World in My Eyes


I want you to look into my eyes and there you will find yourself. You will see everything that you have ever desired in my eyes. Every hope you have will shine from my eyes, everything you have every wanted will be visible to you. However, you will not look on the ordinary version of those things that you covet. You will see the enhanced variety, the shining and gleaming types of those things which you hold dear. I want you to stare deep into my eyes and focus on what you find there. Allow yourself to become absorbed by those deep pools of desire as you begin to lose yourself. It is only natural to want to fall into what you see, to let go of those constraints and inhibitions so that you become consumed totally by what you are looking upon. No harm can come of it for you are only staring at the very things which matter to you. Honesty, humility, humour and desire. Integrity, values and passion. Everything which you regard as a virtue can be seen in the world that I have created in my eyes. What you tell me, both directly and indirectly, will invariably come into your view within a matter of moments. It is like a far flung barren planet which has been discovered by intergalactic explorers who commence terraforming of the planet in order to make it habitable. Everything you want becomes a reality as they are formed in this world right before you. The interests you have appear; the places you enjoy visiting come into view and the events that you like to attend flare up. You are hypnotised as this wonderful world forms in my eyes, all generated by you although you are so taken by the process and what you see that you do not realise that all I am doing is taking the materials that you are furnishing me with and replicating all those things that you want to see. I am skilled in ensuring you tell me everything about yourself to add to all the preparatory work that I undertook before I made my move. Like ingredients in a particularly delicious cocktail I combine all of these things which matter to you and weave my magic to create a drink which you will never want to stop drinking. It is intoxicating and invigorating, an addictive concoction that once you have taken your first sip you will continue to draw deep on. You have no chance to escape because from the moment I cause you to look deep into my eyes I show you all the things that you want. I show you the world where you are queen, where nothing will ever hurt you, where your true worth has been recognised by me. This world is perfect. Everything is in its place and accords with your values. You ever stop to question how is it that I have been able to create this world so accurately and so brilliantly. You do not query how this creation is so magnificent because it is everything that you have always wanted. From the fairy tale existence you promised yourself as a young girl through to the correct treatment that you deserve as the decent person that you are, everything appears on this world which I have tailor made for you. It is captivating, mesmerising and alluring. You want this world more than anything you have ever known. You want to be absorbed by it and to fall deep into its fabric, cossetted by the security that it provides. Nothing goes wrong on this world, it is a clear utopia and best of all it is right there before you. All you need to do is maintain my gaze, letting yourself fall deep, deep into this marvellous world and everything will be alright. Everything will remain wonderful.

What you never realise is that this world will be consumed in an instance. In just one blink, this utopia will be obliterated and it will be as if it never existed. The dark inky pools that are the reality of these eyes will devour this created world, erasing it just as readily as a black hole consuming a planet. Once again the darkness will take hold and annihilate the fabrication which you held so dear. Even when this happens you will go on searching though. You will stare deep into my eyes, trying to find this world again amidst the ink-black darkness. There is no light that can shine any longer which may just happen to illuminate where this world has gone to. The darkness is absolute because it is the darkness that is the reality. Not that it will stop you trying. You will keep looking and searching, trying to find the perfect world once again, hoping for it to emerge into the light once again. You will keep trying and that is why we show you the world in our eyes.


25 thoughts on “World in My Eyes

  1. mallgood2016 says:

    When we were first dating I remember not being able to keep up with his stare and telling him that it was intimidating.

    I saw him one time 4 months after things ended and when he stared at me that time I remember telling him “It’s so odd how your stare doesn’t intimidate me anymore”. Within 24 hours he showed his true colors again and I called him on his BS and that was it. He knows I’m pointless in his world. The only contact he made since that was the typical hoover via text from all angles: guilt, love and when none worked anger. He’s predictable and boring.

    I hurt his “feelings” and laugh at him. This always results in him withdrawing quietly until he thinks I’ve forgotten. Then he hoovers, I tell him about himself without emotion, laugh at him and he withdraws.

    I finally was able to cut off my old number this morning. Now all easy access or access to me would take much more energy and effort and the result would be pointless for him. I feel free from any immediate worries that a text or call can happen at anytime.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ah yes the stare. It can be used to devastating effect. It seems to me that you have seized the power.

