The Narcissistic Truths No 60



14 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths No 60”

  1. HG would you consider establishing a business with your primary source? I’m wondering because if you eventually discard your partners then having the business together may do a lot of harm for you.

  2. So said my father and Narcy. Both wrong and delusional, that’s why they go around with long faces.

  3. I very much enjoyed the live chat earlier, very enlightening. Fascinating, all of the things You speak of. I’m highly intrigued. Thank You for sharing Yourself.

  4. It is the parents fault if their children grow up dysfunctional and they contributed to that.

        1. Lol that’s so funny. That made my day. But, i can’t imagine someone being silly enough to get involved with mr. Tudor. (No offense to him.) 😁 well, i do remember a lady committing suicide by jumping into an alligator pit one time haha

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