Heed the Danger

Your guide through the narcissistic minefield

US http://www.amazon.com/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017WTSHMO

CAN http://www.amazon.ca/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO

AUS http://www.amazon.com.au/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO

9 thoughts on “Heed the Danger

  1. Maddie says:

    I’m glued to “Splintered malice” again… amazing time filler when You are busy xxx

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Maddie, I am pleased you find it to be the case.

  2. Mr. Tudor, I was wondering which is the book to get for those of whom are just beginning to learn about Narcissism? (Is there a basic book?). Also, if I order your books from Amazon, will you then have my real name, and my address? (I stay at 3 different addresses, but I would prefer for our dear Sociopath to not have any of these addresses. I would not want him popping over, unannounced, when my hair is not properly done).

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Evil and Fuel are good starting points. If you order from Amazon I will not know your details as I am not a third party seller. My works are sold on Amazon through KDP and Createspace which means I write them, I upload them and Amazon handles the downloading and shipping.

  3. Indy says:

    How about a sequel to this, 50 things you should do with a narcicist 😉

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Ah but from whose point of view Indy? Ours or yours?

      1. Indy says:

        Both, with some tongue in cheek. Sadistic humor is sometime the best 😄

      2. SA says:

        Both. >

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