Ghosted and Gilded


The opportunity to understand the way that the narcissist thinks and behaves is a rare occurrence. Here you will find an array of explanations across different topics and scenarios which will give you unrivalled insight into this dark and destructive individual. Gaining understanding of how this person regards you and the world around him or her is the key to unshackling yourself from the confusion, bewilderment and distress that accompanies any entanglement with a narcissist. This book provides a multitude of observations which will illuminate your understanding and assist you in gaining comprehension of what you are dealing with.




2 thoughts on “Ghosted and Gilded

  1. Marah says:

    HI HG! Can i ask if my ex narc will be gone for good and i can already rejoice from freeing myself from hoovering and further pain, I just recently found out that my ex narc deleted my contact info on his phone after many failed hoovering attempts. Does that mean he is gone for good and making my attempt to get rid of him easier for me? I was discarded few months ago and im serious about setting boundary even though its a struggle.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No. We are never gone for good unless you die or we do. His deletion will be because he is focussed on someone else at present. He will return subject to the Hoover Trigger and the Hoover Execution Criteria.

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