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Whilst the dust settles on the nuptials of the marriage of a A Very Royal Narcissist and those of you who watched the Royal Wedding ruminated on the parade of royals, politicians and celebrities, it is time to apply your increased learning gained here at the House of Tudor and consider which (if any) of the people listed below you believe is a narcissist. You can choose as many as you like and I look forward to reading more about why you believe those chosen are narcissists and also why those you have not chosen, were not chosen.

So, reflect on what you know about these people, reflect on what you have learned and then make your choices.

My determinations will follow in due course.

Thank you for participating.

H.G. Tudor


Which of the following do you regard as narcissists?

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      1. But so many of T Swift’s lyrics clearly describe the narcissistic dynamic (she as the victim) and one song actually uses the word “narcissist”. Is she projecting?

  1. I ticked boxes for OJ Simpson, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Usain Bolt. Many of the others I do not know well enough.
    Bill Gates has been pestering the world for years with his – as I believe – personal anxiety of being killed by an infectious germ. He is forcing millions of people into a relationship with himself, being totally unconcerned about people getting sick and dying from the insecticides he is propagating. Insecticides are just not what he personally is afraid of, although it is well known how dangerous they can be. He could have put his money to use to find solutions that do no harm to anyone, but he chose that dark route.
    Some of you were discussing Mother Theresa, and I agree with you. I, too, believe that she was not a saint at all. (I renounced my membership in the Catholic Church decades ago.)

  2. @ windstorm – I agree with your evaluation of Mother Theresa. She flew first class everywhere as well FFS. The Holy Narcissist. Preying not Praying! The Magdalene Sisters were another group of Narcissists. @HG – would you say that Mother Theresa was a Cerebral Narcissist?

  3. Oh, and I would absolutely love it HG if you wrote a post on
    *Mother Teresa
    Because I am so confused Was Christopher Hitchens right? Was she actually a narcissist/sociopath getting millions in aid while letting poor ill ppl suffer without care? (The thought creeps me out) What is your opinion

      1. HG,
        I always wondered that. There was just something in the way she looked at people and how she talked about her work that set off my nardar. Sort of a compassionless compassion that made me ill at ease.

          1. K
            I’m a convert to Catholicism, so didn’t grow up in it (plus I’m a raging heretic). In my experience priests and nuns are about as trustworthy as other people. I often feel sorry for them (the non-narc ones). They are just regular people who have to constantly act out a persona to the rest of the world. I think they often come across as false or hypocritical because the nature of their profession requires them to act a certain way whether they feel it or not. They’re just as screwed up as the rest of us, but have to keep up a false front.

            It’s only logical that many narcs gravitate to religious jobs. Not only does that acting and facade maintaining come naturally to them, but there is the feeling of power over others and respect from others to fuel them.

          2. WS
            The nuns and priests got off on beating (or molesting) the children when I was a kid. Sadists. Occasionally, my third grade teacher wouldn’t allow the students to use the bathroom so they would piss themselves in class. I wanted that bitch dead. She was a giant beast.

            Religious life is an excellent facade, as well as, an opportunity for fuel and control.

          3. K
            That is horrible! As a teacher I am especially shocked and horrified. Are your grades the same as ours? Third grade here would be 8 year olds. It’s inconceivable to not allow such young children to have bathroom breaks. And of course, public school teachers here can’t use any type of corporal punishment.

            Makes me wonder if the church just assigned priests and nuns as teachers without any formal training in psychology or any calling/desire to work with children? Sounds like a collection of unqualified, entitled people and sadistic narcs. [shudder!]

          4. WS
            I thought it was horrible, too. Third grade age was 8-9. The nuns hit, slammed heads into blackboards, pulled ears and hair and backhanded with wild abandon. The violence in school was mild compared to my home so it didn’t bother me much at all, however, I saw how it affected my classmates and some were very traumatized by it. And urinating all over yourself in front of the class probably resulted in long lasting negative effects. Also, these children had to walk home. There were no buses or kind school nurses to give you a change of clothes.

            Formal training…psychology…ha ha ha…they were a bunch of sickos! I hated every nun and priest in that school/church.

          5. K
            well at least I hope your school was not typical and that that type of abuse no longer goes on. Cant believe parents today would tolerate such an environment.

          6. WS
            That was during the 70’s. That behavior is less prevalent today, however, I still think there are many pervs in the priesthood, along with the people who help cover the sexual abuse up. If they deny it ever happened, well then, it never did. And if the first line of defense is breached then the second line is deployed: blame shift, it is the child’s fault; he asked for it.

            In the book Spotlight, a priest blamed a 6 year-old boy for his own rape.

      2. Wow. I had no idea some of the shady things she did, until this comment called to some googling this morning.

        HG, what cadre and school would you consider Mother Teresa? I’m curious how aware you think she was, if she knew it was a facade or she believed she was a good person.

      3. Thank you for shedding the light.

        Miss him a lot.
        Sadly, the popes/church have been supporting several dangerous narcissists, declaring Teresa a saint, (despite Hitch’s thorough argumentation) and such.
        I quit the church four years ago. Now I understand why I did that.

      4. Do you think, HG, that all along this time (Nobel prize, lots of money transactions, pope John Paul II PR, veneration as saint) there have been several elite/greater narcissists in the world, walking around fully knowing that Teresa was one of their brethren?

  4. Outside your list, HG
    But since you once wrote that you live(d) in Spain,
    I think there are three certain famous handsome narcissists.

    All googled photos of the new prime minister Sanchez, look very badass. Too certain. And that superconfident stare.
    Second, Carbonero, the wife of Iker Casillas. She has that extremely intense stare on all photos.
    Third, that former police chief in Barcelona, Trapero.
    Way too badass posture. On all pictures and interviews.

    All these three seem very very thorough about their outfits and hairdo. It is as though appearance means everything to them.

  5. HG, this was a fascinating poll and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on the various celebrities. I’m dying to know YOUR thoughts on them all.

  6. HG, are you still in contact with your mother? Does she still phone you to ask how you are doing? If so, do you play along?
    Also, if your father were still alive, would you also seek some kind of revenge against him for not protecting you?

  7. Dear Mr Tudor,
    My thought process works in wonderous and mysterious ways … however I was thinking …. do you think it’s possible of Megs to do an Angelina Jolie and talk Ginger into “adopting” one (aside from having her own Ginger Megs) and start a new trend and seek empathy from the masses …. just a thought !!!!! It wouldn’t surprise me …. as she’s full of firsts and appears to be pulling rank in all areas
    What say you ?

    1. Sorry PS ..
      I’ve just read, they undertook Royal fertiility examinations and clearances before their Royal wedded nuptials … I’d say it won’t be long now
      What did you say about narcs moving fast Mr Tudor? Haha

  8. By the way, I have the theory that Victoria Beckham never smiles because she does not like herself when she does. She may be convinced she looks great with her unhappy bitch face. A little like Derek Zoolander and his signature look.

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