Locked On Target


We select our targets. It is not a matter left to chance when it comes to identifying those people we choose to ensnare and entangle with. You were picked. There was nothing random about. Thus you can be assured that as a consequence of this most deliberate act you were never at fault. The process of training our sights on certain individuals and in particular that person we choose as our intimate partner who almost always forms our primary source of fuel, is one which has a number of key considerations.

The methodology of our selection of our target is governed, initially, by two considerations.

  1. What we are; and
  2. The role we wish to fill.

These two considerations will then cause us to target certain people on the basis that they will be the optimum person for our needs. In terms of what we are, of course we are  narcissists and you will be familiar with the various traits by which we are defined as being that personality type. Not all of those traits are present with every narcissist and whilst it is worthwhile you being aware of those traits it is far more important for you to recognise the type of narcissist that you may have been involved with and perhaps even more importantly the type or possibly types that may target you in the future. Some of our victims satisfy us whatever type of narcissist we are whereas others are more suited to a particular type thus certain of our kind will not bother targeting that victim.

Narcissists are drawn from two schools and what I refer to as four cadres. The schools are those of being of a Lesser variety, Mid-Range Variety or a Greater variety. The cadres are the Victim, the Somatic, the Cerebral and the Elite Narcissist. Narcissists belong to both a school and a cadre although there is not a category of narcissist for every combination of school and cadre as some are mutually exclusive. It is necessary for you to understand not only the schools and cadres but also the relevant combinations. This is for the following reasons: –

  1. You will understand what to expect from the behaviour of the relevant class of narcissist;
  2. This will shape the way he or she targets their victims, since different classes look for different traits in their victims;
  3. You will learn to recognise those different types since you understand the classes of narcissist that exist; and
  4. You will have a greater understanding of why the narcissist is drawn to you so you can take the appropriate action.

Accordingly, by knowing what we are this will in turn allow you to understand much about how our targeting of victims operates.

The second fundamental part of our methodology concerns your role in your entanglement with us.In terms of that role, the overriding objective of course is the provision of fuel and this means that the role is divide into two distinct categories: –

  1. The Primary Source of Fuel; and
  2. Supplementary Sources

The Primary Source of Fuel

This is the category that you are most likely to belong to. Those who are in the supplementary sources are less likely to realise that they have been ensnared by our kind because those in the category of supplementary sources are usually (although not always) kept in the golden period for the purposes of positive fuel and the maintenance of that all important façade. Those who are in this category of primary source of fuel have the greatest exposure to us, experience the elation of the sustained seduction which goes beyond anything anyone in the supplementary source category would ever experience and you also then face the horror of the devaluation, the bewilderment of discard and the lure of the Hoover. You were chosen because we determined that you would fulfil the role of the primary source especially well because we ascertained when we targeted you that you would provide fuel on a frequent basis, of a high-grade and in copious amounts. This determination is linked to what type of narcissist we are and there are many of your traits which make you most suitable for the position of primary source with your particular narcissist. The fundamental point to understand is that those chosen for this role must almost always be an intimate partner.  There may be occasions when, owing to urgency and a lack of available options, this role might be filled with a family member or a friend but that is rare. The intimate partner is always preferred in the role of primary source. There are several reasons for this: –

  1. You spend the most time with us out of all the people we interact with and therefore you are best placed to provide us with fuel more frequently than anyone else;
  2. You have been chosen because you believe in love and the attraction of being in a relationship. You place great value in these things and therefore you will give a heightened emotional response. You want to be in a relationship so you will give more to it, you will work harder to make it work and preserve it. You will be more loving, more appreciative and more admiring. Similarly, when devaluation occurs you will experience hurt on a greater level, frustration, upset and anger and accordingly your emotional response and thus fuel will be far greater;
  3. We will invariably reside with you, either by spending time at your house or my house together a lot of the time or by moving in together. This will enable us to maintain the façade whilst we mete out our less desirable behaviour towards you behind closed doors. This would be much harder if the primary source was a friend or colleague.
  4. It is from you that we will look to receive some of the shards and segments of attributes and characteristics that are applied to our construct;
  5. We will also require a whole range of ancillary benefits which arise from what you are when you are placed in the role of primary source, for example somebody who might lend us money, provide a roof over our heads, be our nursemaid and so on.

Accordingly, the person who becomes our primary source is the most important selection of all those that we interact with. You are our chief provider of fuel and you must give us a whole host of other benefits. We must ensure we make an excellent choice when we choose the person who is to fulfil the role of primary source.

The Supplementary Sources

The supplementary sources of fuel are all those who provide us with fuel who fall outside of the primary source. Since the primary source is almost without exception an intimate partner this means that supplementary sources are anybody else we interact with, other than this intimate partner. This includes family, friends, colleagues, strangers and others beside all of whom are ranked according to the potency of the fuel that they provide to us.

We extract fuel from all these different types of relationship. We also acquire shards and segments from them for the purposes of our construct. We apply consideration (although not as much as we do when we target out primary source) to those people who we want to be in these various positions to ensure that they fulfil their role. This selection applies to nearly all of the people in the relevant categories contained within supplementary sources in the following ways: –

  1. Their ability to provide us with positive fuel (occasionally negative –  but almost exclusively positive);
  2. Their capacity to provide something else of use to use e.g. their willingness to give us money, carry out work on our behalf, the provision of a place to live where we need a bolthole during a silent treatment and so on;
  3. Their ability to provide us with some trait or attribute which is required for our construct.

