The issue of our kind impregnating a victim is yet another tool that exists within our manipulative toolkit to enable us to achieve our aims. I daresay some of you may find it abhorrent and reprehensible that such an act as conception and the bringing forth of new life should also fall within our repertoire of machinations. Others of you will not be surprised, long-used to the notion that nothing is off limits to us. Everything is in play. As ever,the issue of impregnation and the forthcoming birth is very much something that is relevant to our kind and as ever, I provide you with the truth of how it is regarded by our kind, no matter how unpalatable it may be.

There are several ways in which the act of conception, pregnancy and the issue of children are used to further our dark agendas.

  1. The Promise

The promise to give you children at the early stage of the relationship is always done with a view to ensuring that you succumb to our seduction. See how committed we are to you? We want to have children with you. You. Nobody else. What other commitment underlines and reinforces the strength of our desire to you? The joining of two people in love and creating new life together is the epitome of commitment. How your eyes fill with joyous tears and that look of spreading delight crosses your face when you realise that this wonderful, brilliant and magnificent person wants to have children with you. Whether it is impregnating you or us bearing your child, this promise is readily wheeled out in order to clinch the deal. What you should also have regard to that expressing a desire to make you pregnant/become pregnant by you is actually all about reinforcing our dominance over you. From the male narcissistic perspective, the act of having you take our seed deep inside of you, subjugated to our desire to create new life underlines our power. You are not only allowing us to enter your most private of places but you are allowing us to deposit our very essence there as well. To us this is the ultimate act of conquest. We have vanquished all resistance and there, deep in your sacred and intimate place we have placed ourselves. From the female perspective, the act of becoming pregnant by you underlines how we have subsumed you into us. We have engulfed you and drawn that which defines you into our very deepest of places. We have similarly conquered you.

Not only is this promise made early in the seduction, it will be made irrespective of existing children we may have and that you may have. In our minds they are all just tests demonstrating our fertility for this most supreme of acts, the union of you and I. If we are considerably younger than you and you are female, aware of the ticking of the biological clock this promise of wanting to impregnate you will be used as a golden carrot to dangle in front of you. You are on the cusp of being barren, sterile years may well beckon and here we are, youthful, virile, fertile ready to not only give you our perfect love but to offer that perfect love by way of impregnating you. It is a powerful and irresistible promise which many find exhilarating and captivating. Add to this mix any existing issues in terms of trying to conceive or give birth and this vulnerability will be exploited even further. We want to give you what you want, only because it will give us what we want.

This promise will be launched at you from early on and will initially seem like a loving and romantic comment to make, but it is one that is borne out of the need to dominate and conquer and is a promise that will be made good for the second reason.

  1. Binding

There is no better way to bind you to us than the issue of children. The creation of children means that you are far less likely (and indeed in many cases unable) to escape us. You want the perfect image of a family and with someone who has arrived with such a glorious love for you, who better than us to have children with? We know that because as an empathic person you will dedicate yourself to their upbringing and therefore allow us reduce our own involvement save when it suits us. As you know, when you need support we are invariably found to be lacking. We choose having children as a means of tying you tight to us, ensuring you will provide plenty of fuel for us and have a huge obstacle in your way when it comes to trying to escape us. We have no desire to have children with you because of anything to do with you. We are using you as an incubator. We are like the insect which arrives and lays its eggs in another host causing them to do all the hard work. Once those eggs hatch you will be consumed, cast aside, just as that insect would with the empty husk of the carrier whose role has been completed. You are an appliance that supplies fuel. You are an appliance which is there to carry our offspring leaving us free to cultivate other fuel sources. You will receive little or no help from us, or be doted on, dependent on whether the pregnancy remains in the golden period. Whichever it is we expect you to bring forth our issue without complication or problem because these children are required for the third and fourth reasons.

  1. Pawns

What better device to use as a means of triangulation than one’s own children? These pawns are used in the ongoing competition with you.

“I love you more than mummy, you know that don’t you?”

“I’m your favourite aren’t I?”

