A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 24


Dear Narc,

No It isn’t a typo! It is the name I call you now! Please don’t try to understand it, you never will ! Even if you do know what a narcissist is, you would never believe you are one!
This letter is very difficult for me to write, not because I still have feelings for you! Actually it is the opposite, I feel nothing for you!! I have to admit you did a number on me! You hurt me both mentally and physically! You took the little bit of confidence I had in myself and destroyed it and if that wasn’t enough, you smeared my name, you used the pictures that you and I had taken in private and showed it to people convincing them that I was stalking you, that I was crazy!
You made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed! I couldn’t hold my head up any more!! You destroyed and broke me!! Knowing that should make you feel quite powerful indeed!  To me you are pathetic!
Why did you do it?! Don’t answer that! I know why you did it! You were afraid that I would tell people what you were hiding inside of you all your life! You were afraid that your family would be ashamed of you, that your new women wouldn’t want anything to do with you!
You did what you thought you had to do to protect yourself! But you see I would have never hurt you in that way! That is not what I do to people who I care about! I used the word care because I did care about you! What I realize now is that I never loved you! I liked the attention you gave me,  I even thought it was love at one time, not anymore!
It took me hitting rock bottom and actually wanting to take my own life to find the help, knowledge, and support that I needed! No I didn’t end up at a shrink’s office! I found a man and a group of people that got me through it! He is an amazing man and a wonderful writer and teacher!
The group is just like me! They are wonderful,compassionate, loving people who were hurt by people just like you! Shake your head and call me crazy all you want! The truth is you are a narcissist! Actually a mid range narcissist! Lol that should hurt! You are not even the best narc you can be! There is a group above you! But again you will never believe or understand this!
You have a pattern that I have figured out! You will marry this woman and she will have your child, just like your other two wives did! And just like your other two wives did, she will wait until you are away and she will leave you!!
Once again you will ( in your eyes ) be the victim! Poor you who has done so much for her! Once again you will be on the hunt! Warning to you! Do not try to contact me ever again! I am done with you! I have found myself again and nobody will ever hurt me again! I have seized the power that you so desperately crave! Ironic isn’t it?! I think it’s hilarious! LMFAO!
Good bye!

7 thoughts on “A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 24

  1. MH says:

    The most extraordinary thing happened- there was a Greater Somatic (oh so gorgeous!) who really did a number on me. I ended up here and realized that my husband of 20+ years is a Mid-Range. I’m in the process of leaving, armed against pity plays, return to Golden Period, threatened loss, the list goes on. Anyway, laughing to myself, because as a MR he wouldn’t understand- he’s even mediocre in being cuckolded.

    1. LYNN says:

      Good luck MH in your exit be strong and see it through dear lady. xx

  2. Freedom45 says:

    ❤️Very best wishes to you and enjoy your freedom

  3. purpleinnature says:

    Would a letter like this injure a mid-ranger (assuming you ignore his responses to it)? Or would he be fueled by the anger in it? Would no contact (ignoring his Hoover attempts) injure him more than a letter like this?

    1. Jess says:

      I think a midranger would love this letter. Fuel frenzy. No contact is how you wound them and heal yourself. Win win.

    2. Peppi Boudreau says:

      I would never write a letter. I could have easily to the prior narcissistic boyfriends i have had in my life, but i choose not to. Why? Because, the action to write a letter is living in the past and it would take to much energy to write one. Why revisit the past and dealing with the memories of hurt and pain they caused you. It would be fruitless and a big waste of time. A narc. will careless about how you have moved on and are enjoying your new life. He/She may not even read the letter and if they do the narc. will know they got the best of you and that you still care. Why give them that power and control over you, so they can receive positive fuel from you? Positive because you are refilling their tank for future endeavors and you have left open a door for them to contact you in various ways. I say leave it alone and don’t waste your time. They careless of how they have hurt and abused you. They are living their life so now it is time to move on and start a new beginning. Go No Contact and retain your power and control over the narc. That will damage their self esteem and confidence greatly. Eventhough it will be short lived, you won for the time being.

  4. Susan says:


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