Cherished and Chastised


Understanding the narcissist is the key to achieving freedom from his or her manipulative wiles. Few people achieve it because the world view of the narcissist is distinctly different from that of other people. People make the mistake of regarding the actions and words of the narcissist from their own perspective. Once they regard these actions through the narcissistic lens then comprehension and knowledge can be achieved. How is this done? It is done by reading all about how the narcissist thinks and behaves, how he regards situations and why he responds in the way that he or she does. A series of observations awaits here which will give you further insight into the narcissistic mind direct from the narcissist himself and in turn you will gain knowledge. A useful and insightful tool that will assist you in grappling with the perversions and delinquencies of the narcissistic mind and thereafter enable you to achieve understanding and ultimately freedom.


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8 thoughts on “Cherished and Chastised

  1. /iroll says:

    Narc Angel, the best thing about me is my ambiguity.

  2. /iroll says:

    I will get this book, on the condition that you help one of your exes who is still wounded and can’t move on, to move on. Let her know that it wasn’t her fault and admit you were abusive because of (unspecified) issues that you weren’t aware of or in control of at the time. Or, whatever.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I will decide if I do that, not because I am told to do it.

      1. /iroll says:

        It’s the ethical choice to not support a known abuser —but i say it tongue-in-cheek knowing the comment is taboo.

      2. /iroll says:

        If it makes this any funnier – i’m very short. Dachshund vs Wolf ^ ^

      3. NNH says:

        I am not pleased with myself, but I have a confession: That exchange made me laugh.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Laughing is a useful response NNH.

    2. NarcAngel says:

      Somehow I dont think he needs 6 bucks that bad.

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