Your Fault






Why is it always your fault? Why does the narcissist never accept that he or she is to blame? How are they so adept at blaming others and especially you? Why do they do that? How do they achieve this blame evasion? What is behind their need to place the blame elsewhere? Why do narcissists create blame bombs and what do they do with them? These questions and more besides are posed and answered in the usual direct style, straight from the caustic tongue of the narcissist himself. Understand the reasons behind the narcissist’s relationship with blame and finally understand why it is always your fault.


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3 thoughts on “Your Fault

  1. I never made the comparison I was in love with a narc until recently. Kept wondering why it was so hard to leave, but now knowing what I know, they are the hardest people to get out of your life. What a trip.

  2. Christine says:

    I recently left my narc (2 1/2 weeks ago) and the blame was on me..I didn’t clean the house, I took the bed, so he didn’t have anything to sleep on…etc. and he’s angry with me for leaving and embarrassed because the neighbors saw the moving truck and his friends on facebook are asking what happened…in his eyes, I ran away for NO REASON!!! and that I have the problem….

    1. Oops says:

      Similar story here…I only took what I paid for, well, actually less, except the breakfast table. He complained about it like it was the end of the world. I pointed out I’d left the tool cabinet that was equal value. “That’s because you were too lazy to take the tools out.”
      One thing I found out last night while he was having me go through the motions of paying his bills so I’d know how he feels when his paycheck disappears each week was I didn’t realize the card I’ve been using to buy HG’s books on Amazon was defaulted to one of his he added me to….he said, “I know, I saw that, I’m used to paying for everything. At least he admits to what he is.” oops.

      I have learned that my lamentations to him of “Why can’t you be normal” are pointless. He’s told me he’s not, but it’s taken HG’s insights to prove it.

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