Why is the Narcissist’s Facebook Page Silent?



Of all the various social media platforms that are available, Facebook remains a clear favourite with our kind. Its titanic status and near ubiquitous nature appeal as does the fact that it remains the demographic social media home of the majority of our victims. Facebook is used extensively but there is an occurrence whereby it appears that our once vibrant Facebook page has fallen into disuse. The profile picture never alters whereas it once changed several times a day to allow us to show off the latest snapshot of our brilliance. The timeline remains mournfully empty. There are no posts about our latest achievements and accomplishments. There is no sharing of the latest video we have uploaded or the link to YouTube for the same purpose. The only things that can be seen are the annual birthday well wishes from those reminded by the automated feature on the platform. There are never any replies to these salutations. There are postings from years ago but everything appears to be silent. Your friend request may have been accepted but nothing more has happened and now our profile drifts silently through cyberspace like some ghost ship. Why do we let this happen?

  1. Bring out the spyglass

Just because there is not anything happening on our profile it does not mean that there is nothing happening. We are using this profile to spy on you and others. We utilise it for the gathering of information prior to the seduction, we use it to keep an eye on what you are doing on your profile page during the devaluation and we utilise it to keep tabs on you in readiness for that hoover. Silent and looming we use the profile to watch you, waiting and calculating our next move. As you churn out the comments, posts and likes, we are watching, that small smile playing across our lips, forked tongue brushing those sharp teeth as we lie in wait.

  1. Triangulation

“Yes I am on Facebook, you can send me a friend request if you wish, but I never use it. I haven’t in years. I am too busy you see; I prefer to do my living in the real world. It is being with people that matters to me. I don’t need to herald what I achieve on an electronic platform, I let my actions in real life speak for themselves. That is what matters to me. I prefer to be face to face with people, seeing them hearing them speak and watching them.”

An earnest speech designed to impress you and con you into thinking that there is nothing to be wary about with regards to our Facebook profile. We triangulate you with a supposedly dead Facebook profile in order to cause you to admire us for being so “real”. Oh the irony. All of it is tripe. Made-up for the purposes of making us sound good. Apart from the last sentence. That one is true though not for the reasons most people would expect. That personal interaction is required because that is where the best fuel is.

  1. Deterrent

You are less likely to block us if you think we never use our Facebook page which comes in useful for keeping an eye on you post discard for the purposes of organising a hoover. If we are unlikely to use our profile or even read it then you are dissuaded from posting anything there which might upset our carefully crafted façade. Why bother when nobody reads it? By conning you that this profile is never visited you will similarly keep away from it and thus we reduce your chances of interference and also those of your supporters. This means fewer people to tackle online when the smear campaign is rolled out.

  1. Ever Presence

If there was no Facebook page, then you could obviously never look at it could you? By keeping it and not blocking you, you will keep returning to it post escape and post discard because you cannot help but want to know what we are doing, whether we are saying anything about you. You may not be minded to post anything in accordance with the point above (you do not of course want us to know that you are sneaking these looks) but you will look nevertheless. You always do. You keep returning to it in the hope of some posting, some development and some news. This keeps you linked to us and keeps us in your mind as each day you conduct your obligatory tour of our social media platforms.

  1. Cover Story

The lack of activity on our Facebook profile allows us to maintain plausible deniability. How can we be engaging in flirting online if we never go on Facebook? Look, nothing is happening. Here, check the messages. See there is nothing there and hasn’t been for months. I hate you being so controlling like this; why do you treat me this way? We use it to assume the moral high ground and provoke you into responding to our jibes.

  1. The Action is Elsewhere

You cannot seriously expect us to lose one of our main weapons in our game playing can you? Whilst our “real” profile may be dormant, the real action is taking place using a fake profile where we are gathering legions of prospective targets, engaging in flattery, flirtation and fabrication as we suck fuel from these individuals and look to identify potential targets for a closer approach to them. Do not think that the fact we use a fabricated profile will stand in our way to converting the seduction to a real-life interaction. We have a thousand lies to legitimately explain away why we did this and the intrigue will make you want us all the more.

