The Narcissistic Truths – No. 171




  1. Hi sunshine…
    I can appreciate your differention…and yes…I have seen him be humble and admit to mistakes…you may not have seen it…but it is there none the less and I believe it to be genuine.

    1. I’m new to the blog so it’s not surprising that there’s a lot I haven’t picked up on. However, from what I have seen, I have to say I’m surprised that HG has demonstrated humility and admitted to mistakes. I’d like to read those!

      But most of all, for him to demonstrate those things in his real life.

      1. Ok.
        Can you compare yourself with windows program? Can your windows be better that it is right now?
        Thank you

  2. D’oh! Commented on the wrong article. Silly me.

    Perhaps you should try admitting to your mistakes sometimes, HG.

    Humility is something to be admired. Try it.

    1. Hi Sunshine…
      You can’t be seeing what some of us are.
      Everything HG writes here…is an admitting, and he does write about some of his particular mistakes in great detail.
      I believe it is all humility in in it’s greatest form.
      Everything he writes.

      1. Hi Elaine, I did not mean on here. I meant in his real life.

        Even if all of us, including HG are entirely open and honest on this blog, it’s still not real life. It’s only real life that matters. So when I say he should be open and honest and raw and humble etc, I mean with those in his life who are important to him.

        In any case, on here we only have HG’s word that he is being honest. Even if he is being open and honest on here, I’ve never seen him be humble. I’ve never seen him admit to a mistake. Have you?

  3. Not anymore. Every time he messages me, I now know it’s a lie. So sad but true. I have a couple questions. The formal relationship has ended and he has had and is currently with a new primary source but if I do message, he always answers, he’s never not so is that still considered a discard?? But what’s really disturbing me, every time we message he brings up when we’ve been together romantically, I mean every single time there’s a reference!! Why?? I know he’s been with other girls in the last 6 wks (that’s when the formal ended). I’m reading the books but I can’t figure it out and yep it’s driving me crazy lol

    1. Hello Red Rider, as you may have noticed I do not like the word “discard” because you are only temporarily cast to one side and it is really a dis-engagement. Nevertheless, since it has entered common parlance in understanding the narcissistic dynamic I do use it.
      Are you sure that you were a primary source and she is the new one?

      1. You are correct HG, I am secondary supply;). Disengagement does make more sense than discard. He never has blocked me or vanished or not responded to a message. But why does he bring up sexual innuendos every single time, even though we are not intimate anymore?? To annoy me?? Because it’s working !!!!

  4. H.G., I know I will probably not get the truth, either way…but, are you a teenager? Or, are you really a full-grown man? I mean, you could be a very well-read, and exceptionally intelligent, teenage guy…or, even a teenage girl. And, you could be having someone else speak for you on those YouTube videos… Like you’ve said many, many times, we don’t really know you. Of course, no one really knows anyone.

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