The Igniters of Fury – No. 9


2 thoughts on “The Igniters of Fury – No. 9

  1. DoForLuv says:

    I remember 1 year after my escape from lesser narcissist husband who I lived with for 8 years ,my life Improved drastically everything was accomplished immediately ! What I just couldn’t finish in the 8 years before .

  2. IndividualEnthusiasm says:

    Before my involvement with my greater, I never quite understood what a true narcissist was. Before I ran across this blog, I really didn’t understand the depths of it all. My normal approach to a split is to go on as if they never existed. I do not care how deep the wound is, I will not let it show. I’ve ran into the ex in public, and acted as if he was a ghost. My natural instinct is to not give fuel post breakup. I think this will buy me some extra time to build my defenses as he is currently distracted by new appliances.

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