Little Acons – No. 6


A series of memes which encapsulates the mind set of the narcissistic parent towards their child resulting in the creation of the Adult Child of a Narcissist.

6 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 6

  1. 12345 says:

    My sister and I were triangulated our whole lives. We each loved the brief honors of being the golden child with all the approval it included. We would hate the other when we were knocked off our pedestal and begin the competition of her favor again. I was a stronger fighter than my sister and spent more time on the pedestal. I was horrible to her and have since apologized. I saw her as a constant threat to my good standing. She suffered greatly.

    We finally made peace long enough to realize that mother had to keep us apart. We learned everything she had done to the other and have finally honored this endless cry from her.

    We are exactly alike now. We have both gone no contact with her and we are closer than we’ve ever been. She is the sister I was never allowed to have growing up. I’m sure my mother is delighted that we are twins in that regard.

  2. Mona says:

    Yes, that would be better.

  3. thepianist20 says:

    Narc parent to an only child –

    “If only you could be more like my friend’s daughter!”

  4. Yep. My own mother used to compare us to our step sister. Very divisive.
    This actually made it harder for my step sister to fit in when she came to live with us after her mother put her on a train by herself at age 8, and only after she’s already on the train, called my Pop and said, “You need to pick up your daughter, I sent her to you.” Had not heard a word from her in years, and had sent her out of the blue, No Warnings, no explanations.
    2 mothers terrible in different ways.

  5. Becky says:

    That was my family, but golden child brother didn’t have it so good either. Once he moved a couple states away narc mom stopped contacting him unless he initiated contact. Must be confusing to be put on a pedestal but be ignored.

  6. narc affair says:

    Im sure my mum thinks this all the time bc she cant control me. I dont just go along with the program.

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