Tell Tale

We have cast you aside after subjecting you to a litany of abuse, mistreatment and the full horror of our manipulative and disorientating repertoire. You have your absolute all in the pursuit of what you believed to be our perfect love. You have endured humiliation, denigration and belittlement yet you still hung in there, desperate to cure and to heal. You wanted us so much that it hurt and it still does. Not only have we discarded you with a callous disregard for your welfare and sanity, we have added to the pain by parading our latest conquest for all the world to see. You are no longer the recipient of our burning desire. You have been removed from our grace and favour and a new beneficiary has been installed. The monument to our supposedly everlasting love has been razed to the ground and on that once sacred ground we have erected a new edifice, lauding our new, shinier and much improved interest. What was once promised as lasting forever has been smashed into pieces and erased from the history books.

Your hurt, anger and indignation are tangible. The traitorous behaviour we have subjected to you has torn you apart. It is awful enough that after everything you have done, everything you have given and everything that you have endured, you have been struck from the record. The insult has been magnified and multiplied by reason of our infatuation with your replacement. How dare we do this to you. It is utterly unfair.

Your desire for retribution is immense. You want to cause our come uppance and warn the world about the monster that you see us as. You feel that all must be told about the awful toll that you have taken from our treatment but greater than that, you have that irresistible sense of needing to protect and warn. The empathic nature that made you such an attractive target to us has survived notwithstanding the mauling we have given you. You need to save our conquest from what you have been put through. Not only must you rescue the poor innocent from our toxic touch this will enable you to exact a delicious revenge on us. By taking away the thing that we crave, you know that triumph awaits. Our fresh acquisition may work out what has happened, but that will take too long. No, you owe it to her and you owe it yourself to intervene, to educate and warn. It is time to expose us for what you say we are.

You call us for the perfidious behaviour that we have engaged in. You decry our stories of your hysterical and unreasonable behaviour and yet here you are, ready to spread such lies about us to our new love. You hold yourself out as being a person of good nature and compassion yet you are hell bent on ruining our new-found happiness. You were not good enough for us. You let us down and thus you had to be moved to one side replaced. Out with the old and in with the new. That is the natural order of events. The appliance does not work anymore, therefore a new, faster and more effective appliance must be brought to the fore and installed. Why complain about that? Had you been fit for purpose you would still be the object of our affection, but you failed. We gave you every chance and yet you still came up wanting. You are to blame. You only have yourself to blame. Yet, exhibiting the malice that you laughingly accuse us of you go running to our new interest and tell tales about us.

Your poison-laden tongue weaves its malevolent words as you whisper fabricated stories in order to discourage our new love from remaining with us. Do you not understand that this is the very reason why we had to let you go. We tried. We really did, but you would insist on railing against us and not submitting to our will. There was no hope for it other than yo remove you from our lives. As people of substance and rigour, we have not gone with our tales of lament to others, seeking to draw sympathy from them. No, that is not for us. We chalked off our time with you as a mistake and we learn from it. Now we have found someone better. So what that we moved with what you regard as unseemly haste, we are entitled to drive forward. You should take heed of our capability in that regard, instead of remaining mired in what might have been. Imprisoning yourself in a tomb of melancholy is not the way of progress. This only underlines our superiority to you. We have moved on. If you cannot, then that is your problem and not ours.

We act with honour and do not stoop to your level. We know that our character speaks for itself with this new person. We allow them to make their own mind up and the extensive groundwork which we put in place has ensured that this person is impervious to your unsavoury behaviour. We know that our impregnable façade of magnificence cannot be pierced by your savage and twisted lies. Run to our new love, run to them and seek to pour your poison in their ears and we shall watch smiling as they turn to you and shake their head. They are immune to your campaign of smears. They know that we are truly wonderful and that you had your chance but you destroyed what we had as a consequence of your quite frankly unhinged conduct. She tells you how magnificently I treat her and you try to explain how it was like that for you in the beginning but your words are lost in translation. You are told that your jealousy has skewed your outlook, that your paranoia has warped your view of the world. Your craziness has been well documented. We have done the protecting. We have done the warning and as always we got in first.

Tell your tales but all you do is reinforce our brilliance and the reason we were oh so right to be rid of you. Nobody likes a tell tale. Nobody likes you.