“Let’s not tell daddy about this.”

“Mummy doesn’t really love you, but I do.”

Such utterances are issued in order to ensure that the children understand who is their master and commander. They will be used to provide us with fuel as they find themselves to our manipulations also but more than anything else they are a necessary and brilliant device that is used to triangulate with you.

“I will let you but daddy won’t.”

“Isn’t Mummy grumpy today?”

“Here, take this money but don’t tell your mother.”

“Aren’t you happy you look just like me?”

Your parenting of these children will be questioned. What you once did so well, will become the subject of scrutiny and criticism. Any perceived failure on the part of the advancement of these children – in education, popularity, sport and social competence – will be laid at your door. You have failed them. This heartless and savage criticism, attacking your competency as a parent is a fantastic method of causing you to spill fuel. All the while to the outside world we will appear the doting dad, the marvellous mother, the perfect parent. Little does the façade reveal of the tyrannical reign that emerges behind that closed door. The tears and sobbing never cross the threshold.

  1. Legacy

We wish to live forever. Someone as brilliant as ourselves deserves this and children provide the ideal conduit for securing that legacy. Our magnificence lives on through the accomplishments and achievements of children.

“He gets his brains from me.”

“Yes I was a champion sprinter as well.”

“He has inherited my artistic side.”

“I always knew he would follow me into the profession.”

“It is in the good genes I gave her; I always knew she would be a brilliant swimmer.”

The child never achieves anything. We caused those achievements. The credit will always be hoovered up by us. Sucking the admiration and fuel from onlookers as we grasp the glory and seize it for ourselves. We never give credit to anybody else and we make no adjustment to this selfishness with our children. They are just a further extension of ourselves. We attached you to us as an extension but we actually created these extensions, that is how powerful we consider ourselves to be.

We believe that children are the future. Our future.

48 thoughts on “Impregnate

  1. P says:

    I once threatened abortion, hypothetically, after he kept on saying he wanted to impregnant me, and he called me an evil witch.

  2. Elle says:

    What if he gets you pregnant and you tell him you’re getting an abortion? Would that bother him (say a mid-range or Greater)?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes because :-

      1. You are destroying an extension of him and that is a traitorous act;
      2. You are exhibiting your own decision-making and this type of independence would not be welcomed; and
      3. You are exerting control over the situation and taking it away from him.

      This would all cause an ignition of fury to address the considerable wounding.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Yes yes yes yes!!!! He used to tell me how he wanted his kids to be athletic, but tall. Taller. In college, he’d ask me if I was a shooter; was I quick? Did I score? He said he was attracted to my intelligence, physique, independence…

    The kids have always been ‘his’ kids. Even today, as I asked my nine-year old if I could borrow her easel and paints (that I bought her), she asked, “Is it okay with Dad?”

    1. Jacqueline says:

      HG: seven months post separation, he still controls the kids, the schedule, and as much as is possible. Cited for Contempt of Court and wont move forward with Discovery. How do I get out from his control?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Consult with me Jacqueline.

  4. Olivia lee says:

    This is the most horrible and disgusting things Narcissist would do to their victim. Fortunately, I escaped before I get pregnant, but I’d considered to get pregnant seriously. They are far beyond just crazy, maybe they are true evil of human forms.

  5. Jackie says:

    By the way your posts and information have been instrumental in understanding what I was dealing with. As a huge empath, I blamed myself for everything that went wrong (he blamed me for everything!). The more I apologized to him, the crueler he got. Now I realize that anything I could have said or did to make things better would have made things much worse.

  6. Jackie says:

    I got pregnant with my ex-Narc and had an abortion because I knew how abusive he was and what the future would hold for the baby and I. He already has 5 kids of his own, two of them don’t talk to him. He has been married twice and now engaged again. So many women and children have been destroyed because of him. My relationship with him was only 7 months, but the trauma I experienced was like nothing I’ve ever dealt with before. We broke up over two years ago and I am still not 100% healed. He discarded me in the most horrific way, hoovered me for 1.5 years following discard, triangulated me with the next two supply, waved the engagement with the most recent in my face, told me if I ever left again he would kill me (during sex). There is so much more to my story.

