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3 thoughts on “Exorcism”

  1. HG Sir,
    Read Fuel- understood.
    Read Fury- got it literally. I have my own type of fury, a boiling restless mass and have (in your words)gone supernova on most of my narcs, including mother.
    Just finished Exorcism. I understand the steps and was already in the process of deletion. My question, do you believe these steps will actually work for parental narcissists? I have no fall back or life before to reference.

    Also, since I have a long history with my mother, have you written in more detail about how narcissistic evolve?

    1. Thank you for reading. Yes, those steps are applicable to a parental narcissist and you should read Manipulated and No Contact. With regard to the evolution of a narcissist, that work is in progress but not yet published.

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