  2. Clary says:

    And no I refuse to look into your eyes but I’m wondered about what is going to happen to my opponent high hopes for her failure which is my gain which I wil not warn her I want to watch her fall flat on her ass for taking my man when she knows she’s doing wrong that old gagging witch in her fortunes can’t she get someone in her own age like Napoleon Bonaparte or Adam the first man? You know someone close to her age I think this woman was created before Adam hahahaaaaaa that’s how old she is grandma ash is going to cone out of her you know what hahahaaaaaa this is too damn good I could go all night she is so old her hair has to be picked out carefully everymkrbing because every night falls down the floor because her scalp is made of ash hahahaaaaaa so there’s no resistance to get hair she’s better if with a wig no offense Tudor HAHAHAAAAAA she’s not bald she’s so old her s all can’t hind her hair I think she colours it so she doesn’t look like the twin sister if the evil man in hellboy hahahaaaaaa talk about old I wonder where her tita are you have a really good bra I wonder if it’s full of toilet paper making you look like a b HAHAHAAAAAA hahahaaaaaa what do you take every night for that skin if yours snags poison? Hahahaaaaaa talk about tre shoes you wear you look like the witch from the wizard if it who got a house on top of her avd those clothes goodness she has the worse taste marshals can its use thank his I know how to dress she looks like a total hag avd nag she’s going to drive him crazy she looks like a total nag with her face almost telling when she’s preaching avd talking avd her eyes are so dry what surge hell does he see in her if she can’t origins him with fuel ? God what a moron I’m so much better than her she doesn’t even have a better body she doesn’t have an ass or much clevage it takes a wheel barrel to carry her longashful hair and she probably stinks ; in the other hand I have a triple d and a beautiful big ass , baby face, intelligence great hair youth lots if promising things in my future avd I’m not a golds differ like her only a woman like they could be interested in a man like him although he doesn’t have a penny to fall from he’s poorer than a donkey at a rodeo what the he’ll dies she see in him ? He’s very ugly when he’s bitter angry abusive abs hateful all his handsome fascade disappears at the appearance of evilness avd the monster he has become he is as soon as that mask falls of I’m going to have such a sweet party celebration I can imagine the pain right now how delight I heard she’s got cancer and she’s not taking care if herself avd if you have experience with cancer you know that if you don’t take care of yourself your risk at dying are earlier than ever so good for me which us all if the cheateds wish come true nuff said

  3. Clary says:

    No wonder all
    Those stars in your eyes they all represent people like the Taylor swift song she me tons a jar of hearts j think it’s one hat per heart in your collection of victims

  4. Heather says:

    H.G!😎 YOUR EYES!!! It is so strange in “Bizarro brain” to realize now and again, and again and over and over INFINITY for me that the times I fell “in-love”, or made a new friend, or even my own flesh and blood that were (leeching from me), was ALL just ME falling in- love with MYSELF and MY LOVE!!!! THAT is what we all see in YOUR EYES!!! (At first) Unaware and totally and WILLINGLY CAPTIVATED by your eyes so much that I WANTED to get LOST in THEM! FINALLY I HAVE FOUND MY LOVE!!! Pouring MY LOVE GENOROUSLY and FREELY LIKE a refreshing shower that never ended! Whole time I was seeing MY VALUES, VIRTUES, ATTRIBUTES and BEAUTY in YOUR EYES!!! ! Everything beautiful and meaningful was found in your eyes! You lived to perform the white knight, hero, damsel in distress protector from evil, the second you CAUGHT MY EYES IN YOURS! Your eyes saw me!!! YOU WERE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON I HAVE EVER SEEN! AND YOU COULD SEE ME WITH YOUR EYES and YOU MADE ME FEEL FOR The FIRST TIME THAT I AM SAFE!! Someone FINALLY SEES ME AND I am Home”… You were my Angel from Heaven! And boy you let ME TAKE YOU THERE!!! (You devil!!) ! ALL THIS BECAUSE YOU WERE LYING!!!! Borrowing MY SOUL, or should I say STEALING MY HEART, MY FAITH MY DREAMS, MY VERY SELF and MIRRORING BACK MY GOD-GIVEN ME!!!!!!!! You were BEAUTIFUL and you eminated LIGHT and were the epitome of JOY! YOUR SMILE BEAMED ON ME and TOGETHER WE COULD LIGHT UP ANY ROOM!! Together we embraced LIFE and FREEDOM! The “Polar Opposite” of my abusers….. THEN when the chemicals of “the new car smell” is faded and is now gone “stale” and there’s a little mess on the floor, here comes the inevitable.!!! The ol’ swap MY mirror for YOURS trick!! .. Now I find myself suddenly TRAPPED in YOUR EYES as you MIRROR BACK YOUR TRUE REFLECTION AND TELL ME WHAT A BLACK HEARTED CUNT I AM!! (You LOVE that C*** word!) Just to delight in the HORROR in MY EYES!! The reflections I see of me in your eyes now is so ugly, and so worthless that I don’t even know why God would create something so shameful and dispicable? Nothing lower than scum at the bottom of a toxic waste barrel is there? (I actually started out on my journey 30 yrs ago of AWARENESS of MY OWN MIND and THOUGHTS in “Husband #1’s Narc Land Hall of Mirrors”, just sitting down in the middle of the floor SOBBING and CONVULSING in my SNOT PICTURING THIS SCUM and IT WAS ME!!) I saw all of this in YOUR EYES! YOUR WARPED DISTORTED IMAGES, mirrors and reflections!! I Heather, was swallowed up in the ABYSS that IS in YOUR EYES until WE BOTH DISAPPEARED.!! I WANTED to be LOST in your eyes! Thats exactly what happened!! Now, in your eyes, I cease to exist! I will never SEE LOVE in YOUR EYES again! And YOU will NEVER look into mine and see even a flicker that I AM ALIVE! Thank you ” H.G. For YOUR EYES!!!” I can see me!!! And I AM ALIVE!!!

