Little Acons – No. 54



11 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 54”

  1. An intelligent Greater or mid will have you doing things you swore you’d never do, or that are ridiculously out of your character, happily and willingly.

    That’s what I get out of this. Is that what’s meant, HG? If so, you’re right. Again. Sad face.

  2. Arg!! Yes!! “I didn’t get to do such and such until I was this age/ or because I was a girl.” Blah blah blah

  3. Oh wait mummy, Is that a new spot on your tummy? You may want to have it scoped for melanoma.

    I’m not cool with people getting skin cancer AT ALL. The response would put a Narcissist in a tizzy for numerous reasons…vanity, immortality compromised. I’d point out the most imperceptible spot.

  4. Hmm… that girl looks genuinely happy.

    Sometimes I wonder, isn’t it a great job that my Patrinarcs did to me while rising me? They taught me a lot of things. I adopted (albeit not internally) many of their effective ways of dealing with this world. “Black and white” perspective, for example. So convenient and time-saving method.

  5. That girl with the swimming cap was me. My mother bought me the ugliest clothes and she would go to the Salvation Army and buy me garish colored coats and ill-fitted second-hand shoes, too. No wonder the other children made fun of me.

      1. Immunity. I am not very sensitive to criticism. (I accidentally hit post before I finished).

  6. This one triggers many memories. Sometimes I really think that she believed what she used to have was best and just had no insight into my reality. Other times it was deliberately malicious because she hated for me to have anything better than she had.
    Often I could actually see the conflict in her face and behavior – wanting me to have the best to impress others for her facade, warring with not being able to stand me having something better than she had had.


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