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  1. 2empathetic, “he” played golf too ( could have been A pro when younger ) and enjoyed vodka….but mostly wine. Where did you find those gems? Mine claimed he quite drinking before he met me, I knew otherwise. See, my ex husband was an alcoholic. So He knew that would never do to ensnare me if he drank as such around me. No doubt the silences incorporated plenty of libation.
    Btw he doesn’t drive a Mercedes lol

    1. Btw HG, other then super empath, co dependent, martyr and apologist. What else have you scribed to my list? Do you really create lists on your followers or is that a fallacy? Just curious.

    2. I’ve been hypervillagent my whole life. Gems are in his works.

      My recent contact with “him” (think Powerpuff girls) was funny. He skyped me and it was 4am my time (insomnia. Put on list H) and he’s in a hotel somewhere and I say, have you been drinking? He says you know I don’t drink. Not ten minutes later while talking picks up wine bottle and pours what little is left in wine glass. Sets down bottle next to bed that looks like he just had sex in and there is another empty bottle sitting on nightstand. I called him out and he said oh this is just leftover chardonnay. Sadly he thinks I buy this crap. Thank God I have only been married once. (List item).

      1. OMG yes, and blatantly obvious lies too. He was probably waiting for you to explode at him for the fuel over his lies.
        I wanted to know what Hg put in my list but he wouldn’t confess.

      2. Why not? If it is concerning me and I asked. I would tell you, mind you I have no such list. So, I have nothing written down.

      3. I can tell you what you might have, doesn’t listen, writes too much…..wordy, abandonment and fear based issues, doesn’t like to be ignored, assumes too much, devoted, loyal, forgiving…..any of those in there ?

      4. MS,
        I got mad skills. We will get those lists….God I should work with Mr. Robot or Frances and Clair Underwood. HG I’m innocent.

      5. I’ll be in the VIP section tonight, I’ll look for u HG. And I’ll have a drink in your honor with Ann Wilson. Cheers!

      6. Ha ha, made me laugh. I always wanted to be a detective. I can find out info, if I choose. I am persistent. I have discovered much on many. Never underestimate, the power of being underestimated .

  2. Don’t all men say that? You know why I go there. I want to replicate! See you tube: x ambassadors gorgeous posted by Matthew fricke, this is radio version. The official version is good too. I can’t help the fact he wrote it about me…uh you…lol

  3. The pickpocket bears no mark to warn anyone…he (or she) moves among the crowd on a busy street or commuter train and takes from them without them knowing anything has been taken. Why should you be any different?

    1. Absolutely right. People still think that perverts wear dirty raincoats, burglars wear striped tops and masks and carry a bag marked swag and that the abuser well, looks like some kind of venomous, greasy-haired, razor-sharp nosed social misfit. The longer people think like that the easier it remains for us to go about our business.

      1. I sent you an email. Inside it contains plenty of fuel….dangling carrot…you biting?

      2. Until then I will continue making toast like the reliable appliance I am.

      3. You mean like it today, right? Don’t throw the book….ouch….you still care right? I’ll get on the toast straight away. 😼

      4. Lady Marmalade?
        Oh ya Tall, blue eyed, full lipped, golf playin, skirt chasin, Mercedes drivin, blog writin, vodka drinkin, desk job workin, Marmalade lovin nacissist. I’m making a list, checkin it twice, is that naughty or nice?

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