    HG – off topic but not sure if it was you who wrote about the spectrum of NPD? The most extreme being Psychopathic. Would love to see a posting on this!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      See Narcissist v Sociopath, Jackie.

      1. Jackie says:

        Thanks HG

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

  7. K says:

    Things were going badly for a while and I was in the process of breaking up with my boyfriend when I found out that I was pregnant. Of course, we got back together for the baby. He later confessed that he had planned to get me pregnant all along (binding). The next 9 months and 6 years were horrific: Ghosting, gas lighting, projection, triangulation, cold fury, narcissistic rage, many, many faces, all unfriendly! Living with a stranger and then the Devil, ending with escape. It was the worst experience of my entire life. Now he is hoovering.

  8. Amy S. says:


    HG Tudor
    APRIL 19, 2017 AT 9:01 PM
    Hello DrTalc – he would compliment you on your excellent choice of reading material.

    If he was a Greater he would be mildly amused and would make a note that you are informed.
    The Mid-Ranger would ask why you are reading it. He would feign interest but be oblivious to any applicability to him.
    The Lesser would ask “why have you got a book?”


    This is so funny, HG. Although, it tells a lot about the Greater. It means that even if the Greater knows that we are aware of who their are they can still adapt and get their way.

  9. Yes lovely. Before I found out I was prego I had FINALLY broke it off with him. He would show up with flowers begging for another chance. I still said No then I found out I was prego so we got back together and since he knew I was trapped each yr he treated me worse and worse. Its been 1.5yrs since our split. Things are better emotionally however I am still angry for him destroying our family and the lifestyle my daughter had and now we financially have nothing no cheer no nothing we barely get by. I do ok till I am around him. And tomorrow is our daughters last cheer competition. First one he even bothering to show up at if he does! So I will be around him and my feelings of anger will surface again.

  10. abrokenwing says:

    He told me few times that he doesn’t want to have his own children. He was convinced about it despite his young age…. or maybe that’s why.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Mine (amidst one of his lectures on how he “feels guilt”) told me that our relationship cannot continue because he needs to focus on expanding his family. He wants to have another child with her. At first I was jealous of that but now I just kind of feel bad. Bad for her, bad for the kid they already have and bad for this future kid. I guess this is what it feels like to finally “wake up”. Yet I still nod off sometimes and fall asleep for a few seconds with the jealousy before waking up again.

    1. Trinity says:

      Similar situation here, except that I ended it when I found out that there was a pregnant wife he had conveniently not told me about for four months. I stupidly exploded and gave him lots of fuel for a few weeks before going NC. I feel really bad for her. I’d love to tell her what he was doing during those first four months she was gestating, but I suspect that’s exactly what he wants me to do as I discovered that he married her because she is easily entrapped by having a child. She was a poor single mom with few resources before. Now she can’t leave because she needs him to foot the bills.

  12. Maria says:


  13. MLA - Clarece says:

    As you know, this article resonates deeply. Especially paragraph 2 in No. 1. The Promise.
    It’s included in my essay for your book, “Awakened”.
    It’s a powerful article.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  14. Jjenny says:

    So why do they treat us so badly when we become pregnant?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      When that happens it is a combination of:-

      1. Feeling that you are now bound, the blunting of the efficacy of your fuel;
      2. Jealousy – people will be congratulating you, fussing around you; and
      3. Resentment at the anticipated imposition of the obligation to look after you.

      1. Grace says:

        100% HD

      2. Grace says:

        Super sorry HG, I believe I said HD In my previous comment… new here

    2. Trinity says:

      Mine Apparently doted on his wife all through her pregnancy. Gushed. Oozed fake narc love.