These are the three things we look for most of all when we are targeting individuals to be admitted (or remain) within the group of supplementary source. Those are the initial considerations. With those in higher- ranking groups the process is also finessed in order to determine those who will best provide positive fuel, those who will best provide some other benefit and those who will provides us with the best traits for the construct. The forerunners in those categories, which we identify through a number of methods, become those who we admit into those groupings and form one of our supplementary sources of fuel.

These are the overriding considerations when we consider who we will target and you ought to have regard to them in order to understanding how to protect yourself. We build on these central principles through further refined and focussed methods of targeting you in order to choose the perfect victim who will suit or purposes as far as possible.

To gain additional and unrivalled understanding and insight into how we target you and the reasons for this, read Sitting Target.

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AUS  http://www.amazon.com.au/Sitting-Target-How-Narcissist-Chooses-ebook/dp/B01D09B3KS

16 thoughts on “Locked On Target

  1. Jenna says:

    I was ipps. Now i’m a friend, a secondary source. I only give positive fuel occasionally when i respond to his texts. Thus, he does not devalue me.

  2. ;peace out says:

    i’ve been a ‘sexual conquest’ quasi-girlfriend for a sociopath who lives alone, i’m partially compliant, partially non-compliant. the mask doesn’t work on me, but a combination of addictive paternalism and bullying does, because of my childhood. i’ve also had narcs remove their mask at the workplace or social events in front of me, there’s something about me and my condition that makes them do this. it’s happened throughout my life, it scared me ‘a lot’ when i was younger.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi HG. Im wondering about the patience of the narc. When his choice for IPPS has been made, which school/cadre of narc would show greatest patience ‘waiting’ for the empath to be seduced?
    I recently got caught up (again), but saw red flags immediately. However….he seemed to have the patience of a saint. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks heaps.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      There is no patience, the seduction is complete thus you are crowned IPPS.

      1. Lisa says:

        Hmm ok re-phrase HG.
        A: If the narc is TRYING to seduce an empath/target, is there a school/cadre of narc that will perservere longer than other schools/cadres? And…
        B: Will they keep TRYING to seduce a particular empath/target indefinitely?
        Thanks again…

        1. HG Tudor says:


          1. Lisa says:

            Thank you HG. Much appreciated.

  4. Peaceful says:

    HG, I don’t understand how after reading your Blog and hearing your videos and connecting the dots, why would someone remain in a romantic relationship with their narc? I understand if you’re married, and have children that complicates escape greatly. That’s a different story. But if you’re dating, or a DLS, or secondary or tertiary source. Why submit to the abuse and emotional trauma? If you know what it is… that’s your wake up call.

    I suffered 5 years with Nex. Had a life time of narc romantic partners, friends and family members. Read one article of yours and said WTF? I have to GOSO. I’ve encountered so many victims who appear to well, just stay put. And complain. I understand c-ptsd. Have it. Stockholm Syndrome. Have it. Recovering at last.

    I do not want to step on any one’s toes, but seriously, I don’t understand why when you keep telling the world what the hell is happening to them they wouldn’t want better for themselves. Several times a day you tell us from every angle, every position, your kind is doing nothing short of fucking with us in the most despicable of ways on purpose for your personal gain in every way possible.

    I’m an admin for a narc abuse group and find it frustrating when victims are repelling the avenue to betterment. I guess they’re just not ready to leave? Haven’t suffered enough? Don’t want to look within at themselves?

    I don’t know if you have any answers to the above, thank you for the vent 🙂
    Ever grateful for my freedom,

    PS: Congratulations on over 6 million hits!!!

  5. Kim Michaud says:

    I often wondered if a narc would choose anyone help could get when he’s in a situation where he has limited choice for example my exnarc is Muslim but refuses to marry a Muslim and as we know western woman aren’t lining up to date Muslim men which gives him limited choices I often wonder if I was chosen because I was all he could get is that even possible or likely given the circumstances or did I have to be carefully selected

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It depends on how the rest of his fuel matrix is constituted.

  6. Kim Michaud says:

    I still for the life of me can’t figure out what cadre he falls in definitely not the victim because he maintains he needs nobody not an Elite but not a classic somatic or cerebral all I know is he wanted an American wife who wasn’t Muslim but was open to Islam was reasonably attractive but not supermodel status was willing to tolerate philandering treated him with respect in front of his family and friends praised his sexuality prowess even though he has none and was somewhat submissive no idea what the heck category that fits into

    1. HG Tudor says:

      One would need more information to make a proper evaluation.

    2. Jenna says:

      Hi kim. Hg will have the answers for u thru a consultation. But generally, if he doesn’t fit into greater or lesser category, hg has stated that he will most likely be a mid-ranger. However, as hg stated, more information is required. Pls do give more information if u feel comfortable.

      1. kimmichaud1 says:

        Hi Jenna I know he’s a midranger the question was whether he’s a somatic cerebral etc I’d love a consultation with hg but unfortunately lost a great deal of money this summer all my money has to be allotted to basic necessities till I recover

        1. Jenna says:

          Kim, i’m sorry that u lost so much money. I hope u recover it soon. It’s not easy going thru a narc relationship and financial difficulties. I pray that everything goes in ur favor.

          Ok, so u know he’s a mid-ranger. Did he like to look good, wear fancy watches, stylish clothes, own/want a luxury car, etc? Did he work out? Then possibly somatic. If instead, he cared more abt discussing politics, world issues, books, travel, etc. and placed less importance on material items and his physique, then maybe cerebral.

          Let me know what ur conclusion is.

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