We are adept at sniffing out our prey. We are able to identify those that will be of little use to us and ignoring them. We discern those who are obstructive and avoid them. We have an instinctive ability to target those who serve our purposes with the greatest effectiveness. Those who will provide us with copious amounts of fuel, those who will provide the traits that we need to steal for our own construct in order to draw others to us as to keep the creature at bay. Those who will give us the additional benefits which we regard as our entitlement, access to your resources for our sole use. The Lesser latches on to those who serve his kind once they come too close to him. Like a predator noticing the scent of a potential victim, he is alerted to your presence and makes his move, swift and immediate. A creature of instinct, he knows when there is a victim who will suit his purposes nearby and will go after that person. They may not be the best suited to his purposes but that does not matter, for now. He senses prey and will bring down this victim and attach himself to them, leeching the fuel from them until it is near empty and he will then discard and move to the next victim he has sniffed out and who is nearby. The Lesser will lurk in the most proven hunting grounds. He does not want to venture too far away. He does not want to expend too much energy stalking that prey and wearing it down. He looks for victims who are easily in reach, who he can bring down without much effort and then sink his fangs into with ease. It might be that a more suitable, a more fuelling victim, is a little distance away, but the Lesser goes for what is in front of him. He will not spend time seeking out a better victim but slays what is nearest and then moves on to the next nearest and so forth. Thus the Lesser hunts in an aggressive and volatile manner, he must seduce his victims quickly for fear of the beast within making itself known too soon and frightening his prey away. He has to camouflage his own creature and is not able to do it for too long. The Lesser will want low-hanging fruit. He is not interested in those that might pose a challenge and thus provide more rewarding fuel. He will take fuel from his primary source victims anyway he can. You may liken it to someone mine sweeping for drinks at a party. Rather than waiting to find the bottle of Grey Goose vodka hidden by the host at the back of a cupboard, the Lesser will drink the dregs of a can of beer, then swig what remains from the nearest bottle of wine and thus move from receptacle to receptacle, feasting and draining.

The Mid-Range is more discerning. He knows what he is attracted to and he will spend longer searching for it. He has reasonable intelligence, guile and ability and thus he will put this to use in order to find the more appropriate victim for him. He can pass over somebody who might be suitable but is not entirely satisfactory. Whereas the Lesser would have snatched hold of that victim, sniffing out that person’s reasonable suitability, a number of the traits he requires being met, but not all, the Mid-Range is content to stalk a little longer. The Mid-Range makes considerable use of watching from afar as he evaluates the applicability of his prospective prey. He observes, regards and reflects. He does not have the out and out confidence to go for the kill straight away like the Greater, nor is he pushed by the sense of urgency and hunger which afflicts the Lesser. He has some control and he will use this to ensure his appliances, especially those which become the primary source are the better ones. He of course is not of limitless energy and there comes a time when necessity becomes the driver for interaction and he must make his choice, but it is not without consideration and application to those traits, both generic to the empathic individual and specific to the type of victim which best accords with his own needs. The Mid-Range recognises that there is a type of person he is drawn to, although he does not know why this is. He is able to discern those traits and characteristics which serve him best and as a consequence it is those that he will apply some time to achieving. He recognises that certain traits in people afford him greater satisfaction and therefore he will look for those without knowing the true reason he does so. The Mid-Range will apply some methodology to the hunt for his prey but there is always the pressure of need which means that it may not be as ideal as he might like.

Continuing the mine sweeping analogy, the Mid-Range would not bother to sup the dregs from bottles and glasses at the part but spend time thinking about where the “good stuff” might be stashed. He will locate four cans of beer in the fridge. There might be greater rewards elsewhere but he is satisfied with this reasonable degree of quality that he has identified and does not want to risk letting his prize disappear as he gambles on trying to find something superior and failing.