  15. Victory says:

    Once again, spot on. Early in dating he asked why I never had children telling me what a wonderful mother I would make. Then of course stating what a horrible mother the “ex” would’ve been. (There’s the ex again) On a holiday spent with his family he asked if I was ready to be with him forever? Stating if we ever made a mistake he would stay with me. This was during relations with passions high of course. As an older woman who never had children or planned to this stirred a desire I swear I never had before in my life. Which only caused more heartbreak at the time of discard. Every time I am healed enough to begin to give him humanity you seem to expose exactly what I need to remember the truth of who he is. Using your power for good now? Intriguing none the less. My secret weapon, a Narcissist in my corner.

    1. HG Tudor says:


  16. drtalc says:

    HG, how would a male narcissist react if he came over to his female date’s house and saw one or more of your books laying on the coffee table?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello DrTalc – he would compliment you on your excellent choice of reading material.

      If he was a Greater he would be mildly amused and would make a note that you are informed.
      The Mid-Ranger would ask why you are reading it. He would feign interest but be oblivious to any applicability to him.
      The Lesser would ask “why have you got a book?”

      1. Amy S. says:


      2. K says:

        HG, With the exception of a few lesser female narcissists, I have never seen any of the narcissists I know read. And the lesser females seemed to favor trashy sex novels. Do Greater narcissists read? Or would it interfere with your need to obtain fuel? And if you do read, what do you like to read?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I do read. I do not have much time to read at all but I read a lot especially when I was younger and of course this knowledge assists in the gathering of fuel.
          I primarily like dystopian works, but I my interest is not solely confined to them.

  17. Brian says:

    H.G, any of your kind, see it like something that women use to “hunt” a man? And if so, the narcissist refuse to have children cause they think it is a way of being dominate by women? I read it elsewhere but I don’t know if it can be viewed by a narcissist in this way too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I can see the force in that suggestion Brian, yes.

  18. Amy S. says:

    Yikes! Cant trust anyone these days….

    1. HG is brilliant….
      Gotta say somethin to the boss otherwise this won’t get posted….thats not a criticism HG. I even put you first!

      Hey Amy where’s today’s update on work narc?

      1. Amy S. says:

        Haha! ;-D the comment(s) about my narc haven’t been published yet hah? Basically, I chatted to another guy yesterday briefly and my narc got pissed off. I realised after a while. He hasn’t talked to me today, instead he kept chatting ‘loudly’ to another girl. She seemed to enjoy it… god knows what he will do tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

        1. Thanks Amy. To have a real time narc situation is fulfilling my chaos quota amidst my normal life. I do miss the good ol days when i got to play mind chess with the narcissist. Hey, could that be a book title HG? Maybe we can all come together as a class project and vote on how to handle each daily interaction? Professor Tudor can we please? Can we huh? Huh? *bouncing up and down*

          1. Amy S. says:

            Yes, why not. Would be awesome. I’m thinking to write my own memoir, too 🙂 so much going on here. It’s narc-saga here.

  19. Jade says:

    You should have an article on the narc woman trapping men into pregnancy

    1. SJ says:

      Even though I’ve been trying to hide my plans to leave, I believe my wife senses something is amiss.
      Guess who told me last week she is pregnant. Ughh.

  20. horseyak says:

    Someone needs to run this one by Mel Gibson.

  21. HG… why did you never have children? I imagine the answer is as simple as… fuel. You do ok without the complication of kids. ?!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They get in the way.

  22. Stephanie Farlow says:

    Ah yes! the joy of having to remain in contact with Narc one since implanting me twice with his demon seed. That has now become a piece of cake in comparison to the arduous task of having to implement damage control in regards to my children. My son due to having Asperger’s regurgitates what his father says and is very impressionable. This is tough. My daughter is a brilliant free thinking Empath. She is me on steroids. I have hope for that one . Also, dealing with Narc 2. Much more challenging. Thank God!!!! I never gave birth to one of his demon spawn. Lol Hey I still have my sense of humor somehow. Good times !!! And I have amazing brilliant children.

    1. Jules says:

      Yikes. Maybe don’t refer to your children as demon seeds or having hope for “that one”.

      1. Jamie says:

        Jules have you ever been in this situation.

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