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  1. Wait a minute here! I have been doing much research…on the NARC..AND TELLS ME..there is no help…or treatment…therapy..whatever you want to call it..NARC…CANNOT CHANGE FOR THE BETTER OR GOOD OR BEING HUMAN..YES HUMAN..FOR THEMSELVES..there is no hope????OR IS THERE?..sounds like it with the comments I just read……….I AM NEW TO ALL THIS FREAKING ..MIND F…..K…G…INSANE..ROBOTIC PERSONS ON THIS PLANET…..I HAVE been soo blessed and honored to have a romp in the hay..6 years romp….lol..with my diagnosis of a sociopath Narcissitic genious ..have to LAUGH…AND LEARN .FROM THIS ODD Experience..I stepped into…or should I say…he led me too…I HAVE PITY FOR HIM…How incredibly sad..actually TRAGIC!!!. that he lives in a LOVELESS..LOVE LESS..World..I simply can’t imagine…having their mind .there thoughts..their.way of thinking. its unfair really. I mean from my research and this site..these NARC..only feel neg. emotions!!I just can’t fathom that..NEVER. EVER..NEVER…FEELING THE STRONGEST..MYSTERIOUS..PERFECT..EMOTION THETE IS……!!!! That would be LOVE…of course..inits many forms…that is just WRONG…COULD you imagine never experiencing feeling this God..that EMOTION is what makes the world go round..that EMOTION. is what life’s about. what gives PURPOSE…OMG. oops sorry I have gotten carried away…Im just thinking pondering…outloud ..

  2. And the cycle repeats, and they stay asleep.
    Yet it is in the one that has become aware that holds the power of change, the only difference is the path one chooses. It is then they touch what is within.

  3. I guess it must be the greatest thing you can do for your loved one because that is all your world and all you can give to another person. From this perspective we can say infact that your feelings of being misunderstood and never loved enough come from the value your partners put on what you can truly give, which is just an illusion in reality, therefore junk for your partners but for you it’s the very center of the existance and the meaning of true life if not life itself.
    If life were just something we choose it to be and if we all could live in the world we create for ourselves, protected by free speech and the right to pursue happiness, then all you’d have to do is find someone like you to share the painted dream with. But it wouldn’t work, would it?
    The evil truth is that life has it’s rules and we all must submit to them.

      1. No worries…I love kids, but they are a lot of very hard work, and expensive, too. And, I need to have faith, or else I will worry so much about them. Our greatest pleasure is also our greatest pain. They hold our hearts in their palms, and kids tend to not be terribly gentle with them💕 . They do not realize how fragile these hearts are.

      1. Lol now HG I do have a blonde blue eyed son who believes he is a god. Maybe you visited in a dream

      2. That’s funn, nearly all my relatives are blonde and blue. Hmmmm, someone gets around 😂

      3. Not mine, most start blonde then change to dark brown I am the only one that has stayed blonde when I leave it in its natural state. Hmmm maybe I was adopted that would explain the difference

      4. Everyone except me are blond and blue. My son my sis my niece and nephew and grandchild…im the odd duck 😂

    1. HG said he had a vasectomy in one his confessions series, I think? Was married and did not disclose it to his wife, leaving her confused i could imagine and thinking that she could not conceive a child!

      1. Hi PRH. Yes, he said he can’t have children. Procedures have a way of not taking or reversing. Chance is small but it happens.

      2. You are correct there Jaded- my ex narc husband had a vasectomy, then used my funds from my property to fund a reversal, then the phagocytes kept destroying the sperm and they went for IVF with my funds and had twin boys, then his wife ended up on my doorstep two years after a crying mess. Hmm I did try and warn her! Only last week have found him under his new identity and he is on wife number three, and he looks shocking and ugly and a wreck….he has a large investigation coming his way…he does not know it and has his business in her name, lol….I suspected he might get a new identity off the type of connections he has..I was correct- would not be very nice of me to come in for the jugular after all these years would it??? Slow and Steady wins the race….

      3. As I read all of the experiences the commenters have, I realize I didn’t have it bad at all…or maybe it was due to what happened way early in my life that prevented the worst.. That sucks about him taking your funds to make some other woman’s baby. Best to you in your healing. Maybe he will undo himself so you won’t need to.

      4. Thanks Jaded, please don’t compare, your experience was enough to hurt you and hurt is hurt. Yes, something has come out in the last week and this person is still doing what he does, so the key victims starting with myself and innocent children now grown, will be his final undoing. Other young women, girls just girls- he has left a trail of victims behind him and he did and probably continues to do some shocking and depraved unspeakable things. I wish only personal success for HG, on an inner personal levels for him to heal and be free of the encumberances or caveat on himself in the future when time is not on his side. No one should have been wounded so much to have to abuse others. Vicious cycle and I respect HG because he is confessing and he deserves to heal and be free from fear driven motives that will only come back to haunt him as my first N is about to experience in the not to distant future. Our lives were abused in life damaging ways, not pretty- none of it, his ghosts are catching up with him. Not for revenge, not even for compensation, but for the fact that he went onto hurt others by repeating such heinous and sexually wrong acts (drugging his nearest and dearest whilst…..I will leave that to your own imagination)..and has not been stopped. He will be and he must be stopped for the safety of others.

      5. Oh shoot, Jaded my gravatar is the photo i took of the huntsman that decided to join me when I was congratulating HG for his 3,000,000 hits. Forgot to change it back. Nothing healing about a huntsman, lol.

      1. Your drunken posts have been removed. It took a little time to locate them hence why there was a delay. I also removed the other post which was presumably written when not drunk but no doubt you would have wanted removed.

      2. I have spent the last several hours listening to your you tube interviews/posts etc. You are truly amazing for sharing all that you do. I have so many questions for you. I dont even know where to begin. If i could only pinpoint what type of narc my husband is. He falls in all 3 categories you talk about. I guess my main question is this. After 7 yrs of ups and downs, ins and outs, me fighting back with him, kicking him out, learning who and what he is and telling him i know 100% he is a narc, finally calling him out on his horrible behavior making his life living hell like he has mine and my 2 girls WHY has he not discarded me now or ever? Why is he holding on so tight to me?

      3. Hello NNTK, he does so because of the fuel (and other benefits) which you provide. If you wish to go into more detail about your personal situation I recommend you do so through the auspices of a private consultation.

      4. Hello HGTudor…we have had several auspices private consultations every Sunday for that last several weekends. I am your Sunday evening date from 7-8 didnt you? 😀

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