The Greater revels in the hunt. The identification of the choicest victim is crucial to him. Yes, there may be times when necessity brings about the imposition of a less desirable (yet still functional) victim but when the conditions are apt (there is no fuel crisis and we are preparing for discard and are therefore in control of our environment) the Greater will spend time identifying those who exhibit many of the generic and specific traits that will serve him best. Indeed, the Greater will have several prospects in hand as he mines information about these prospects, assesses and evaluates it. Once satisfied that the signs and indications are good, he will make his move and engage to ascertain that his initial intelligence remains good. If it is (and it is usually is) he will then move in for the kill. Unlike the Lesser who will go for the jugular and bring his victim down swiftly and promptly, the Greater will utilise the intelligence that he has gathered in order to mesmerise, charm and hypnotise his victim. With dedicated application, the Greater will readily disarm his victim, disable any self-defence which may exist and have the victim exactly where he wants him or her. Like a viper, he will strike suddenly and with lightning speed he will be attached to the victim, fangs sunk deep and then the draining will begin as the fuel pumps from the unwitting victim to be sucked up by the Greater. The Greater knows what he wants and he will stalk different hunting grounds in order to achieve what he wants. He has the ability and the energy to sustain a longer hunt, or a shorter hunt where the victim may prove to be more challenging. Of course if a victim supplies the necessary traits and can be ensnared with ease, the Greater will also take this low-hanging fruit. He is no fool. However, he is undeterred by the higher-hanging fruit, that which is more succulent and nourishing in terms of fuel. He knows where to find the best victims, that is why he operates in several hunting grounds and he also is the most able of the three schools of narcissist to identify the traits in his victims. Whilst the Lesser sense by instinct, the Mid-Range knows what works for him but does not know why, the Greater knows precisely what it is what he wants. He also knows how these various traits manifest in his victims. He understands what to look for, what to see, what to listen out for and once he has seen the indicators he is able to satisfy himself that the appropriate traits exist within this target. He will then lock on and only in the most extreme of cases will he be prevented from conquering this target. The reward is too tantalising, his skill set too great and the lure of such a delicious victim proves too great for him to resist, challenging or not.

Once those fangs have sunk into the victim and the fuel is drawn, whether it is a Lesser, Mid-Range or Greater, we will remain until it comes time to identify the next prey.

12 thoughts on “Prey

  1. Kat says:

    HG, How do I get a consult w you? How much is it? I thoroughly enjoy your highly intellectual, creative and humorous writing style! I am a writer myself. I dont know how you will take this or what it will mean to you, but being a magnetic empath, I want to express some genuine feelings from my heart. I dont see you or any of your kind as monsters. I realize I myself could have had a very troubled childhood and been thrust into your darkness myself. My heart goes out to your kind. What horrible suffering for you. I cant imagine. I dont mind giving you fuel at all right now. Regardless of your motives, you HAVE made your mark on the world through your blog and books! Thank you for your courage and willingness! You have given advice to who knows how many and given them their lives back! Some you have protected literally. God bless you for that! I dont believe your kind has reserved places in hell but rather God understands and has compassion. And the sins of your kind are no greater than any of us. I forgive you and your kind as well. The Bible says all have fallen short of the glory of God. It says one sin is not greater than another. The Bible says forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Heres an interesting thought: Here YOU are helping empaths while others who are out there judging have not helped anyone. You are loved unconditionally by me, a stranger and by your Creator God. ***I will be buying many of your books. I anxiously await your upcoming book on your childhood. I write all this sincerely even while I am dreading going no contact with my narc. Please never stop sharing your gift of writing with us empaths!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      If you mean an audio consult it is US $ 100. See the relevant headers in the menu bar of the blog Kat. Thank you for your kind comments.

  2. Cheryl says:

    This pic seemed like one you would use:

  3. Joy4Life says:

    I bet.

  4. Peaceful says:

    HG, thanks to you I celebrated 10 months escaped yesterday! it’s funny, I’ve been on 3 dinner dates recently and a few coffee dates. And no follow ups…. hmmmm….. I wonder if they know there’s no fuel supply here???? I just love the education you’ve given me!!!! xoxo

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Well done and you are welcome.

  5. Ugotit says:

    He must of thought I was filet mignon now he thinks I’m a McDonalds burger

  6. /iroll says:

    Apparently i’m just a “fakezelle”

