Most attempts at obtaining revenge over the narcissist fail or are petty in nature.

Now you can read how to pursue the ultimate aim and secure true revenge.

US http://www.amazon.com/Revenge-Beat-Narcissist-H-Tudor-ebook/dp/B01CIYUUCS

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18 thoughts on “Justice

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you! Now to buy the mints!!! Aahhh haaaaa haaaaa!!! (evil laugh)

  2. Mary says:

    Hi again HG, I just ordered Revenge on Amazon. I have a revenge plan and if I do it can you please tell me what you think he will feel when he gets it? Here is my plan… I know he is severely repressed gay, I have NO doubt about that. I am going to send him a pack of After Dick Mints. (Can buy them at any novelty store) But I will send them to his brothers house, I know my fag ex will tell his bro to open the package, I am sure his bro will start laughing which will sting fag boy hard. A friend of mine who lives in his town where he spent his teens will mail them from there so the post mark will confuse him. You have to understand that gay ex works hard to keep his secret so I am hoping this will send him up the wall. Thoughts on my immature revenge plan will be much obliged HG.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Mary, thanks for reading the book. This will wound him as a consequence of the inherent criticism involved in sending the mints. His paranoia will also fuel his concerns because it has come from a place he does not recognise so he will be concerned that his secret is out.

  3. noah80 says:

    Hi H.G.,
    I start to read just this…
    I told you that he come back since few days ago with videocall and he ask me to have lunch together the 29 december that his wife will be away for a couple of days… I would not accept this lunch but I asked him something that he promised time ago and that I already knew that it would not accept: to go out in another city for the night and the day that his wife there isn’t… he told me NO.
    I didn’t block him again yet because I would like that he understand that I’m not a stupid doll or a doormat and that he lost somebody special… do you think that it is possible? How could I do in your opinion?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      He will only recognise that he lost someone special in terms of the fuel which you provide Noah80. Everything else is irrelevant.

      1. noah80 says:

        Thank you….
        So what i would like is impossible to get…
        Fuel is irrelevant for me… I haven’t interest to show him how much fuel he lost without me… I’m not a dispenser of fuel.

  4. Disintegrated says:

    I would never want to hurt anyone or take revenge on them…. no matter what…. There is no point… and it can hurt me more because my actiona would be against myself. ..

  5. HG, what if I do not want to revenge, do not want to hurt my narc? What if I want to cure his pain, melt his heart, wake him up so that he could “see the light”? He discarded me but I don’t hate him, I am hurting for the little boy inside of him who was controlled and psychologically abused by his parents. I think my narc is the vulnerable type. I want to help him. But he won’t talk to me. I don’t believe he knows he has a problem. What do I do? I am sure noone else will ever tell him that he is a narc, noone can see this, even his own parents can’t. He comes across as the perfect guy but I know he is hurting inside. Please help me, I need your advice.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi (Ho) Silver,

      Not wanting revenge is entirely understandable and you need not aim for it. He will not know what he is and therefore your well-intentioned attempts to assist him will only infuriate and be seen (by him) as criticism. You cannot wake him up as you describe. If you want to remain with him and keep providing him with fuel, eroding your own sense of self etc, that is a matter for you and I understand why some people choose that route, but there is no salvation for him.

  6. Lisa says:

    I LOVED this book!!! LOVED IT!! Implimented the ideas even. I found it took a bit of guts, but at the same time gave me great pleasure! Thanks HG. This is my narc bible!!

  7. Cara says:

    It’s “cute” when someone tries to take revenge on me. I’m of Italian descent and a narcissist, I 💯 am better at/always win at revenge.

  8. Ginger says:

    I’m so curious… Is it too soon to peruse if still living with the Narc..best for post escape? What about a book on how to shut down the nonsense. Most of the time I walk away…bite my tongue…but sometimes that isn’t possible. Looking for a book on living in the situation until escape. (And I am still reading Escape). Thanks!!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Ginger, Escape does deal with countering some of the manipulations but a more focused work called Defender is something that I am working on.

      1. Ginger says:

        Fabulous! Thanks HG. I look forward to reading Defender. And need it asap …losing my mind…😂

  9. Finished Revenge up just a day or so ago HG. You and your writings are brilliant. I know you already know that. Thank you for all that your doing to help those of us who have been maimed and wounded.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome Triple B, I do wonder if you can write a review for me on Amazon.

      1. Better late than never I suppose but I would be more than happy to write up a dashing review on Amazon for you HG. Anything for you HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Please do I would appreciate that.

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