Why You Were Chosen

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4 thoughts on “Why You Were Chosen

  1. lori says:

    i was choosen because i was already broken from last relationship..with a house to sell which means money..he did the same to other exs as we are all finding each other..this guy says its all about trust yet he is cheating..will make you look like the bad person..well this guy met his match. I got strong and fighting back. Recorded a whole week in our apartment and well it wasnt me he was having sex with..the whore across the hall..been going on all summer..now my money is gone and I have caught him in many many lies..3 weeks of being ignored..

  2. Cheryl DN says:

    Je ne sais pas? (that response may not be correct at all and I’m ok with that 😝).

  3. twinkletoes says:

    I was chosen because I am a sucker. The end. 😝

    1. SA says:

      But not anymore TT!

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