Exorcism : Purging the Narcissist From Heart and Soul

Banish the beast !

US  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01I5I8BZE

UK   https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01I5I8BZE

CAN  https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01I5I8BZE

AUS  https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01I5I8BZE


7 thoughts on “Exorcism : Purging the Narcissist From Heart and Soul”

  1. This is the very first book I ever purchased from H.G., since then I have bought many others and have become more active in my posts on this website and his f.b. page. I have told my colleagues, who are therapists and psychiatrists, about this site and how it has helped me deal with my situation. Of course there are some who think it’s a joke because he is one of them, but there are others who think his point of view is the what victims like myself need to hear. Worth reading for those of us who find the truth hard to swallow and the pain hard to endure.

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    1. This was my first HG Tudor book as well, I am sure I wouldn’t be nearly as free and peaceful without these brutally honest and highly educational works. Nobody is helping us more than Mr. Tudor. I was so confused and lost for too long and I really feel so lucky to have found this site! Get this book!

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  2. Hello NOA! I totally agree with you. This book in particular has helped me a lot cutting the last strings from my ex narc. Now that you mention it..I have had the opportunity of introducing HG’s work both to professional psychologists and several institutions in my home country that deal with abusive relationships (at family,work and intimate relationships) and have found his work unique. They are really considering to introduce his work as a part of their educational program. What else could be better than educating with this unique insight that HG gives the professionals that work closely with people that have been or still are entangled in some way to a narcissist? One of this professionals is interviewing HG ..so I think that is a very good start!

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    1. HG, this is great news and a great start in getting your work out to professionals who probably for the most part do not know that they may be dealing with victims of narcissists! Congratulations!


  3. We are good; you are evil
    We wound you; you wound us.
    We are addicted to you; you are addicted to us.
    We have an excess of empathy; you have none.
    We believe in freedom; you believe in complete control.
    We feel many emotions; your emotions are less varied and limited.
    I hate to sound sappy but we complete each other. Yin and yang. Exorcism sounds like the perfect panacea for this malevolent malady.

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