  7. Carrie Khaddour says:

    my Narcissist talked about options-and had at least 3 going with any tertiary that came along by static cling usually by playing the poor victim t to form a pity party that he would pass hints of his needs to in very subtle ways carefully turning up the theatrics when he sensed this would succeed, these people seemed to gush with sympathy never using their very small heads to think about the fact they had only his words and no viable proof of his statements being true! I resent these People for playing the Saviors of the devil and for administering advice that in turn further oppressed me they meddled right along forming a side against someone they had never met calling themselves righteous, his family benefits by allegiance to his unquestioned rightness in what ever he does,so thus in my opinion are operating with his schemes and instigating this further by their validation , In society the toddler/Tyrant does not get far except in isolated occasions, he never showed that side in public , he was the epitome of manners and humble graciousness he was clearly disciplined in hiding his tyrant I could see it ,others did not seem to be able to! The costume he wore to cover his selfish heartless manipulating remorseless Lying, Black Soul,excuse me[ LIAR ] as lying which everybody does at times in my opinion is not the same as BEING a LIAR This Narc is a LIAR and oddly he LIES When he Knows Full well you know the TRUTH .He does it to Set You Off on purpose and looks at you like oops! When he Lies to deceive he does so very carefully and methodic _I believe the only reason he was caught was that I have an Uncanny Gift of keen intuition and I listen more to what is not being said then what is spoken I feel The Motive of People very accurately and I begin to get Disturbing indescribable core feelings about people who are at odds with what they say and What I see in them ,I question this intensely not wanting to make an error in my judgement of them as people, It Continues to increase according to the extent of the accuracy of what I am feeling and grows to an Event of Catastrophic Proportions if it reaches such a time Where I openly Call them out,Most of the time these persons avoid or disengage occasions of close encounter with me which as they seem to be able to sense as well That I am Discerning the falseness . the worst type toys with that and can further sense I seem uncomfortable about making a incorrect assessment of them these type seem to relish the process of painful emotional experiences I endure to come to a conclusion Those Type Are Purely Sadistic and it very quickly comes to a showdown these persons cover up their tracks quite well but few can prepare for the result they may seem to some like they are innocent but I don’t Mince around With Stating very directly what I Have conclusively Observed as to their malevolence,The Narc however was both sadistic and knew that process very well that I would Be Going from Annoyance to feeling I had Mis-judged him ,he played that Like Musical instrument while he built a whole compilation of staged scenarios that he recorded and had gathered from picture taken unbeknownst to me to depict in staged to proof My Hostility Instability and My overall abuse and oppression of HIM he would call the monkey and she was kept open to hear my responses when he would say something diabolical and then refuse to address it give the silent treatment call her and in her hearing he would say Cookie Calm down and Lets Discuss this only to be Discussing All these Questions I needed to answer about My Behavior Which Launched My Warhead _I found all this Out Every Bit of it By Follow up On my Intuition to prove he was not the Evil I was Sensing Him to be Au’ Contraire _I Found He was Every bit That and Worse!
    My Plan to prevent Hoover and Keep the Chances on the far side is concerning this NarcMaking his Exploits Public Record _Keeping Him On the Run No direct Contact nor indirect thru mutual friends he is gone and I packed them with Him-I am reinventing My Life I post enough information to let anyone know who is keeping tabs That I have No Intention of relenting My Fight to Remove him from residency in this country I will continue to produce certifiable Moral Turpitude Evidence until he has to renew/I am Submitting Court Transcripts of all that has transpired his monkey was a Co- conspirator That Is provable and she lost the case against her -he did as you said and Feigned an Emergency no Show of any emotion on my part I did not object to Continuance But a New Date is Set None the Less With The Transcripts A Letter From Me his Co/Sponsor Spouse Stating That He Lacks the Qualities.That one would Expect From a Citizen _He represents Many of the Character Traits That Would Make him Ineligible to immigrate anywhere /He Entered By Marriage Fraud and should be held Liable Along With The Co- Conspirator also married and contributed to his Total Violation of Rigid Vetting To This Country each holds a 250,000.00 fine 5 years imprisonment _Submission of my petition to remove from sponsorship along with the co sponsor and letters to rescind affidavits of support from 7 witnesses to prove a bonafide marriage all but 2 parties that I do not Even Know Making Those Invalid for that reason-I am Requesting He Reprove The Bona-Fide Marriage Before Being Allowed Eligibility to Continue Residency in this Country Submission of a letter Completely Purjurous that he submitted to DHS_Interview Fraud And Complete Mis representation of Himself To Interview Personnel ?Provable Violation Of His Contract Of Conditional residency Stated If He was found in Violation he would be subject to immediate deportation Proceedings SuperNovae Continues as a Supernova Remnant And In process Of Reforming as a white Dwarf Star acreting critical mass from a Blue Giant to generate Energy Sufficient for the Nuclear Explosion as seen in Feb 1987_ By the SN1087A in the Large Magellanic Cloud

  8. Lori says:


    Ugh! Why is he starting to show up in common places now? I am a shelf ipss that has been correctively devalued a few times then I was placed on the shelf in favor of another. I do not message him or talk to him or comment on his stuff. if he is on a thread, I leave. Why is he popping up all the time now ? he’s not contacting me and im not contacting him. I don’t want to. I know what he is now. I just want him to go away. I assume these are passive hoovers? When do they end ? If I continue no acknowledgement will he stop? It’s annoying. I’d block him, but I cant we have too many mutual friends and it will start people talking

    Are these just lazy hoovers he will get bored of if I don’t reach out ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      They are passive indirect physical hoovers. Their frequency is governed by the Hoover Trigger and the Hoover Execution Criteria. If you do not react to them in any way, this will push the hoover bar higher and (all else remaining equal) mean the HEC is less likely to be achieved and therefore they will start to diminish.

  9. lexiconlover says:

    “He will then kick on and only in the most extreme of cases will he be prevented from conquering this target.” Admission and acceptance of the axiom that one cannot always have what one wants; I always knew you were exceptional.

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