  1. Resurrection

At some point we will crank the profile back into life and the proliferation of likes, postings and comments will begin again. We operate through contrast and this difference between dormancy and vibrancy will be used to our advantage and to your disadvantage. You can rest assured of that. We will suddenly engage with people and allow you to see it, but not engage with you, in order to continue our devaluation of you. We may spring into life and seduce you through the profile proclaiming that you are so special we wanted to tell the world all about you and use our Facebook profile (free from being cluttered with less worthy individuals) about it.

52 thoughts on “Why is the Narcissist’s Facebook Page Silent?

  1. ajo says:

    I noticed he reactivated his fb after a year. I saw his old profile picture in my messenger next to his old messages, otherwise I wouldn’t have known as he has blocked me.
    He has another account I found with a blank picture. I am not blocked from that one. I’m guessing that one is to snoop on me and others he blocked so we think his fb doesn’t exist?
    Why would he block me? I had a mutual friend snoop. He is not fb friends with his current IPPS and has not updated anything on his fb since he took it down in Aug 2016. He also deleted the old friends who “sided” with me post breakup.

    #1. Why am I blocked? Is it because he doesn’t want me to know he is back on fb and possibly tell his IPPS he is on it? Or am I black still. I have this weird feeling he is going to paint me white soon…

    #2 Why is he not fb friends with his IPPS? Has he likely blocked her so she doesn’t know he has an account?

    #3 Does him reactivating his account after a year mean that he is low on fuel so he is out looking for some?

    #4 Should I block his other account which he has not blocked me from? I honestly don’t care if he looks at my fb. I am happy and have nothing to hide and I am not scared of a hoover.

    My predictions are like your above. There will be silence on fb for a while. However, I believe once he has discarded his current IPPS or she leaves him that he will reactive his instagram (he was very active on it) and start posting again on fb for needed attention. He has a 6 month cycle it seems when the IPPS starts to get stale and the Golden period end. It’s been six months this month. Gotta love those midrangers!!!

    Thanks HG!!!

  2. Tappan Zee says:

    I deleted my facebook.
    They hold it in purgatory.
    After 2wks poof gone. Done.
    FB wants to be sure ur sure.
    1 hoover source scorched earth.

    1. Katarina says:

      How do you do that I want to delete mine start a new one

      1. Rebecca says:

        Google that question and it will give you a direct link on fb. Heads up….it takes two weeks and if you log back in at any time the two weeks cycle will begin again.

  3. Rhyming Fun says:

    Mr. Tudor,

    Thank you for the generic “you are welcome’s” that you send to me. Everyone else gets ‘I hope you live by Vineyards!’ or, ‘My pleasure. Hope you…’, Or, ‘…. … …. ………..! … . …..! ……..’.

    Your “you are welcome” to me are still so cool, but… whatever, Mr. Tudor.

    😛 🙁 :-(.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Stop trying to infer a discrimination which does not exist. It is not a competition.

      1. SVR says:

        Are you being annoyed HG? Are all the things on the table? Just having a little fun. 😈

        1. HG Tudor says:

          No annoyance SVR. The desk top is undisturbed.

      2. Rhyming Fun says:

        Fair enough.

      3. Rhyming Fun says:

        I know that I misbehave a lot, but I don’t essentially realize it until after the fact. I usually see it in hindsight, but not during 🙁
        I suppose I lack some of the basic common sense that many naturally have 🙁
        I am always being scolded by someone, not HG, but I mean other people.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          And as I have made it clear, comment constructively and you remain welcome to do so.

          1. Ester Cobb says:

            This person is a narcissist trying to get fuel from you HG, lol

          2. Violetta says:

            What is “the dungeon”? A ban on posting for a time or permanently?

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Is Claudia with us again?

