Poll : Analysing the A-List – Spotting the Narcissist

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Whilst the dust settles on the nuptials of the marriage of a A Very Royal Narcissist and those of you who watched the Royal Wedding ruminated on the parade of royals, politicians and celebrities, it is time to apply your increased learning gained here at the House of Tudor and consider which (if any) of the people listed below you believe is a narcissist. You can choose as many as you like and I look forward to reading more about why you believe those chosen are narcissists and also why those you have not chosen, were not chosen.

So, reflect on what you know about these people, reflect on what you have learned and then make your choices.

My determinations will follow in due course.

Thank you for participating.

H.G. Tudor


Which of the following do you regard as narcissists?

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165 thoughts on “Poll : Analysing the A-List – Spotting the Narcissist”

  1. Outside your list, HG
    But since you once wrote that you live(d) in Spain,
    I think there are three certain famous handsome narcissists.

    All googled photos of the new prime minister Sanchez, look very badass. Too certain. And that superconfident stare.
    Second, Carbonero, the wife of Iker Casillas. She has that extremely intense stare on all photos.
    Third, that former police chief in Barcelona, Trapero.
    Way too badass posture. On all pictures and interviews.

    All these three seem very very thorough about their outfits and hairdo. It is as though appearance means everything to them.

  2. HG, this was a fascinating poll and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on the various celebrities. I’m dying to know YOUR thoughts on them all.

  3. HG, are you still in contact with your mother? Does she still phone you to ask how you are doing? If so, do you play along?
    Also, if your father were still alive, would you also seek some kind of revenge against him for not protecting you?

  4. Dear Mr Tudor,
    My thought process works in wonderous and mysterious ways … however I was thinking …. do you think it’s possible of Megs to do an Angelina Jolie and talk Ginger into “adopting” one (aside from having her own Ginger Megs) and start a new trend and seek empathy from the masses …. just a thought !!!!! It wouldn’t surprise me …. as she’s full of firsts and appears to be pulling rank in all areas
    What say you ?

    1. Sorry PS ..
      I’ve just read, they undertook Royal fertiility examinations and clearances before their Royal wedded nuptials … I’d say it won’t be long now
      What did you say about narcs moving fast Mr Tudor? Haha

  5. By the way, I have the theory that Victoria Beckham never smiles because she does not like herself when she does. She may be convinced she looks great with her unhappy bitch face. A little like Derek Zoolander and his signature look.

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