Idealised and Ignored

Idealised and Ignored by [Tudor, H G]

Why does the narcissist idealise you? Why does he then ignore you as he embarks on devaluation? HG Tudor offers his insight as a narcissistic sociopath into these two fundamental elements of the narcissistic dynamic and thereafter provides his enlightening observations on how these elements are played out in so many instances and occurrences between the narcissist and his or her victim.






3 thoughts on “Idealised and Ignored”

  1. Once I got a minion pic sent to me saying I hate you then I love you. It’s like I want to push you off the top of a cliff and rush to the bottom to catch you. What!! I put it on my fb and my dad said don’t ever put that on your fb and he never told me why. Hit a raw nerve. Think dad just confirmed my thoughts and so did that guy who sent it. Narcs everywhere 😤


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