      1. jenna says:

        Omg that’s exactly what i was thinking!😂

        1. NarcAngel says:

          Rhyming Fun

          You cannot hide your identity simply by changing your user name-you are easily identifiable. I have known it was you from the first post and hoped that you had returned with adjusted medication and a new outlook so I encouraged you by telling you your questions were not stupid and possibly why Mr Tudor had not answered all of your posts in the way that you liked. Your previous pattern was to start out slowly with brief and complimentary posts only to quickly turn to baiting Mr Tudor with false allegations of bias and discrimination towards you, and then further to attacking and insulting other commemters. I see your method has not changed and you are now engaging in phase 2. We have no interest in the attacks and insults to come so you’ll excuse us if you dont get the interaction you desire from the rest of us unless you are respectable and constructive.

          1. Diva says:

            Hey NarcAngel …..that pretty much banjaxes my idea to change my user name and post “my truth”……..you and Jenna are like virtual sniffer dogs……and I have a feeling that K would be onto me like a rash…..Diva

          2. NarcAngel says:


            If you can toss around words like banjaxes you might sexy up your descriptions of people a bit. Dogs and rashes? Jesus, Im a bitch but thats just mean.

          3. jenna says:

            Narcangel, i had to look up the word ‘banjax’ after reading ur comment. It’s irish. I believe diva lives in ireland or has irish roots, so many that explains it 😝

          4. Diva says:

            Hi Jenna….you are correct……I did hear the word “banjax” here in Ireland….along with the word “kibosh”………both words work well with the nick name of Jinxy…….I hear them all too often!!!!…….Diva

          5. jenna says:


          6. Diva says:

            Hey NarcAngel…….I did sexy it up……you should have seen my first draft!!!!
            What can I say…..only that this blog has changed me beyond all recognition……..you remember what I was like when I first appeared here?…..I am blaming HG……..yes, I have also got the hang of this blame shifting lark……In my defence I am not much of a people person……but if I can tease you it means that I like you!!!!! I am afraid that is about as sexy as it gets!!!!!…….It did make me laugh that you had someone rumbled after just one post though……..Diva

          7. jenna says:


          8. Diva says:

            Guilty as charged!!!!…..Diva

          9. jenna says:

            Diva, lol!

          10. Violetta says:

            Who is Claudia?
            K, can you point me to a sample dysfunctional conversation of hers?

  4. JC says:

    I deleted his entire family and friends from my Facebook and started a new account. Part of me wished I hadn’t because it would have shown them I was not the cheater. I just didn’t want any reminders or for any of them to tell him what I was doing. I still have him and his new “wife” blocked. It bothers me that people that know what he did to me are still friends with him and “like” what he is doing. It is kind of sick. It came in really handy for my lawyers to find out information on his and the girlfriends accounts though. She posted everything! I think this can go both ways…His Mother is completely embarrassed by what he posts. She found out he was with someone new on Facebook from her friends at a party. She said it was awful. They asked what happened to me? Facebook is dangerous for so many reasons.

  5. Daisy says:

    HG, when I was reading this I thought I wonder if my midrange ex has more than one facebook. Turns out there are three completely empty profiles also under his name in addition to his actual profile. Thanks for the heads up. I now have all three completely empty profiles under his name blocked. Will this be an wound for him? He doesn’t know I know about the other profiles so I am guessing it will wound him when he goes to creep on me and all his accounts are blocked.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It will and good work.

      1. Rhyming Fun says:

        Thank you for writing this article for me, H.G.; It pleases me greatly.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

  6. Diva says:

    My own Facebook page is virtually silent too…….I have never let any of my narc friends be my Facebook friends……..that has stood me in good stead now……and even if they did gain access to it there is little to glean about me on there. They could learn more about me by reading my comments on this blog!…….Diva

    1. Tappan Zee says:

      DIVA! I was just thinking that tonite. What are the chances a narc would be creeping on here. As in my nex. And others. I mean pretty sure they would run like hell. Plus they don’t know what they are. Picture me with foghorn alerting them. Ha.

