The Narcissistic Truths – No. 36



8 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 36”

  1. Christmas 2014: I was sitting in the living room at his mother’s house surrounded by his narcissistic family and I felt like I was being pulled down towards some hellish abyss. Everything was dark, heavy and joyless. I remember thinking: I am in the Twilight Zone. This can’t be real. I need to get out and get out fast, before it is too late. HIs world was closing in on me, he was taking me down and it was terrifying.

  2. Will the good doctors be testing your physiological capacities and using neuroscience to explore deeper?
    Isn’t it our senses that gives us perception afterall?
    I find reverse engineering and construction fascinating.

  3. Ophthalmoception and Audioception would be the obvious ones necessary to absorb fuel.

    I wonder how you would react with the absense of those? Would the other three senses make you feel and be something different?

  4. If her eyes were covered, maybe she’d feel something was wrong. Our other senses increase when certain ones are diminished. Maybe she enjoys being controlled.

    HG, which two senses do you need the most?

  5. Thats exactly how ot feels all consuming. They inject their virus into you and you become something other than yourself.

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