner parties and barbecues where we worked our way around the other guests as I enthused about her wonderful qualities knowing full well that those who were in attendance would post about it on their Facebook pages and talk to other friends and acquaintances. Well we all enjoy the latest gossip don’t we? I changed my ringtone to her favourite pop song and when people commented on the tune I would explain why I had chosen it. I spread the news as far as I possibly could, using every available channel of the dissemination of information, content that once the news was out there, it would continue to spread. Yes, Olivia was utterly swept off her feet by the huge exposure I gave her to this glamorous lifestyle of mine and moreover the repeated and concentrated blasts of heralding our coupling. She adored me for it. Of course, what she had not realised that I was not doing it for her. I was letting Sandy, who I had discarded the week prior, know just how happy I was without her and how she was missing out. That’s what it was all about.

18 thoughts on “Read All About It

  1. Cody says:

    Can’t wait!
    Something tells me if I ever dared to come within 15 feet of your study window a pair of bouncers- or as you call them, lieutenants- would be alerted by the HG home security video cams and would haul me away before I had a chance to get a peak at your computer screen. 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not at all Cody, you would be welcomed into HG Towers

  2. Cody says:

    HG, would you consider posting some of the social media instructions (more like non negotiable demands) you give your fuel sources? You can post this but you can’t post that and tag me here but not here and this can be public but this only to your “friends” and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you EVER post this.
    I think your audience here would find it fascinating, not to mention sadly relatable (but on the receiving end of course because never ever would we DARE make any demands of YOU!)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You must be referring to the Ten Commandments of Social Media Etiquette,Cody. Publishing next week. Stop looking through my study window incidentally!

    2. nikitalondon says:

      This was funny. Are there some instructions to follow?? Im social media fan No. 1 ❤️🌔
      I await instructions then 😂

  3. Hi! Is there any way I can get in touch with you? Email?
    I have a few questions. It would be very much appreciated!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Indeed – there is a slight delay in answering as I have a lot of correspondence but I will get to it.

      1. Hi thanks! I will write as soon as I get a chance. Busy fighting “your kind”I hope you dont missunderstand!? Mike

  4. Nettie says:

    How perfect. And I look back to that time, and it was me paying for the drinks, the trips, the fun. His money was always tied up in other things. (Prostitutes, the latest electronic, 5 pairs of his favorite shoes)

  5. nikitalondon says:

    Its a very interesting post but Since I read this for the first time last year, and today, I still have the same thought. Not all. I know super Ns that hate social media or love social media and are really really strict about their private lives… So not all…
    Thanks for posting again HG😘

    1. notquiteanarc says:

      I agree Nikita! N had no social media accounts and forbid his girlfriend from posting pics of him (I believe this is so he could fool women like me into believing his lies). He didn’t triangulate either, went out of his way to make me believe he was single all the while had a live-in-girlfriend.

      1. nikitalondon says:

        OMG 😢

  6. 1jaded1 says:

    Wow. Never would have guessed that’s why you did it. Thanks. Another one of the reasons I have no use for Facebook or any of that.

  7. Cody says:

    I was G’s Olivia. (Including the legs, which in the beginning he always wanted me to show off.). I’m pretty sure his ex-wife was Sandy, though they had divorced way before I came along. Based on your writings, I know that you are NEVER done punishing the woman who dared to divorce you.
    No doubt there were others to be “punished” by showing me off, even though he was only completely “public” on fb about me – meaning he allowed me to tag him and post publicly, as opposed to a restricted “friends only” group – one time pretty early in our relationship. The other “bulletins” as you call them involved lots of pictures, but I had to be the one to post on my page, set to “friends” only (G being one), and tag him, so that it showed up on his newsfeed, but only to the friends he allowed. I know the ex is one of his fb friends, and I bet anything she was part of the select group of his friends who saw these later pictures. The worst for her had to be when his mom friended me on fb after I met her at a big work event of his. His mom continued to like her photos even after the divorce (okay, so they were mainly photos with the grandkid), but not anymore. Same with his friends and other family menbers. They used to like the ex’s photos, but a lot less of them do now that I’m in the picture- literally! They never like my photos however, unless it’s a photo G is tagged in.
    I just don’t understand why I always have to be the one to post the photos of us together, but not publicly, and can only tag him when he gives me permission. Or maybe I DO understand but just don’t want to believe it. 🙁

  8. Fool me 1 time says:

    I needed this one HG! Thank you once again! You are amazing!! But then you knew that didn’t you!! Lol. Xxx

  9. Marga says:

    ¡Hi dear HG!
    Back to your blog to tell you again thanks.
    I’ve tried to make a comment on your books in Amazon but I’ve bought them in a no Commonwealth country so they don’t seem to appreciate them. Sorry, because I find them very interesting and think that are very helpful for people who has been, in any manner, under your influence.
    Really don’t know if the story you’re telling in this blog is true, all about being a narc, doctors and so on….Also some of the followers seems quite weird and complacent with you: always!.
    Never mind! I want to tell you that you help people to understand how narcs behave and the reasons of this behavior. That has been enough for me to finish with a very painful and distressing relationship which lasted almost 30 years. Struggling to get away from it in the last two years and you were the one who made everything clear.
    If you’re a Narc must have hidden reason to do what you’re doing, if not…….THANKS.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Marga and thank you for reading. You can leave reviews on any of the Amazon sites even if you are in a different jurisdiction, so you could leave them say in the US and Uk even though you are in Spain.
      I am pleased you have found what I write helpful, yes it is true aside from some names have been changed for obvious reasons. You have clearly taken a very large step in breaking free after 30 years. Have you instigated NO Contact and how is that progressing? How has your narcissist reacted.

  10. Cara says:

    Well of course, it’s always a show for someone else.

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