51 thoughts on “Tell Tale

  1. Jo says:

    I did this. I set out to stop him/destroy his reputation (which I have come to find out he already has a big one.he is a 4th grade teacher who had affairs with two teachers and a Mom of a student. Was found out and his wife left him. The community frowns on him). After found after him, telling him I loathe him and to never talk to me again, will he still attempt to Hoover? I would think he would be scared of my response as I do not fear confronting him and he hates negative attention.

  2. Mrs Linton says:

    I so love it when the hoover doesn’t work. Let’s all block their god damn hoovers. I want my floor covered in dust, permanently. Shove your Hoover …..

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I can feel the determination from here mrs Linton.

  3. Casey says:

    HG, are the terms IPPS and IPSS official terms associated with NPD or are they your way of distinguishing the difference between the two when writing about your kind and your supply needs? At any time does secondary supply items like money override a primary supply of a person?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They are my terms to enable people to better understand the dynamic.

      Money is not a secondary supply.

  4. HG, you move from one relationship to another without pause. I think to most, this behaviour would raise an eyebrow.
    Have your friends/colleagues etc ever questioned you on that?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      1. I never allow various appliance elements of my life to know all about my life. By failing to give them the full picture, they are less inclined to comment;
      2. Certain of my coterie and Lieutenants would not raise an eyebrow even if they did know;
      3. I utilise plausible deniability as explained on previous occasions; and
      4. Given what I do professionally, this supports the plausible deniability.

      1. Very interesting.
        Thank you.

        1. HG Tudor says:


      2. DJ says:

        Aha HG… you work for MI5! You are now James Bond in my minds eye. More of a Sean Connery in a dinner jacket than Daniel Craig in ‘those’ trunks but definitely 007

      3. Caroline R says:

        This is interesting.
        So no one really knows the full picture of any given N?
        No one ever really gets close to you?
        Obscuring, keeping in shadows, sleight of hand, non-disclosure, compartmentalisation, lies, propaganda, and the facade are how it all runs.

        I suppose that where intimacy is not the goal, neither is love or friendship, a N will be satisfied with the appearance of such, but not the actual thing, and this is the socially acceptable framework for the operation of fuel gathering and maintaining power.

        Thank you for the glimpse into your inner world.

  5. Angelic says:

    They are not just “immune” to the “campagne”.. .

    they are idiots

  6. Indy says:

    I feel like this post ended with someone’s tongue sticking out like a 6-year old, impishly in defiance.

    1. K says:


      You betcha!

  7. K says:

    My ex seduced his IPPS so I am not sure he was “allowed” to make up his own mind. Many of us here know how intoxicating the golden period can be and my ex did all the ground work and made sure the IPPS believed all his lies. I even get that I am “broken” and that there is a newer, faster and more effective model available, but it was WHO he chose as the new appliance that has me reeling. You bet your sweet ass I want his comeuppance!

    I am still on the fence, but if go after his candy-ass there will be no honor and I will stoop to his level; the hell with character. He took my love, my heart and my memories and smashed them to smithereens and in my world someone has to pay for all that lost fuel. Remember: hell hath no fury like an empath scorned!

    And if nobody likes me, too bad. That’s their loss.

    1. Angelic says:

      i know that feeling so well

      1. K says:


        Thank you! We all have bad moments and it is nice to have a place to share them with others.

    2. SVR says:

      Golden period is something else. Familiar and feels safe. But it is very unsafe. That narcs not worth your energy, put your Fuel into your recovery. Take good care K

      1. K says:


        The golden period is amazing and wonderful till it isn’t. You are right about putting my fuel into recovery and not the ex. On Monday, I saw a picture of the IPPS holding our daughter when she was about 4 weeks old and it made me sad. It is time to move on and let go, but it sure does feel good to rant. Take care.

        1. SVR says:

          That’s great news. Focusing on self is healthy and required, it’s not selfish. You go girl. Virtual hug.

  8. Maureen Manning says:

    I agree Watermelon. HG in your writings you talk about Hoovering is it possible to never be hoovered after disguard to be totally never exist??

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes. If you die or we do. Otherwise there always remains a risk.

      1. SVR says:

        Those 2 narcs I met better not think of hoovering.

      2. Watermelon says:

        HG, can I ask a question? I’ve been running in the bush lately to avoid him. He found me today (usually has a set route for his dog, but not this morning), and when he saw me he turned away and walked in the opposite direction. When I called him on it he said I seemed angry at my dog (admittedly I had repeatedly yelled his name as he kept vanishing).

