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  1. Dear Rocky Hoover Picture Show,
    Fear and Abandonment. These are the two foremost issues for children. If people repeatedly instill fear to a child they scar them. If they repeatedly leave the child physically or emotionally then they scar the child. Child becomes adult. Adults use coping mechanisms. If I scare or abandon others like (insert name) did, I will be powerful because see I control it. I dish it out. I’m not the perpetual victim. It didn’t effect me. I am the predator in full control. I can exert Fear and Abandonment and watch others squirm. They can’t do it back to me, oh they will all try, but I am immune to their attempts. Nobody can touch me because I don’t feel. Feeling is weakness. I am strong and not affected by anything. I will brick myself in, nothing touches me. Where is everybody? Hello (Echo Echo). I am alone and afraid and abandoned. I better get around some people to make it seem like I’m not. They all love me and will never leave me right? If they try to I’ll destroy them. Yes that will keep the love toward me flowing and hold down the fear. Yes they will never abandoned me if I make them love me. Problem Solved.
    This was a general statement to make ones think H. Don’t abandon me! I’ll be good. I’ll do it better next time. I’ll go make toast…..with Marmalade (sing songy tone).

  2. Yes, but this pic 100% reflects how it goes… relationship with a NARC
    This pic is 100% true…

  3. If I was a newcomer to this blog and hit on this image and post, I would think I stumbled onto a deranged psychopath killer’s page. And then I would exit out. Disturbing and does not showcase your brilliant writing.

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