Little Acons – No. 50



13 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 50”

  1. LOL! “I am the benevolent dictator! This is my house and as long as you live under my roof, I OWN you and you will do as I command!” BYE BYE daddy-o! Got my first job at age 12, usually had 2 or 3 jobs plus school at all times, saved all my money. Moved out at 17.

  2. That’s extra soft, someone I know heard: “I gave you birth, I’ll kill you…”. I’ve heard: “you’re not allowed to speak, you’re just a “watching peace of s**t”. Oh, “sweet, sweet” memories…I manage to laugh at my father’s “creativity”. That’s all he was able of and where there isn’t more (heart, brain, well behaving)…nobody can ask for it.

  3. It’s just an illusion… nobody are so close for evry istant in the life just to control another person so nobody can have a real control about what the others do or say.
    And remember…all this pain generated makes persons out of control… more than if them feel good….

    1. A little tip dear Thepianist: never use capital letters when you write to a narc. It shows your emotions and they love that.

      They don’t read your words, just your emotions.

  4. This one made me laugh! Yeah, they think that. And it probably is true when we’re infants and toddlers. After that it just slips more and more into fallacy every year. One more example of narc misconceptions that ruin relationships.

    1. Yep you are right WS2!

      I got my first pay this Monday, and dad changed his debit card password, the a-hole psychopath couldn’t share his money.

      So, that’s my last straw


      1. Thepianist20
        Good for you. Best of luck finding a good place. Be on guard for new narcs, though. They will always be around you wherever you go.

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