6 thoughts on “Chained

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    I may always be reminded of you with respect to many of those occasions. I take no solace in the word known as “likewise”.

  2. So Sad says:

    I found some old photo’s today . August 2005 & felt nothing , not even hate anymore ..! so happy right now … whoohoooh .. GO ME !!!

  3. nikitalondon says:

    This is the way to control and a very assertive one and totally powerful one.
    But like all means of power, somewhen this methodology looses the power control and it starts being just a memory which is rejected because of the pain it brings and then with times when healing is advanced, forgiveness of oneself and the other person, acceptance that what happend was for a reason that only the universe or our divine creator knows why, those memories just bring a big thanks for whatever good moments even if brief that can be rescued within that ocean of tears and pain that is left after the relationship has beem discarded or walked away from.

  4. Cara says:

    If my mother and I had a song, it would be violins playing something plaintive (that sound, if anything, most closely reminds me of her incessant bitching)

    1. Miss_stress says:

      I could almost hear the Strains of such music as I read your words.

  5. steeviann says:

    I am sure that at one point it will not affect the heart.

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