The Narcissistic Truths – No. 85


7 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Truths – No. 85

  1. Lori says:

    Is there supposed to be an article attached or just this crazy picture?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  2. Not So Sad says:

    Yes please . Send you opinion my way ..

    The POTUS is doing a pretty piss poor of his ” administration” after six months as a Narc.

    So many of his voters still think he’s the dogs” dangly ” bits despite his Obvious traits ..

    So what do you think HG ?

    I’d love you opinion again on this.

    NNS x

  3. Nat says:

    Question HG: Where do you get your negative fuel from during the Golden Period? If you say you always need a contrast then where does it come from?

    1. Mona says:

      Nat, I will tell you instead of him: from his ex. They have always an ex and the newer one does not know how he treats his ex. And his ex does not know that she is an ex. If that is not right, HG, then disagree please..

  4. Mona says:

    It is a pity that he did not scream or anything else like that. I would have gone earlier. He “persuaded” through lovely words or silent treatment and once he tried to persuade me through throwing a screwdriver into my direction. He aimed it to the wall behind me two meters away from me. I stood there strong and did not make a single move. “Next time, you should aim better”, I said. I know, that was a little bit dangerous, but I could not shut my mouth. I do not share his opinions, his tackity, his lack of empathy, his need for control. I do not want a man like that at all. I need someone at the same level. Someone like me, not someone who fakes he is like me.

  5. Narc affair says:

    Eek …and judgjng by the pic we better like it 😂😄

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