        He does this a lot, he works out my routine, finds me, then shuns me and makes out it’s because I’m threatening and aggressive (he has an appalling reputation in this town for verbally aggressive behaviour). But he’s the one seeking me out. What the hell is that for?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Hello Watermelon, there are a few things at work here

          1. This is him exerting control by telling you he finds where you are;
          2. He is looking to provoke you into giving fuel (which you did by calling him on his behaviour);
          3. He is also blame-shifting which is again designed to provoke you;
          4. He will be smearing you by referencing your apparent threatening and aggressive behaviour.

          1. Watermelon says:

            Thank you for your response HG, seems it was indeed a baiting mission. I responded verbally, but didn’t follow up with an email, which I usually do when he ignores me (he knows that is my trigger). Figured I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of abusing me.

            Anyway, after eight weeks of the silent treatment, he followed up with a friendly email to me last night.

            No wonder he’s so busy all the time, the amount of effort he puts into goading me. Far out.

            Have a lovely weekend HG.

  9. Watermelon says:

    That’s interesting because I have been wondering this very thing. If I let his flying monkey know what a pathological liar and bullshit artist he is, and that will be repeated back to him or if I make no mention of him at all as if he didn’t exist and doesn’t register on my radar. I have a feeling no. 2 is the better way to go. Shows he’s not even worth talking about.

    1. SVR says:

      Number 2 is brilliant. In agreement with you for sure.

  10. NarcAngel says:

    Might it sometimes be the case that telling the new appliance actually makes it easier for the Narc? After blowing the ex off as hysterical and ridiculous, when the new appliance does get a whiff that something is not right, they may do the opposite and go into deeper denial and do everything to salvage the relationship to avoid facing all of the humiliation of “I told you so”.

    1. Tappan Zee says:

      My experience NA?
      Big. Fat. Yes.

  11. Jenna says:

    I thought it was ‘tattle tale’ lol!

  12. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

  13. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

    (Song not directed at you HG lol)

    Just music therapy lmao

  14. ISeeYou says:

    Why not? Do they detail your murderous escapades?

  15. ISeeYou says:

    Oh look! You’re posting my comments πŸ™‚

    Hey have you written any books that aren’t about your mental condition?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes but they have not been published.

      1. SVR says:

        Do expand!

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Expand on what SVR?

      2. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

        Um I would so read them publish them please πŸ€“

    2. SVR says:

      Expand on the other books also: what are they if not about your mental condition. Novel?

      1. HG Tudor says:

        Some are dystopian thrillers, some are erotica and some police procedurals.

        1. Jenna says:

          Are these books published yet? Police procedurals? 😱 You’re a cop!!!

          1. HG Tudor says:

            No as I stated in a earlier answer they are not published. No I am not a police officer.

          2. Jenna says:

            Thank you and sorry for missing it the first time. Forgive me?πŸ™

  16. ISeeYou says:

    Dude… what would happen if Jim Morrison and Tupac had a baby together?
    Can hermaphrodites get pregnant?

    1. Jaeger says:

      What does that have to do with anything on this blog? I see you as a narcissist. It’s all the damn attention seeking you are doing by writing things like this. I will admit that I have written humorous or flirtatious remarks on this blog. Not for attention, but to make HG laugh or stroke his ego (as I do like his created persona). Or to make others laugh or lighten up about the topic of narcissistic behaviors. All of what I have written is either directed at HG, the article that is posted or the topic of narcissism in general. Sometimes I may encourage others or give my opinion to others about their situation. I don’t think that asking or saying things like you do is done with anyone but yourself in mind. And yes I am a Tudor acolyte and I don’t say these things to you because of that. I say them to you as a warning. I will go supernova on your ass if you continue to act up.

  17. ISeeYou says:

    You aren’t Hugh Grant are you?
    How many kids does that guy have? Damn!

    Anyway, “HG” you appear to be absolutely obsessed with this person you keep yelling at. What is the freaking problem? Lol

    1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

      Didn’t he cheat on Liz Hurley with a prostitute with no teeth ? Lol

      1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD says:

        I doubt HG would hook up with a toothless prostitute lol

  18. giulia says:

    Mah…….you will like her again at hoover time

  19. SVR says:

    I never intervened. She had to learn a lesson. I did think on it believe me but that is all I did. He soon moved on like the creature he is. It’s his IPPS I was more concerned about that he never told me about but hey the Internet great to get info. So what did I do, ponder over it for over a year then thought no point going near her as she will be brainwashed and I had to protect my lot. So bang I did it, crime stoppers you lightened my load. Clear mind now. No one is my problem except me.

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