The Narcissistic Truths – No. 100


17 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 100

  1. NarcAngel says:


  2. NarcAngel says:

    Well incest is one thing but creepy bulbous fingers is just too weird. Hide that shit in some mitts or something.

  3. I did not understand this meme HG?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hi GG, the man lies in bed (an elevated position) and looks out across the room but sees himself as god-like above the world which he surveys (thus the duvet becomes the land) and he considers himself master of all that he surveys in this imaginary kingdom.

      1. yes HG. Instead of a god in the cloud, you used a god in 3D reality. I think that is really happening. I see narcs as a direct representation of the controller of this system

  4. That’s some creepy shit AH OH. Haven’t ever encountered that before and hope I never do. The shyt people do in this life never ceases to amaze me. An ever increasing number of creeps coming out of the woodwork nowadays. I’m too old for this kind of crap I guess.

    1. AH OH says:

      This family was around in the 80’s

    2. AH OH says:

      I also heard the kids dies years ago due to the heart ailments.

  5. Marni says:

    Hello all of you,
    incest is one kind of control. I think, that my narc did experience incest in different ways. There have been so many signs, that I first did not see. But he told me in a subtle manner. There are different forms of incest. His narcisstic father always tried to get my narcs girlfriends and he took pictures of them, which seemed to be very innocent, but they have had an erotical point of view. His father said to me, that I would not say no to him, if he would be a little bit younger. My narcs mother looked through the window, when my narc had his first sex und told him about it. “Oh, you like this kind of sex.” Now he likes to be watched, when he has sex. She, the mother gives him always new bedclothes, gifts are often bed sheets and so she is always in hin environment and in his mind. She still washes his sheets! So she can control how much sex he has. When I saw her the first time, she had this stare in her eyes and I thought what a beasty and cold woman. Last I think, my narc has been sexually abused by his grandfather. His parents brought him to his grandfather every friday. His grandfather bought him a piece of chocolocate each friday. My narc was ignored by his parents, when he was a little child…. So, a piece of chocolate can open a heart.of a child.. A few months later his grandfather brought him back to his parents and asked them to give him money, because he bought a litte gift for my narc. He was not worth that little gift. After our relationship I analyzed every word my narc and his parents did say and all fits together. I think I know his secret. But that is only one reason to become a narcissist. And I don`t think, it is necessary for all of them. And although my narc is a really bad man, he does not abuse children sexually. He abuses “only” women. Please excuse my mistakes, but I did not write in Englisch for nearly 20 years.

  6. Adele says:

    They love and need narc harems. In a way i think narcissists are also codepemdants but they depend on many people opposed to a codependant who relies on one person. They need a network of fuel so theyre never alone to face reality and the shame they feel towards themselves. Its sad but they dont like themselves. It must be exhausting constantly keeping up with all the supply sources and being in control. This is where you see the true nature of narcissism and that it is a disorder. A healthy person wouldnt want to have to keep up to all that. Its a lot of expended energy

  7. AH OH says:

    Incest is just real creepy. I have seen what being married to you Uncle and the children you produce. There was a Mexican family of extreme wealth that would come to Las Vegas. Their sons all had heart issues and high voices and their fingers had like a bulbed tip. They would get upset at one for his behaviour and spending money on hookers. One time he stood in the middle of the Baccarat Pit and called them out. Saying Look at me, look at what you did, You did this to me, you created me!!
    It was very odd to hear him talk. I use to deal to this inbred man. His fingers looked like sticks with balls on the end with a very bluish color.

    It was, and I am sure still is prevalent amoung blue blood and wealth. Keep it in the family.

  8. The Punisher says:

    Are you still planning to write about the relationship between BPD and NPD? I’m curious as I have a feeling you’re quite informed..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes I am.

    2. Love says:

      Hi Punisher!!!

    3. Wordpress says:

      I have been interested in this, as well.

  9. The Bridge says:

    HG, what about narcissisam and incest?
    Did you write about this?

    Thank you

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello The Bridge, I touched on it very briefly in the article “Keeping it in the Family” but this is something to be explored in later material.

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