  5. Leilani says:

    Okay, I’ll let you once. Make certain it hurts good since you know you are the one Chained way before your awareness, so there! May I loosen it up a bit?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ha ha, very good.

      1. Mine uses his eyes so much I used to find them really hypnotic but did not realise. A bit like Ka and Mogli.

        He is using them frequently during his current Hoover attempts. I stare straight into them (I used to be scared to do that post NC) I see them circling round and round trying desperately to lure me in. But they have no affect on me now.
        I purposely stare into them, I know this makes him think he is winning.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You must get some odd looks from passers-by who see your Hypno-Off.

      2. Leilani says:

        Who see your Hypno-off, too funny GH. Maybe it’s lock?

  6. Leilani says:

    The eye is quite enormous HG. Your well defined writing brings deep sensations into a well of emotions in thick fogs of illusions. As I gaze into your eyes, I realize it’s paradise. Well thought out. Perfectly alligned in soft clouds. I feel your soul in me. Would you stare deep into my eyes?

    1. HG Tudor says:


      1. Leilani says:

        Would whips and chains be in preparation?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You were chained way before you realised it Leilani.

      2. Leilani says:

        I wasn’t talking about me HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          But I was Leilani!

  7. nikitalondon says:

    And if I hold your gaze and you hold mine for ever. We never let go of that gaze. Never feel the need to look right or left and them light shines above us without interruption, then . We would never let darkness come completely, 😍

  8. cjhawkes03 says:

    Hi HG….

    You never did mention how it was that you created this world so perfectly… so accurately??! How is it that you know what your next appliance wants, seeks, dreams of??! Do you take the time to study them as such before you go in and start luring the appliance in to your Web??

    Just curious of the process you go through before approaching you target. Or do you just already have a large knowledge arsenal perse so that regardless of what the appliance says/how they respond etc, you know which “mode” as such to switch into??!
    Cheers HG 😆
    – Courtney

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Read Sitting Target, CJ, the methodology is in there (plus it will save my fingers)

      1. cjhawkes03 says:

        No worries lol… can do!!

  9. 1jaded1 says:

    In the seduction phase….Let me take you on a trip…around the world and back…as I prepare to seduce you….etc, etc…

    In the discard phase…Let me put you on a ship…on a long long trip…as I prepare to discard you…

    That’s all there is…nothing more than you can feel (touch) now that’s all there is….

    Let me show you the world in my eyes…fade out.

    Love the song, HG…and the lesson.

  10. centauride12 says:

    They say the eyes are the window to the soul. Are you saying the narcissist has no soul…just an empty inky-black void?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I have plenty of soul. Taken from others.

  11. 2mpathetic says:

    Dear bug zapper,
    I stare at your light. I can’t help it, it’s so beautiful. I feel it drawing me. I’m so attracted to its shine, it’s warmth, it’s facets. Your right, it’s deep. I can’t look away. I’m getting closer, I feel you near me. So hot, so tempting, just a little closer. I can control it. Closer, oh closer, right there…ZAP!
    Next victim.

    1. luckyotter says:


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