      1. Diva says:

        Hi Tappan Zee…..you know when you are well on the way to recovery when you don’t really care if the narc is reading it or not!!!!!….Diva

  7. Lisa says:

    Con Man BLOCKED! Fk theyre good arent they? Fkrs!!
    Thanks HG. Must admit, I wasnt diligent in the blocking of the con man….

  8. Tappan Zee says:

    💯 Not one thing off the mark.


  9. Rebecca says:

    This is why one of the reasons why l permanently deleted my fb account. Out of sight, out of mind. Also has eliminated a lot of negativity that so often overwhelmed me.
    It really has been so freeing on several levels.

  10. The Dew of the Sea says:

    That’s why nobody should send a friend request to a narcopath. If you accepted his friend request, put him into the “restricted” friend list. It is also recommended not to post anything as public. Get his fuel from someone “more easy-going”. Stay “boring” for them.

  11. PhoenixRising says:

    My narc has always been active on FB, but he definitely had a flury of activity going on in the first weeks after I told him I was done playing his game. He even tried to triangulate me by suddenly showing interest in a dear friend of mine, who coincidentally (unbeknownst to him) hates him, by liking and commenting on her posts. Thanks to you, HG, I immediately saw what he was doing and was able to sit back and have a good laugh.

  12. foolme1time says:


    I am always learning new information from you! As I was reading this post a light bulb turned on in my head! Sometimes the answer is right in front of your face!! Thank you once again! Your the best!! Xxx

  13. Rhyming Fun says:

    Sorry for the typos; my tablet is acting up, blinking, and all over the place.

    1. Who Knows says:

      Oh that isn’t for me my bad. But your post is well written for sure, lots of strong emphatic words. You seem quite confident too.

    2. jenna says:

      Rhyming fun aka claudia,

      May i ask why u chose this user name? I am curious. I believe ur last user name had a happy tone too, something to do w unicorns if i recall correctly? I look fwd to reading ur thoughts.

      How is the trapeze artistry going? U have posted abt flying in the air, etc. U also said u r paid more if u don’t use a net. But pls b careful. The money may not b worth the risk.

  14. Rhyming Fun says:

    Mister Tudor,

    This is so spot-on! Number three is perfectly profound in its detail of ‘not blocking them if we feel like there’s not much to block since they’re never on there, anyway’.

    And, the other descriptions are so true in regards, of course, to the last Narcissist whom I was with! Everything written here is exactly what I have experienced from him.

    This article, and the one that you. Mr. Tudor, also wrote about Facebook Forums is so fitting for the entirety of what happened to me with the whole scenario.

    Of course, I am not a Narcissist, so I do not believe that these two posts were written just for Me, but it’s so strange how they are here! It is as if you did post them just for me! I know you didn’t, but WOW!!! Thank you.

    1. Who Knows says:

      Rhyming Fun, why not believe it’s for you, maybe it’ll help your bruised ego that was left to die. It’s Fun!

      1. Who Knows says:

        Along with the rest of you for the vultures to pick on at their pleasing.

      2. Rhyming Fun says:

        Who Knows: thank you 🙂 Good idea 🙂

      3. Who Knows says:

        It is a good idea. People can’t deal with someone’s success, move to the side. There’s a real difference false concert and earned confidence.

      4. Who Knows says:


  15. Peaceful says:

    My Nex claimed he didn’t use FB because he was advised against it as a high profile CEO. I never bothered to check. Post escape I looked him up. I found 7 profiles with his name. The Profile photo is that standard shadow figure. His photo is absent. I blocked all 7 of them. Along with everyone else I knew connected to him.
    “Lie til you die” was his mantra…

    1. Tappan Zee says:

      Peaceful: Lie Til You Die
      All narcs license plates motto.

  16. gabbanzobean says:

    Awwww shucks! And here I was thinking it was because he was withdrawn and depressed. 🙄

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