50 Things You Should Not Do With a Narcissist

Your guide through the narcissistic minefield

US http://www.amazon.com/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO

UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017WTSHMO

CAN http://www.amazon.ca/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO

AUS http://www.amazon.com.au/Danger-Things-You-Should-Narcissist-ebook/dp/B017WTSHMO


33 thoughts on “50 Things You Should Not Do With a Narcissist”

  1. 3.

    Send them to the set of a spoof of The Walking Dead called:
    “The Dead Do What exactly?…oh yeah..nothing”

    Varying whammies..
    List not exhaustive i.e

    a. A fitting epitaph.
    b. A background role.
    c. It isn’t funny.
    d. …whatever you think of
    if you get bored at the funeral.

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  2. 4.

    Paint ‘them’ grey in the UK or gray in the US and sell them off at the garden centre in the rockery section or leave them in a bleak grey area where it always rains…since they like to blend in so much let them blend into grey and become invisible.
    That way we are all happy.

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  3. 5.

    There is no number 5, as we are too busy securing the anchor of our supertankers and clearing out as we ready to dock in a safe harbour on dry land.
    Busy busy.

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  4. Good afternoon. When sb hurts you, how do you feel? what do you feel? where do you feel it and what do you think and what do you do after being hurt?


      1. if a person that Lesser (L) or Ranger (R) seduces hurts them (shows L or R that they have made a mistake or ignores them) what might be their reaction? and what do they feel?


      2. Demonstrating that a Lesser of Mid-Ranger has made a mistake depends on whether fuel is provided at the same time. If so, it will be Challenge Fuel and therefore the L or MR will provoke to gain more fuel whilst asserting their authority to regain superiority.
        If no fuel then the pointing out of the mistake will be a criticism which will cause wounding and the ignition of fury. They will lash out with heated fury or cold fury.

        If you ignore, that is a criticism, so the outcome will be the same as the sentence above.


  5. They look dead as they desire to BE and LOOK like the gorgeous beauty of thee alive while hating God because they’re walking dead nothing. LIT – TRA – LEE *In my perfected London accent* – Love thee English accent. 💅

    Besides, there’s no need for a manual of the obsessed dead when you never think of them 💅


      1. You say things behind your ‘hide’, ( you said I’m a minority with shortcomings and that you are more intelligence than me – ha ha and how I’m stupid) and yet you are still too coward to even approve the BLANTANT comment I made about your description, because you can not take me on publicly 💅


      2. flicka what ever that is,

        I’m conversing with Cookie Dough. Why do you care? – Back under your rock. Thank you.

        My greatest regard,



      3. Vashti – I care because the vitriolic tripe you are so fond of spouting is open to everyone on here. If you so dislike others commenting on your posts then converse privately with HG.

        I take no leave of you – I will not be patronising by according you any kind of regard. I prefer not to say things I do not mean.


      1. Actually, lol, when I first looked at him on our first date in a coffee house, my first thought was a scarecrow. His longer dark hair peeking out from his hat, covering his eyes.. are you his friend?


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