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  1. You do get a lot of comments on the voice. I would like to hear more about the secondary sources and the lieutenants. Without spending the all-consuming time with those people, how does a narc manage to ensnare them, or glean enough information to smear those folks? How can they convince people that they even know a secondary well enough to be any kind of authority on their personality/behavior?

  2. Yep!… HG love your voiceπŸ˜„ Thank you… Mrs voice posts pleaseπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ

  3. You have a wonderful career ahead of you. Documentaries would be an excellent field for your voice. It is captivating.
    Just like I can’t get through some books, I can’t just listen to anyone’s voice. The combination of your knowledge with the articulation, accent and soothing aspect of your voice makes it easy to want more.

    My isolation started early. She quickly surveyed who was in my life and figured out who was a threat to her. She dismissed my husband from the beginning and I guess that’s because she doesn’t recognize boundaries. She tried to win my daughter over but that didn’t go as planned so after a year she started bad mouthing her. I started telling her “she’s in college, she won’t be around much”. I had one friend who knew what was going on but that was it.
    I cancelled all my plans with everyone to be available to her at all times. She liked to schedule overnights and weekends away probably because it caused friction for me at home and she got me to herself.
    Once I accepted her proposal she was concerned about what my family members would say. I think she wanted to know if they would talk me out of it. Of course, at the time there was no one who was going to keep me away from her. She had me isolated and more was coming.

  4. Wow, HG! I agree with all the other sentiments. Your voice is indeed mesmerizing and almost hypnotic. I am already in love with your voice. You could read a telephone book out loud and I would take immense pleasure in listening. Looking forward to more voice posts. I am under spell now. πŸ™‚

  5. I remember this one. Your voice on this version…”pro” cess. Spending many of my days in Canada, I still say that. Oh well. People.still make fun…how dare they?

    Yes…forgetting things like keys…wanting to talk to dad. No more though.

    Your voice is intoxicating. Even if I ripped my ears away, it can never be unheard.

  6. Seriously, you could retire in a year …amazing voice! A voiceover career could be in the making? Interestingly enough the time was exactly 11:11 for the message. That number being incredibly significant in the world. Just wondering if it was planned with extraordinary excellence as in all your executions?

    1. Thank you HR and oddly enough I am in the process of organising a voice agent. Who knows the next time you hear “Stand clear of the doors please” or “Cashier number five please” or “Use Wankel Rotary Engine for all your winching needs, available at all leading hardware stores” you might shiver in recognition. Naturally I think it would be best lent to documentaries, “Now we see the antelope, graceful yet unaware of the lurking menace in the long grass just behind her as she reaches the watering hole….”

      1. Its truly you raw? No voice synthesizer? I look forward to watching much more Natural Geographic shows now that I know you will be narrating!

  7. I vote for more of these voice posts! I enjoy listening to the melodious baritone lows that are sporadically hit while you speak. The smooth yet dark factor in your voice is also an intriguing asset that adds to the topics you teach here. Were you trained in using your voice, do you use it professionally? or is this purely natural and you lucked out getting that voice?

      1. I can tell. My ex-husband taught high school Oral Comm for several years and was a Theatre Ed major. Your timing, vocal inflections are on point. You can tell you’re very comfortable in front of an audience.

      2. What about voice biometric software? Are you not cautious of your identity being revealed, or are you slowly unveiling yourself?

      3. Interesting. One would of course have to know who I am and have some recording of me speaking to compare it to what I have posted here and also to know to understand voice biometrics to do so.
        Good job I employ an actor isn’t it?

      4. I don’t employ an actor by the way. That is my voice. Those who have engaged in the private audio consultation will attest to that.

  8. Hmm…I might have something that may be worth something someday…


    Yes the VOICE, it has been great training HG – I have refrained and trained my brain to keep myself from reaching out as much as I have wanted, my gracious onve surrogate, You have been detrimental to my weaning! I can imagine your following growing….

    Oooh Fame brings such luscious and countless amounts of fuel…..

    Excited for you HG, and I know I have been a bit quiet lately, but I am ever so thankful, and continue to follow, as always.

      1. Every day several times a day, reprogramming a brain that has been so intricately trained and groomed as mine, needs a seamless stream of new codes. Thank you for posting and allowing me to share my stories as well, I have so many ideas running through my head. I do think a recording for your followers of Pursuit by Sylvia Plath with a short description of how you see the Narc in that poem, the hunter, the power, the seduction…..would showcase all that you encompass on this blog in such a grand way.

  9. Look at you pimpin’ out the voice. You’re going to have a lot more clicks on Private consults before the weekend is done. Nicely done, HG!!
    Your voice is commanding, captivating, yet sincere. Starr is right that it can make the ladies swoon!

  10. Your voice is hypnotic, one cant help but stop, listen and be captivated, stops ones heart and leaves you wanting more.

  11. I could listen to that voice all day . Those poor girls didn’t stand a chance . So smooth. I have chill bumps and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up .

  12. Why does just the thought of hearing his voice scare the crap out of me?

    On Nov 4, 2016 10:06 AM, “Knowing the Narcissist” wrote:

    > HG Tudor posted: ” ” >

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