Are you or somebody you know chained to the narcissist? Are you a co-dependent? What does this mean? How did you become this way? How does the narcissist know what you are? How does the narcissist exploit this condition and how might you escape him? These questions and more are posed and answered in this fascinating book. Delivered direct from the dark-hearted master, the narcissist provides his unique observations on those who are co-dependent and find themselves chained to the narcissist.

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6 thoughts on “Chained

  1. IdiotME says:

    HG how do you deal with a narc when you are working together? He speak to people behind my back . He told me to leave he ended the relationship but he is the one portraying himself as victim and me as player. He nice to me on my face but behind my back talk to everyone. He wants me back too. And he wants me to leave . He is so confusing. How much can I ignore him. He is mentally emotionally exhausting. Do I keep not reacting to any his attempt and eventually he ‘ll stop ?
    Please advice me

    1. HG Tudor says:

      This is best addressed through consultation.

  2. noah80 says:

    Hi H.G. how are you? It is always a plesure read your articles and books! You help me a lot!
    Recently i discover 2 girls which he tried to seduce when i was in relationship with him… i was very angry for it… but this truth gave me the “permission” of ignore him and answer him badly because before that, although it was clear to me how much he is a shit, however
    I could not answer him badly or ignore it without feeling guilty and feel wrong. Now I can.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am well thank you and I am pleased my material has assisted you and do keep reading.

  3. Jenna says:

    I’m co-dependent as well. I wish i wasn’tšŸ˜ž Maybe in time.
    I read this book. HG’s theory about co-dependents is v interesting.

  4. foolme1time says:

    This book is the one that finally got to me! In first meeting me you would never think of me as a co dependent! I didn’t even know what it was until I found myself reading HGs posts and books! As I started reading this book I began to realize that is exactly what I am. I could only read it in small amounts at first. When I finished it I still was in denial! The years of posts books and consults with HG have finally made me face the truth of what I am. That was the hardest part! Now with baby steps I am becoming dependent on myself. This book is a real eye opener. My respect and thanks to HG. Xxx

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