Slay Ride


Just hear those fuel pumps priming

Splish splash sploshing too

Come on its lovely fuelling

On a slay ride together with you

Those tears are falling

And you keep saying “Boo hoo!”

Come on its your devaluing

When I need that fuel from you

Your cheeks are nice and rosy

And your nose is bleeding too

But I’ll pretend I’m sorry

Even after I’ve hit you

Please don’t leave me now

I’ll change and I’ll come through

Because I become nothing

When I am without your fuel

I’ve got some lovely mud here

Which I’m going to smear

All over your reputation

Because you are no longer here

You’ve betrayed me again

And walked out of the door

So that’s why I’m telling everybody

That you are a total whore


48 thoughts on “Slay Ride”

  1. He told me I could ‘slap his face’ to pay him back. But, I didn’t want to slap his face as I knew he did so treasure his precious face. I just could not do it.

    1. No slapping??? Are Zsa Zsa (RIP) and I the only ones who like to slap every once in a while?
      Mr. Tudor, ever get slapped by an IP? Is it considered fuel or fury?

      1. Love, I had a suspicion it would have been reason for him to call police on me, and was his plan. Instead, I stunned him with my stun gun because I told him to leave my house and he refused. He took pics of burns on his arm from stun gun to use against me, but I got into his cell phone and erased the pics.

    1. No, as you should have read elsewhere, I don’t use physical violence as it is beneath me and the mark of an unsophisticated narcissist. Remember, I not only write from my perspective but from that of other narcissists hence the reference to physical violence which of course is a fact of a relationship (but not every relationship) with one of our kind.

      1. The Dark Narc I was with left bruises all over my arms and the next day acted like nothing happened. When I pressed him about it, he just said, “Well, I did that to you because I wanted to be appreciated more”. He did get appreciated more, indeed. The police came and hovered over him, and escorting him out of my house. They asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said, “No, he cannot go to jail because he has to go to work tomorrow.” [Duhh]

      2. I would have not minded if it had been out of passionate love. But, it was to be mean to me due to the circumstances that had happened beforehand.

      3. HG, is it possible that a lesser isn’t prone to physical violence/abuse because of seeing his father beat and drag his mother out the door when he was a child. When I seen him mad the one and only time I thought I could see the steam coming from his nose holes. I think he wanted to beat the ever loving shit out of me but some how he refrained. When we met he told me that any man who ever put hands on women was simply nothing but a piece of shit excuse for a man. I’m beginning to believe he wasn’t as much of a lesser now. More like a mid-ranger.

      4. Hello BBB, a lesser is far more prone to physical violence owing to a narrower range of manipulations and the low cognitive function, combined with a low control threshold. As you have concluded yourself, it is more likely that he is a Mid-Ranger.

      5. I bet he would spank you if you ask nicely. HG will you please paddle us when we use bad words. I do not think the soap in my mouth will help.

      6. AH OH, I think it would be quite fun and scintillating to slap Mr. Tudor on his azure-eyed, warm face. And then he could push and shove me, but not enough to kill me. And, I don’t want my hair pulled too much because I’m growing it long. I would wish to slap and shove M. Tudor as a form of affection.

  2. You whore! No, no…wait! You are not just a whore; you are a TOTAL whore… [i cannot believe I’m saying this, but it’s endearing] 🙂

    1. Why thank you WordPress! I will take the title Total Whore. I think it has a nice ring to it.

      So please, from this point on, address me as TW.

      It seems as of late, I have embraced all the good words, whore, cunt.

      1. Oooooooo, Ah Oh. You said the C word.
        Now you’re in trouble!
        Mr. Tudor, doesn’t she have to go on the naughty step, ledge, ladder, ramp?

      2. Woosh. You scared me for a second, Mr. Tudor. I thought maybe we’d given you ED. Empathy disease. It is fatal for a narc. Should get yourself checked out before it is too late.

  3. This is terribly funny, in a sinister way… a “bloody nose” for Christmas; a “total whore”… your poetry has developed into having such excellent rhythm… I need to be careful I do not find myself singing this tune in front of my family and friends! It would not be very festive, especially with Grandma being here!

  4. I am waiting for the line “tits on a snake” to come into play.

    Total whore? Why yes, I was promiscuous and this is why I am not inhibited. But isn’t this the kettle calling the pot black. Are you projecting again.

  5. You have definitely made this year amusing Your memes and songs, yet the insight has been the best. You put it out there and let those who read, learn and expand their awareness of what is around them and/or find the answers to who they really are (harder as to most will not accept the truth of the matter).
    This is by far the most enjoyable/triggering and at times exhausting blog to read. Yet with out you many would still be stumbling.
    Marvelous job HG I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for You and those that are finding there way out of the darkness from your writings and interactions with you.

  6. That is exactly what arrived under my tree!
    I am a total whore and if I don’t watch my step my private sex life with narc-boy
    ( can’t call him a man even though he is in his 50’s ) will end up on porn sites! I was blasted with an enormous amount of assaulting texts telling me what a failure & disappointment I am. It was surprising because it has been 3 weeks since hearing from him and a 6 weeks prior to that. I really did not believe your writing that they show back up but he did and complete with threats that if I ever contact him again he will smear me but good. It is interesting because I don’t try to contact him at all–I think he feels insulted!
    If I did not stumble onto your work HG then my Christmas would have been ruined.
    Tonight I celebrated with a lot of Love & Laughter and I will do the same tomorrow. I sent him a lot of energetic Love and I hope his is happy

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