The Narcissistic Truths – No. 195



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  1. You’ve done such a beautiful job, HG, but isn’t it a bit small for all of your victims … haha 🙂

      1. Was there a sudden roll of thunder in the sky after you hit Send on that comment?

      1. A world of chaos, confusion, turmoil, internal war, lies, abuse, manipulation, control,misery, hate, obscure, hopefulness, hope, deprivation, self destruction, fraud, and deception. I must say your types are sort of rulers of air, and agents for the prince of this world.

  2. I just want to say that I have followed your blog from start to finish. Thank you for your insights. It has been so insightful. What you’re doing is a huge blessing to people. You should feel good. You’ve given me the strength to go no contact and take the power back while funneling that energy back towards myslef. I don’t believe I could have done that alone. You may dispare or disbelief that you works do nothing. (I doubt you feel this way.) I am working towards a healthier relationship and free from my former abusive partner. I couldn’t have done that without you.

    The sacrifice based on how you must portrait yourself goes unnoticed. To constantly paint yourself as a villian, day in and day out, must be exhausting.

    You’ve done a great service to me.

  3. This reminds me of the scene in Despicable Me where young Gru keeps creating increasingly incredible inventions for his age – to the point where he creates a rocket, and each time he shows them to his mother, she takes a look and goes ‘Meh’ and turns away again.

    Poor Gru.

  4. Good Evening Mr Tudor…. I spent a good portion of my evening listening to your first and second interview with Christine on “Out of the Box” radio. I can say, as of now I UNDERSTAND 100%. Your analogy of the clock and the close proximity of Greater N and Super E, however, still have a question ruminating in my head….. You addressed it a bit when talking of parenting and childhood, but not what I need answers to: Given circumstances where two individuals (children) have identical or even perhaps more severe trauma/experiences with “parenting”, (different family, culture, location etc) why does one child develop NPD (as coping mechanism) and other child does not? I am searching for these answers for myself, personally. These interviews and your explanations HAVE MADE ME not only understand, but am able to identify the exact type of N I have been dealing with (husband) for over 13 years! Just gave me the chills how precise and exact your description of behaviors. So very appreciative and feeling empowerment I had given up years ago… Thank you, good night and TTYL!

  5. Very good HG. You get an A++ and a gold ☆. *whispers* I will also see you after class young man *taps ruler in palm, Cheshire cat smile*
    Now let’s hear your presentation on the proliferation of Narcissism in the 21st century…..

  6. Your world, your reality. It is beautiful HG.

    I say this. “my world, my reality” My world and you are in it”

  7. Here is where I see the boy inside seeking praise that was never given unconditionally as a child. A weak spot of mine, though I recognize it better now after reading here. I know my exes inner child always had me routing for him.

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