Little Acons – No. 60



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  1. when i was 16, i entered a writing contest. I got the news via mail and was so excited to see that I had won. When I showed mum, she smiled and then quickly it faded and she handed it back to me, saying that it was a scam and that she doesn’t think I’m that talented. Today, I’m a successful writer that works for a top network in the USA.

    I still have the letter.

  2. Yep, she always found a way to devalue my achievements. It was only as an adult that I noticed she did it out of envy and that she was constantly competing with me.

  3. I remember my mother saying over and over again, Your not like the children, You can’t do that, “Your Fat, Ugly, Stupid” and “If you smile everyone will know what a wonderful Mother you have”, I hear this in the back of my mind everyday, as I shout out To God. I’m doing better these days, after going no contact, But, the echoes still hurt.

  4. HG
    Have you ever heard of Elsa Ronningstam, psychologist and one of the leading international experts on NPD?

      1. I didn’t think so. You are the best, and only, expert out there and after you, it is Sam Vaknin. There is so much misinformation out there, that it is shocking. Your students are better schooled then some experts. Thank you!

      1. My narcs mommie dearest sure did a number on him. Washed-up wrent hag, hah charade you are…
        Pink Floyd
        Pigs-3 Different Ones

  5. take this ACON meaning that nothing was beyond your ability as a child. I am not sure and I hope you explain.

    Off topic of HG and Narcs.

    Chimps. A very special moment was when I spent time playing with some orphaned chimps in Uganda.

    They have empathy. They are amazing and 97.8% same DNA as us.

    Th closes living creature to us. I find this to be exhilarating.

    They are rapidly becoming extinct in the wild. Last time I checked it is 3 countries so far.

    They feel like hairy bricks to hold and touch. They kiss you and hug you, pinch and bite. Slap your butt, just like a little kid.

  6. Thats odd seeing this bc i was thinking this very thing of the genius blog today. These parents treat their kids like performing chimps. Its sad.

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