Adored and Abhorred

Adored and Abhorred by [Tudor, H G]

Learn more about the narcissistic mind set and why you are up on the pedestal one moment and in the dust the next

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6 thoughts on “Adored and Abhorred

  1. Rhyming Fun says:


    1. Rhyming Fun says:

      I was trying to make a face, but it did not work. 😛

      1. Rhyming Fun says:

        It just worked!

  2. Rhyming Fun says: I think this is where I shall find the answer.

  3. Rhyming Fun says:

    I don’t understand why it is so excruciating to let the Narcissist go despite all of the deplorable things that they do, and that they say, to us.

    I have been able to easily walk away from Non-Narcs who have been a**holes, and I have never looked back. But, I don’t understand why with the Narcissist this is not so easily done. And yet, they do the most horrendous, hurtful things- wounding so deeply.

    Do you have an article that might answer this question, HG, please?

    (I hope my comment/question is wholly understandable. Sometimes, when I am on a forum, I tend to be a bit more casual, and not so formal with my English Grammer Usage).

  4. Rhyming Fun says:


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